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  1. That last crew pic is so high quality, they almost look like Reenactors. ~S
  2. I will pay twice the collector plane price for a flyable Dakota... ~S
  3. One of P-51's was painted 31st Fighter Group. Didn't the serve in Italy? Vision of things to come? Awesome update!
  4. Outstanding shots! @Jason, What's next after the final BOBP update?
  5. Any chance of some teaser video? Would love to hear those Alisons.
  6. Hey Devs, Can we have some teaser video regarding the September update?
  7. Agree. Do the engines in the game stop smoking when you lean them out?
  8. Why do the engines have so much visible exhaust trails? When I attend air shows with WWII aircraft I don't see the exhaust trails. Unless it's an F-86, B-52 or an F-4 Phantom. 😉
  9. Yea, I was thinking they maybe would do something for BOBP
  10. Will the Sherman ever get an american crew? ~S
  11. EAW was the drug that addicted me therefore, I blame it on the divorce...
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