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  1. You may go to fast server Berloga, start recording and do your best in dogfight. Later check those recordings, from different perspectives, especially from yours behind. Do not cry when you first time see your "avoiding" that looks from behind like flying in straight line Also, you need to fly booth sides, to see what others do. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn from better ones. Either way, you never loose
  2. dburne has right, everything is still in your oculus account. Install oculus, and log in with your old account. Ask password reset if necessary. Install revive (and pitool and steam vr). I sold my rift cv1 and I gave my accout with it. After that I made a new account for myself, just to see again Bliz on Berlin, with Pimax 5k+ Also, I have some cracked games for rift, and revive might help me with that, once when my pimax sword controllers come.
  3. Hello, at least somebody solved that problem on his PC: link
  4. Well thank you father, and father Bloom and HDR are always disabled for my vr. Gamma is 0.7. Pitool 1.25 looks great, but kills my pc. Also I tried 64Hz, and that is no-no for my brain. I tried it on Berloga only, with many planes, but I just can't tolerate that. On 90Hz I got only sometimes downs to 45Hz, and that is for me more or less ok. I am happy with my low (native) resolution settings. It is easier to see plane on distance, and for identification there is 3dMigoto. Just that sun halo, @SCG_Fenris_Wolf you described that problem good. I upvoted that. Pitool and brightnes; I use "normal" and 0 sliders, as that tool sometimes shift my brightnes sliders (usually left one sometimes goes to -5 or so, with no reason, and it goes back there if I change it. If I set it to "+0", it is constantly "0", no unexpected changes then. As I want to fly, and not to be 2 months without HMD, I just let it on default settings (0). That works. EDIT: This is probbably connected with my Pimax does not want to wake up... Stem vr disabling sleep - I just did it, thx. A few days with Pimax, and I am so get used to it, as it was my old Rift. It is somehow strange with no more wooows, just flying
  5. Hello Plimax users, I went to the dark side also It is 5k+ Can you tell me, what is with sun halo? With pimax I practicaly do not see anything if sun is anywhere on my screens. With a Oculus Rift before I could just turn my head a little bit, and I woud see again. Now sun halo is huuuuuge, can not turn my head away, and I don´t see a s___ . Second, I stil do not have basestation, only HMD. If it goes to sleep there is no way to wake it again, except with pitool restart. And that kills Steam VR, and my game also. Do you have that problem? PS: 1080Ti, 8700k, Pitool ss1.0, no reprojection, Steam VR video ss1.00, Steam VR application setting for Il-2 ss0.5 (result is almost native resolution, slightly bigger) , 3dMigoto; the game plays 45-90 fps, spotting with 3dMigoto only, I like it a lot
  6. @TP_Sparky install 3dMigoto mod, and then search for file "user_keymapping_zoom.ini" in your game folder (my is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game\users_settings). Replace that file with TP_Sparky´s version (after unzip you will find that is the same file). @SCG_Fenris_Wolf I like your Pimax 5k+ settings, all except lowest zoom, as it is displaced. You may update it with this value: ; low zoom values convergence global persist $zoomXoffsetLow = 0.25
  7. I totaly disagree. Even if some parts of table may be wrong, or something else important is not included (i.e. that panel utlisation, or unmesurable lences quality) the table gives a lot of data on one place. Take this sheet as a fast comparable chart of different panels, and rough fov, and also how many subpixels are actually there. We all are different, and have different wishes in vr. Somebody likes biggest possible fov, and I like rather bigger density of pixels in lower fov. Somebody else may use any HMD, but for me my ipd 72-74mm reduce a lot what can I use. @apollon01 please carry on with your work, even if something is unclear or even false. VR production is not a one time thing, it is developing, and changing. I also change my mind about what would be ideally for me, and I change it every few months I was dieing about pimax 5k+, and now I dream about XTAL. Who knows what is next
  8. I solved it, with file from Sneaksie; do as prescribed in his post, it works for steam version also:
  9. Yes, you are right. And I do not have other antivirus than from win10, so that is out of the question. Steam refuse to talk to game, something like that.
  10. today I got Steam login error: #10027: Packet data verification failed. Please restore original packed data files. I tried verify integrity of game files via steam, but didn´t help.
  11. You probbably found it by now, but it is good to explain for others; as I understand, the panel utilisation is percentage of HMD screen visible to eye. All HMD panels are rectangular, but we see more or less oval picture. That means that some border pixels are useless. They may or may not be rendered, but either way we payed something that we do not have. SweViver made one good explanation right on this link.
  12. I wonder, when I hear ally in multiplayer, like "I am bailing out", is he somwhere near my position or is it for all players whole map? Do I have to look around for parashute or not? Or maybe every radio has different working radius?
  13. Actually, afer playing a lot in VR, I got habbit to check my blind spots in car by turning my head That IL-2 game is not only amusing, but healty also
  14. I prefer FW 190 A-3. I did some reading before buying, and I chose that beauty. It turned out to be my favourite plane since.
  15. It is not. I can turn and see 6 with edge of my screen, but with migoto zoom that edge of the screen is lost again. In VR without migoto zoom just view is useless. @ developers; please implemet "snap turn view", it exist now in stam vr, oculus, etc., just add it to game as bindable key.
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