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  1. It's a pretty annoying and gamebreaking bug that has been around for quite some time. Very simple to revert to the previous control scheme but nobody seems to find the inclination or time. I agree with No_Face
  2. I like the idea Det - at least from the standpoint that if its coming from you, it'll be high quality, high effort and worth the time.
  3. for the love of god, stug please
  4. Don't spend any money on PlayWay's shovelware. It's only ever half finished. They just pump out/publish low quality copy/paste games.
  5. first of all, it's actually entirely up to the mission designer how long repairs take. as it should be. real simple.
  6. ya'll are crying realism when we have 2 second track and everything else repairs. allow the mission designer to determine whether crew gets respawned.
  7. no, it provides "safe" power. engine management in this sim is really simple. you'd be better off learning it
  8. God damn Det... Absolutely brilliant man. 😲
  9. You can't tell that this is your own product and the work of your own team..? I could tell at the first glance. o_o
  10. If it's the unforgiving experience of the originals, I'm in.
  11. Oh, I get it... This guy is a soviet nationalist like that one guy who got banned a few years back for denying the Holodomir. There are no heroes in war. Only farmboys and fools turned against each other by the machinations of power. Being that this expansion is called Clash at Prokhorovka, no, not really. You've spelled out your own "balance" issues so I don't think me redundantly spelling that out for you is necessary.
  12. This. I hardly ever play with the Tiger. Almost exclusively the PzIV and III. If I had a StuG I wouldn't touch anything else. Eafanas' assumptions aren't supported by much other than his own issues with the game.
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