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  1. when the engine completely off, no battery.....the flaps works ? bug ?
  2. for bombs & rockets use Rctrl+I😃 aiming help should be ticked in "custom settings"
  3. i didn't see the Rcrtl +I key command in the weapon controls to get the circle marker aiming bombs drop ( i.e whith P-38). i,ve V command nope....my keyboard: AZERTY maybe someone coud add this item🤪😟😄 THANKS ! i get it ! oops !! ( in service menu)
  4. that's ok, i get open office, all fine :) i re-launch mission and "wow"...GREAT😀
  5. THANKS A LOT for this great campaign, download just now, unzipping and change the D of data folder to "d"" like ingame one. anyway i'm HAPPY😀
  6. whith p-38 which key mapping to get the ( white circle) reticle maybe V (? not working on my azerty keyboard), i can't find the way ??? any idea ?
  7. Hi I've IL2 Bodenplatte only, wich map, planes needeed ? THanks for the campaign.😃
  8. Hello, thanks for great job, one question - what is commond texture files ? where to put in game ? what to do with these files, i'm noob for "MOD" in my original IL2Bodenplattte there is no Data/graphics/texture/common file. So i put yours 😃 maybe a bad idea?🤢 I've save my data/..../planes il2BOP and replace with yours, all seem great and work fine!
  9. Hi, Never use the window calibration to calibrate Thrustmaster throttle& joystick, all things will be corrupted, Send a ticket to thrusmaster support to get each calibration tool for stick & throttle. Maybe you could get one through google. Sorry for my english. You must execute the exe tool INSIDE the folder content. See there :https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=266437 all post to n°6
  10. Thanks ! Tip ! for the p-38 mission in rheinland -i enjoy 😃
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