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  1. Hello All, Just wanted to give a short to the point review of the Odyssey+. I have used a Oculus CV1 since its release, and have been happy with it for sim racing and also DCS and as of late Il2. I jumped on the Odyssey+ deal and now have spent a couple days using it with BOX and Iracing. My system consists of a 9600k@ 4.8ghz, 1080ti, SSD, 32gb DDR4@ 3200mhz. Comfort: A small step above unwearable for me at first. No matter how I wore it. With a backwards ball cap, sweatband, Halo worn like a crown, whatever, I tried it. Their is asymmetrical pressure on the forehead and back of the head for me. I have more of a oval crown head and in motorsports this makes all the difference in selecting a helmet. I could relate this to the Odyssey+, as it feels like a helmet that is designed for a more round head. The padding does break in to a certain degree after a couple days of use, but is still is a bit to firm. The light leak do to the gaps is incredibly bad for me do too my narrow face structure. The good news is this is not noticeable for me in game do to how bright the display is. Another bad thing concerning the fit is that it moves around on my head slightly as I check around my aircraft in combat. This is not a issue in sim racing as my head is making smaller scanning movements. The nose flaps look like a non issue when just looking at them but when you put the headset on they are very uncomfortable for me. Displays/visuals: They are excellent, with a couple small issues. -First, even with supersampling in the 140 to 150% range in steam, text is harder to read then in the Oculus. Stuff that is close is a little on the soft side in terms of clarity and even when vision is direct to the item it remains soft and not super clear. My IPD is measured right at 60 so I am not sure if this has something to do with it as I am bottomed out on IPD adjustment. -Second, the sweet spot is very real. You have a very small area to get clear visuals and this provides an issue FOR ME when the headset moves due to fit. This may differ for some. Other then that things are clear, bright, and smooth. Performance: On my PC with settings on Balanced, and everything else set Mid to High I achieve a fairly consistent 90 FPS even in the Berloga Server. The best thing about this headset and WMR is their ASW. When it does activate I personally cannot see it. When it is running at 45fps I cannot detect it from 90fps with ghosting being minimal and not noticeable unless I am looking for it. It is better then the Oculus re-projection whether it is ran through Steam or Opencomposite. One thing that I am noticing is that my marksmanship has gone up and I am not sure why, I am better able to place shots with the Odyssey. Tracking for me has been better then my Oculus, this seems to vary for each person but I am very happy with it. For some reason even with the spotting mod being the same for both the Oculus and Odyssey, my target spotting hasn't improved much if at all. I may need to tweak settings to extract the capability out of the Odyssey. I am using the files that are stickied in this forum for the spotting mod. Any input on how to improve visual range for spotting the target at 0 zoom? In conclusion, I am going to keep tweaking with the Odyssey as the small but substantial cons can be fixed I feel with hopefully a VRcover and some mods posted in the forums. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask as I did gloss over a lot of stuff.
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