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  1. I payed for roof replacing on my parents house. After first agreement, my parents changed their minds, and asked that outer edge of new roof must be 1m longer (1 m more all around the house). That extra will kinda protect windows and outer walls from rain. I payed 50% more than agreed... That is why.
  2. Well you can try joy2key; you can alt-tab from game, click another profile, and alt-tab back. Only there you can not bind axes, just buttons / keys. (I have my axes directly binded in game, just keys are managed trough joy2key. There are also alternatives, like Joystick Gremlin, but I didn´t try it)
  3. Wait, is version 4.001 first without parallel projection needed? Sorry I mixed releases; yes, this was a huuuuge improvement. After this release, sometimes I forgot to disable pp after other games, and that is always shock for me to see my plane in hangar like blurred mess. Then I restart steam and disable pp, and again I sing while enjoying my flight PS: anybody with flicking while loading (see 2 post above)?
  4. One question for vr users, and pimax, do you have flickering while loading on mp servers? It started on my hmd with last steam vr update. I complained to steam, and they ask me to update gpu drivers, base stations firmware and to deinstall revive and advanced settings (vr, in steam). If you also have that annoying flickering, I will not do it. PS: Flickering sometimes do not show on 1st server loading, but if I go out, and change server or just go back, flickering is there. I also see it in Asgards Wrath, while loading also.
  5. Great, I tried to sink small ships; small precise burst wasn´t succesful. Loooooooong-long burst (FW190, 4x cannons) did job, it sinked in next 15min ty
  6. A few questions about points gathering on wol, and multiplayer in general. I usually do not live enough to RTB. What happens if I do not RTB, bail out on enemy territory, or on ours, or die? What is the difference in points for my team? Then again, I saw there is much more points achieved when strafing and destroying ground targets, than shooting enemy planes. Does it mean that I (as a fighter plane, not bomber) should also primary take ground targets? And when I find ground target, i.e. "train station" in a big city; which buildings needs to be destroyed? Yesterday 2 bombers from my team were destroying different buildings all around that city until that "train station" was destroyed (mission accomplished). There were no train rails in that city. I saw there 2-3 types of buildings: 1) small houses, all over city - probably not targets 2) Bigger buildings, surrounded by smaller buildings, like storage. It is possible to distinguish these from regular houses. Is that right approach? 3) A church-like building. Probably not target. The bridges, trains and convoys are easy. Airports and artillery also. Factories are problem when in city. And, what should I avoid from buildings, or what I can not destroy? EDIT: I mean with cannons! What about small ships?
  7. Are you using right display plug on back on your pc? Do not plug it in motherboard hdmi, but directly to GPU hdmi. Only laptops have same plug for 2 gpu-s, I think..
  8. I found nice feature of this mod, you can click left/right 30deg shift in hangar also, and look on your plane in a little bit different perspective
  9. Well, you may bind ingame vr zoom on same key as migoto zoom (any value). Then you may adopt it to work correct together. I do not recomment that, as in game zoom make enemy planes tiny tiny.
  10. Same gear as you, I just can say it is beautiful. I am not sure is it better now, as migoto doesn´t work yet, and I am already used on current clarity. After update I went on multiplayer, and got some map with reddish sky over horizon, and that was so nice that I bought Bodenplatte
  11. oh, I remembered something, start steam, then go to settings, controller, general controller settings, and there turn off (uncheck) " generic gamepad configuration support". I had to do it also, but I forgot it by now
  12. Install original x56 driver/software. Make new bindings in game, do not use old ones (while windows may change joy number). Ps: If your game ask to change joy number on beginning, say yes.
  13. Did you try to disable full screen, and to check windowed mode? What is your graphic card? I see on your settings that HMD is enabled. Are you using VR glases? If not, disable it. (If you have HMD glasses, disable vsinc then).
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