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  1. Pimax ships without audio and with bad headstrap (except 8kx model, it has all the best). You need better headstrap, I couldn´t have clear picture with default "g-string". Some people prefere separate audio headphones, but for average Joe it is better to have it compact. This moment you have 2 - 3 options: 1) HTC Deluxe audio strap (DAS, ca 115€) + 3d printed hinges for pimax (ca 15-20€) - I have it, it is great. Some counterweight, or more cushions are welcome 2) Pimax MAS a) with over ear speakers like index (120usd + shipping) , or b) with headphones higher quality (220usd + shipping) It is a new product, copied HTC Vive pro solution. 3) There are already plans for 3d printed headstraps, with audio, but you need to make it, and to insert some headphones into it https://community.openmr.ai/t/3d-printable-halo-headstrap/23391 https://community.openmr.ai/t/printed-8k-5k-headstrap-with-headphones/22068 https://community.openmr.ai/t/printed-8k-5k-headstrap-with-headphones/22068/9 PS: I saw somewhere that Artisan may go with audio from old Pimax 4k. PS2: I was thinking that only pixel count is important in HMD-s, but then without proper headstrap it was bad experience.
  2. Backup your IL-2 input folder now. Do not leave it for "later". If your devices switch places after deleting devices.txt, you still can later change joy0, 1, 2... with notepad in file current.actions , that saved me a few times.
  3. I already took used 5k+ (560€) and 1 base station (80usd) and 1 DAS (115€ - it is a must for Pimax). No regrets. How to find money for that? First calculate HMD only and sell old HMD - then it is not soo much. After add every month 1 additional thing Or another way is 5k+ and used Vive with DAS (cca 300-400€). Then you have 2 BS´s and 2 vive wands, if you need that. For Artisan I do not know. 5k+ have native resolution 2650*1440 , Artisan 1700*1400. That is 60% more pixels in 5k+. The lenses are same on booth. For sure Artisan will have his audience, but that model is not what makes Pimax shine. At least not for me.
  4. Brzi_Joe + BON thank you, it is a great way to support developer, and at same time rise community. Respect!
  5. No, Pitool is original driver & settings program for Pimax HMDs, like Oculus software for Oculus HMDs. OpenComposite is option for steam games on Oculus HMDs only. It replaces SteamVR.
  6. Probably not. Take care to stay in your starting zone, and do not go far far away, so you will not interfere with duelist and another zone. And in war "steal kill" does not exist, so feel free to interfere fights (in your zone ofc). Berloga is fast server, it is more first person shooter, like call of duty in air I was using Berloga to learn some dogfight, as there you can try your moves fast, over and over. I still go there, when I do not have much time to feed my sim addiction
  7. @Hucky Das ist nur für RTX (2060, 2070, 2080) Grafikkarte.
  8. When you trimm your plane, she will not settle right away. I.E. I want to climb, I have some speed on start, then trimm, and plane starts to go up. Then plane settle in some optimal position. But then my speed drops, and I have to adopt trim. Then again, until plane have constant speed, angle and climb speed. But that is not over, plane performance changes with altitude, and you have to adopt your trim again and again. In short, do not expect trimm to be autopilot. PS: P51 is unstable with more than 75% fuel, it is recommended not to use more if you want to do dogfights (got that on youtube, & forgot source..)
  9. Yes, I nearly bought 2 times some collector planes, I forgot I already bought them on sale and didn´t fly them. I decided to buy further from store only, it is easier for overview, and better for developer.
  10. That is ok. I also bought first part (BOS) on steam. The important is that it is working, and for forum pics who cares. Steam purchase is not visible on IL-2 site. You can buy additional parts and collector planes from IL-2 store; It will work together. Currently many parts are on reduced price there. (PS: your email address for booth steam and IL2 account must be same!)
  11. Some planes must not have 100% fuel if you want to turnfight. I.e. P-51 should not have more than 75%, bombers are much easier to fly with cca 30%, and all planes in general are more agile with less fuel. Maybe is that your problem? And check your speed while performing aerobatics. 200-250kmph is low speed in a loop. If too slow, abort, nose slightly down, and get that speed again. Easy with a stick. Do not jank it around. Change joystick position slow, always slow. Choose on beginning some easier controlable planes, for me that was FW190a3, BF 109g2, La5fn and Yaks. Do not fly Spitfire, leave it for next year
  12. HellCat_ my settings are 1-2 pages back. I use it with Pimax large fov, and I must say that I do not see well last 5deg left and right. When using 45deg turn, there are some graphical tearing present, mostly on edge of my view. That means I can see my own tail pretty good. The problems are to the edge (after my tail). But sometimes while watching my follower in dogfight he become invisible for a moment. It is rare, and only in active dogfight. For general checking six, it is good enough. If you want to be sure, use 30deg turn, that works better. Ps: 45 is great if you like slow turners, like spit or russian side planes.
  13. 🤔 Hm, I still use 45deg, even with all graphical tearing... At least I can turn back, +45deg turn view, + zoom 5x = that is the only way to be sure my six is clear. @HellCat_ you did right, I do not know why it does not work for you. You did try to restart, did you?
  14. Well, you may still change convergence old way: It might be slightly different now, but try, and ask if you need help.
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