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  1. I just checked that option in advanced settings, and start to play. And my playspace center is 1.5m away, in the middle of the room. I have no problems with snap views, when in multiplayer, as my head stays always in cockpit. I think playspace center recalibration is needed only for single player, or Berloga, as there you can go out of cockpit.
  2. No, there is a way to have your front view unchanged after snap views, I like this solution very much, thank you @WB_Balapan:
  3. Pimax HMDs and IL-2 currently are not good combination. You better wait for developer to solve zoom with canted displays, or go for Reverb G2. Sad story, but I better warn you.
  4. The last big multiplayer server banned injectors (Combat box). Pimax users are now officially collateral victims of IL-2 witch-hunt. If only you could feel pimax pain, just for 1 day.. Guys please reach for help, and solve this.
  5. Thank you guys for keeping VREM so long on server.
  6. Pimax 5k+. . I really wanted to buy 8KX a few months ago, but after so many delays, together with recent "banned" vr zoom without pp, I do not know any more. Disney_World gave me an answer I wanted to hear; that distant pixels are more visible. I will probably reconsider my decision after developer solve native zoom for canted displays. Or I will slowly drop out of this game, I will see.
  7. Hey guys, how is spotting with 8KX? With and without PP? I ask mostly for distant planes / pixel anomalies, and not for huge planes in front of my nose over dark terrain.
  8. I still use these values (for pimax big fov), but I must admit that lately I barely play IL-2.
  9. There is a problem with whole OpenMR forum, it will come back soon, that is not the first time.
  10. @ZiggyZiggyStar developer decided to make it that way, to compensate human eye visibility vs HMDs/monitors. After a few hundred meters you see just a spot instead a plane, with or without zooming. Looks un-natural.
  11. Is it recognised in windows? Old bindings on new controller often do not work.
  12. Steamvr beta has some error loop with pimax, opt out and it is working. That was my solution. Add complaint here:
  13. Lefuneste that is it, no more problem with coast lines! thank you!
  14. With hydra, sometimes after game restart my snap turn sides are switched. Because of that I made opposite script, and I can stop first, and start another, no problem
  15. yes, you did it I will check other maps, but I think it is now perfect! Unfortunately there is one thing that need fix: Double pictured coast (not on rivers, but sea coast). Open Kuban spring, start at 1420, look on coast line to north-west, zoom and bend head left-right. Same issue what I described in pm for last version, this:
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