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  1. My grand father flew in RAF bomber command my father served in the south African army and my mother served as a nurse so What am I supposed to do.... just fly for the allies ? No of course not its a free world. a high % of the Luftwaffe pilots were in fact against Nazism and were opposed to the party. They were flying the war because it was their job as pilots and part of the army's rule . they could not refuse to fight because they would have been shot . if you find someone posting videos about a simulator with a plane with german markings shooting at other planes so offensive then why are you even here ? and don't criticise people of glorifying something if you yourself cant take criticism just because you feel the way you do doesn't mean you have to throw it in anybody elses faces the video is clearly made from an enjoyment point on how good this simulator is and you had to come and spread your hate
  2. The war is a long time finished id suggest you get over it . and if someone was dumb enough to think like you the same could be said that you yourself are glorifying stalin's rule in your videos and im pretty sure he did some horrific things too . So to be fair I think you are the only one who has gone mad
  3. Hey guys Last night i got probably my best shot on an aircraft yet and to make it better it was on the Eagles nest server https://youtu.be/0jWYFieRGUo
  4. As much as flying in the normal dogfight server goes I do think it is very valuable as to learn how to shoot at and evade human opponents basic fundamentals to survive in the expert server spotting contacts takes time but it is allot harder to learn evasive and aggressive tactics when you only make contact with the enemy in 15 minute intervals I have had allot of time on the normal server and as it stands I average 7-10 kills a mission and in the expert server im now at 9 kills for only 2 deaths but I much prefer the expert server as its much more imursive
  5. I have flown both CLOD and BOS and I have to say I love them both I don't understand how some as you mentioned don't want to expand on their sim experience and pin one against each other when in fact they are two completely different Sims different fms completely different plane sets
  6. It seems allot of pilots who claim that they are getting killed by the rata or any other Russian type that the fm is warped or their speed is boosted but allot have failed to realise you cant out run bullets most who get shot say the Russian planes are faster and the fm is wrong but at the end of the day effective range for some pilots is any ware from 200-500m thus giving the illusion that they caught up to you and shot you out of the sky I have also observed allot of 109 pilots only fly straight line up down up down instead of flying with slight variations in direction both in the boom and zoom I guarantee this will increase your lifespan and make you a lot harder to shoot. Its harder to shoot at something flying in different directions than something that is flying predictably
  7. Having flown against it last night It definitely is a hand full the way it changes direction is superb BUT I have now noticed if you dummy attack Two or Three times and go into a slight yo yo each time it is easily picked off due to loss of energy you can easily get a Full top exposure shot while its turning slow and when I overshot I just came back down as it didn't have the speed to climb with me as for it having a height advantage I have not yet dealt with it yet so only time will tell I would suspect that perhaps it would be slightly unstable in a dive at high speed but who knows
  8. Swiss Bf 109 Work in progress
  9. hey guys well here it is My very first attempt at a historical skin Uffz. peter Bremer of 2./JG54 eastern front autumn camouflage http://www.mediafire.com/download/ta1t156ts9ew4gg/Bf109F4_Peter_Bremer_autumn.dds
  10. Try locking the frame rates to 30 Fps in the game settings and in the NVidia control panel it might stop the performance spikes
  11. Hi guys here is a WIP on Black 12 Flown by Uffz. peter Bremer of 2./JG54 eastern front autumn camouflage
  12. Thanks This is what I have so far
  13. Hi guys im having a go at a historical marking on a bf 109 F4 and I need to paint the airspeed indicator tube and I cant find in in the template any ideas as to where it is Thank you Endless
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