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  1. joy2key is another alternative to joystick gremlin. With 12 buttons focus your setting on basic plane controls, and use at least 1 shift key (as explained by ITAF_Airone1989) Basic: throttle up/down shoot all guns, trimm up/down, flaps up/down, toggle gears, breaks, toggle canopy, start engine. engine menagement planes (you can skip that and fly bf109 or fw190 only) 1) mixture up/down 2) (RPM+ & prop pitch-) vs (RPM- & prop pitch+) 3) open/close outer cowls & oil radiators 4)open/close inner cowls
  2. My drifting usually do not stop after pause, even with recenter. Then I have to restart It is 2604 pixels vertical, sorry for typo
  3. I have vertical resolution (TYPO2064TYPO) 2604 pixels, normal view, nvidia 2080ti, i8700k, and mostly I have full 75Hz, with drops to 65Hz in demanding moments. This resolution is great for spotting far contacts. I made a ticket at pimax for that losing positioning...
  4. Hey man, I have 8kx, and I also found inacurate positioning after taking off my hmd for a few minutes. It is not IL-2 feature, it is same in steamvr room. It came last month with steamvr beta, and now it is with steamvr normal. With inacurate positioning I mean drifting, turning view, blacking out, then again finding position. It feels like after pause hmd positioning itself with basestations 50% and with gyros other 50%. I asked others on MR-forum (pimax forum), but they use vr controllers, and after 1-2 times turning controllers on/off they got good tracking again. It is problem more f
  5. The cable is going from my hmd to he head strap (my back), then again beside my neck going down into my lap. There is small loop, and then across my desk to pc. The part in my lap is big enough to compensate my turning.
  6. I let all of my friends visiting me to try my VR set and to fly free flight with Me109 G2 (full throttle, no engine management). They all are blown away, no matter young, old, men, woman. Only minority of them actually have "strange" feeling that "it looks right but something is wrong" to them, and they stop after 5 min. Mostly they are carried away and play until VR sickness (usual for beginners), or sometimes they play 1-2Hrs and then they stop just because it is expected from their wives 😄 PS: I have Pimax 5k+ and 8KX; it is great except for people with small ipd
  7. It is how is done in VR; when you hit a wall in VR, it moves further, you can not go trough. Same is in IL-2. Only exception is if you disable that behavior in single player, or in Berloga server (they disabled it, because of spectators, something...)
  8. Joy2key is what I use. After saitek lost my settings I avoid its software.
  9. Helo, can you please after some time with XTAL give your impression in comparison with Pimax 5k+, thank you. I wish if XTAL made lenses for Pimax, that would be excellent HMD within achivable price
  10. How do you use text to speech? I can not try now (it is late), but it gets more and more interesting
  11. I am non native English speaker, but SRS works for me. Especially if I disable some "realistic radio noise":- Disable Radio Voice Effect - dis/en/ables a realistic radio effect to all incoming radio transmissions- Disable Clipping Effect - dis/en/ables a further realistic radio effect. If enabled you will need to increase the Speaker Boost as the volume will be reduced Some hints: -I didn´t understand my name given from bot; repeat "Tower, radio check" - they will answer with your name again - SRS is push to talk only - you can not disable it. There is another thing in se
  12. That means you have to start game, go to settings and set proper values for your system, i.e: Filter -> blurry Shadows -> Off (or extreme if you have GPU from year 2025, but never select 2 middle options) ... You can change most of the settings directly in game, but some are hidden. You may see and edit all here, in text file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\startup.cfg
  13. @JG1_Vonrd any chance to add Hurricane? thank you
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