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  1. It is just beautiful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r43zuFWtdaI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RdgOz5PHZc
  2. I was playing it on Oculus Rift, on laptop with Nvidia 1070, and cpu intel 6700, I think. It was good for playing. PS: I can not use PSVR because of narrow fixed ipd there. I would suggest something with hardware ipd slider. Or at least try first, if you really want that PSVR.
  3. What do you mean with that? I have 2080ti which has automated high load mode without overclocking, but that is not that? Are you using overclocking software?
  4. @spitfirejoe Pimax 8kx allegedly needs no supersampling; I use now with supersampled 5k+ similar resolution, so I am ready for 8kx. With DFR you can go much much higher, if cable allows it. But they have since yesterday also optical cable for data transfer, I can't wait to see what that can do.
  5. The Dynamic Foveated Rendering is answer how to go above 4k per eye. And all that in driver level. Nice one Pimax.
  6. You need to find the best for your system. You may try 254a. If it's working, don`t change it any more. If your system has stuttering, then try latest pitool with cpu utilisation on 0.0
  7. In steam you can change it easy. On IL-2 site you have to contact support. They must be same email to connect accounts.
  8. Brzi_Joe


    Thank you. I can not tell you how bad feeling is when you are not able to play your favourite game for days and days. I wish that to nobody.
  9. Brzi_Joe


    @mincer one reason is workaround for pimax vr wrong convergence while zooming. Some trolls will say that is not good reason.
  10. You need to get some kind of head tracker (i.e. ir-track) for monitor, or vr googles. They can be expencieve, but there are cheap versions of booth. That will free your hands for flying, and use your head movement for perspective/seeing.
  11. hey mr. dog1, it is not so hard, once when you make good joy/keyboard configuration. -set rpm on same axis/keys like prop.pitch, just opposite directions. - set outlet cowls same as water rad, never had problems with it - set inlet cowls with oil rad - mostly works, you can achieve up to +5kmph in La5 if separate it - bind together boost with second stage switch. In all 4 examples planes usually use one or another, not booth. I wish somebody told me that on beginning
  12. No need for mod, just try to put 150 km draw distance and landscape details 4. That combination makes haze (moisture blur effect in long distance) away. I do not know is it better for spotting or not, some say planes are more visible against blurred haze background.
  13. It is more clear after 5x watching I found several of my regular mistakes, that is good. You were right about my SA overload, + not extending enough to have turning room, + not recognising enemy team work... My biggest problem is spotting; Pimax vr user. I know it is not me only, but everybody. It is just hard to see enemy.
  14. I am late to the party, but for others with problems, I had to restore settings in nvidia control panel, and also to restart game 2-3 times without game config as read only. That made my setup to be fast again.
  15. Great, just what I need. Usually I loose sight of my friend early after coming near to enemy. What suppose be the priority approach, first plane to spot and engage, and second (wingman) to cover 6 of 1st? Or booth suppose to engage when more targets, and just dance as needed?
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