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  1. If your accounts are linked, yeah, I don't see why not.
  2. I don't think that's true either... I currently have all of Tigre's published missions/campaigns running via my Steam copy of IL-2. That's working as intended - your content is managed via 1CGS/777's DRM - this may not be reflected (ie. Steam isn't aware of what you've purchased on IL-2's website) in Steam because Steam handles expansions/DLCs/full games differently.
  3. Finding reliable, useable data on Japanese aircraft really isn't as difficult as some key players around here have made it out to be... Three words... Game. Engine. Limitations.
  4. 1 no, a separate install was never required. you thought/understood incorrectly. 2 no, we were never told that tank crew wasn't supported by the steam install. that isn't true. that isn't how 777/1CGS' DRM works. doesn't matter where you purchased or where you installed, your licensing and content exist under a single installer, a single program and a single account. i've owned and ran TC via my steam installation of IL2 since day one. 3 no, i wouldn't hold your breath on that. they don't trade/distribute/credit you steam keys for website purposes. besides, you don't need to have two IL2 installs anyway.
  5. just as long as it takes to be a pedant about it
  6. 1 is completely untrue. I don't know where people come off with this opinion that TC is some new, unheard of, groundbreaking thing. Sure, the 3d models are nice but are pretty austere 2 yep 3 conflicts with the nature of having a third party parallel develop a product - can't have it both ways - TC didn't significantly hinder 777 as they weren't working on it outside of coding, which like all the coding, really really needs improvement.
  7. yeah that's surely helpful and conducive to productive discussions
  8. Up on Weds/Sundays I think. Thread in the TC multiplayer section
  9. they never bothered to program an at ready/stand down command for rear gunners, i doubt they'd implement something similar for tanks
  10. Like Rivaldo said, I think Jason is implying very rudimentary AI units. Without any other information it's a bit cart-ahead-horse to guess whether this allows the player to issue basic commands to the infantry, if anything like this will ever integrate into the mythical Marshall Mode or whether they will be simple assets that mission builders can place on a path. Check out geoweb's videos for an example:
  11. Infantry have never been promised. It's another one on the list of things Jason says he wants to add depending on how TC sells. I think TC is a lot of fun under the right circumstances but I think the original tank set was a little misguided (a Churchill and a StuG as a collectors items or replacing the PzIII and ISU-152 which doesn't serve much purpose, including the AAA like originally intended instead of trying to sell the virtually unmarketable. Even the Elephant was an odd decision when they could have gone with something like a Marder), I'm not certain it sold that well and I'm not going to hold my breath on a TC2 or the introduction of infantry. In all likelihood, it's probably not going to happen. Frankly, I don't see it coming any time in the next 3 years. I'd love to be wrong, though. There are a few reasons that SF wins over TC. Graphics aren't everything. If I went by graphics alone, yeah, TC would win. The only way the gameplay is remotely worthwhile is if you're playing in a group, which I do, and use combined arms. Yes, there would've been a ground liaison in contact with the nearest assigned air regiment. WW2 was the birth of the combined arms assault. Advancements in radio engineering made it possible.
  12. I still think Steel Fury has it beat but yeah, TC is a good time especially if you can find combined arms to participate in
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