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  1. Thanks a lot. Decided to get Blitz yesterday, instead of at the end of the month I will try the Campaign Conversion once the Fliegerasse DVDs arrrived. It should make no problems with steam and the add-ons being registered on another account;he never used them...still sealed and all...He started playing Warthunder and the good old IL2 1946 shortly before he got the DVDs for his birthday..from me -.- I will make sure to inform you how everything went
  2. Hello, i have a little problem, atleast i think it is... A friend of me wants to give me his old Fliegerasse DVDs("Wick vs Dundas" and "Galland"),but,according to this thread in another forum( https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25488 ), i need to update a hotfix for "Wick vs Dundas" and "Channel Battles",atleast that´s what i understand. The problem is,i only get an error 404 message when i try to open desastersoft.com. Making it impossible for me to install the Hotfix,or get my hands on Channel battles. I hope someone here can help me,for example with an alternative source for the things above,or simply by telling me that i don´t need them at all to get both "Wick vs Dundas" and "Galland " running. I also intend to get CLOD Blitz from Steam,since my old DVD is lost Yours sincerely Michael
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