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  1. 'Horizon draw distance' to maximum 150 km, and 'Distant landscape detail' to x4. source
  2. I am on 1080ti with Pitool 253. The latest 258 was bad for me. Search in pimax/openMR forum, you can find them all. But one thing, if you want to update, you must be skilled with computers. At least to be able to understand all steps, and reproduce without mistakes. Also I had unexpected problem when upgrading HMD firmware (yes, you need pitool and firmware), in my case HMD was bricked and I had to unplug hdmi cable on HMD side, and replug it again. That was not easy. Fenris_Wolf helped me, but in one moment I was lost. Just be aware that anything is possible. And if you are not pc skilled, or you never root your phone, and your Pimax works on pitool 180, then better do not start. Ps: firmware upgrade is similar like phone root-ing, if you are familiar with that
  3. Save game while playing vr, then later start again game in flat mode, and make your videos. Besides, nobody wants to watch video with 2 screens, especialy with big fov what makes movie pictures distorted.
  4. I talk to steam almost every 15 days, something like that: https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/3/1752402946298823065/
  5. Install proper hotas driver. It seems like it works partialy with generic windows driver. We are simmers, we are special, no generic for us
  6. steam settings, disable generic joystick.
  7. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf @dburne unfortunately full screen and reverting on older Pitool booth do not work, this problem is persistent. Sometimes when in hangar or in level flight I go to solve something (a few minutes), and then sometimes I can not interact with game any more. This last time my head stuck with 3 degrees of freedom (2x Vive Basestations v1...). In Steamvr I put 5min (longest) inactivity for turning off HMD screens. It happened with less then 5 min. Fenris, you said somewhere that we should make fresh install of game occasionally. I hate that, but do you think it might help with this problem?
  8. @ZiggyBClark do you ever use comms (teamspeak / discord) with voice attack? How that goes together?
  9. I had before 60-70 fps, and with this last Pitool 258 I have 50-57. Somehow that difference was not visible for me, so wanted to test it more. Only tracking is not as good as before, and that is visible (start/stop head movements are inaccurate). I will revert back to older Pitool also. PS: Catalyst was working on 0.0 only, or right eye broken. 1080Ti PS2: And that was the only pitool version with consistent settings every time (always as I made before, large fov, colors, etc.).
  10. Thnx guys, I will test a bit full screen, then pitool reverting. Pitty, as I like loading without flashing...
  11. I am not sure if that is VR issue or not. Sometimes lately the game lost focus, and I can not with alt-tab-ing get focus again. I select my game again, but mouse pointer just hover over game window, and goes out of game border. I can not click anything (when in hangar), nor drive my plane (hotas non responsive). Also keyboard does not work in game any more, and joy2key keyboard emulation. But game does not stop, it looks ok, and sometimes my plane just fly. It may happen when I let auto-level-pilot to drive, and sometimes after dieing, or in hangar. That is at least once a day. What to do? ps: I can see my mouse pointer in game, but clicking does not work
  12. yes, you are right, that is the best. But many does not communicate.
  13. Your FOV is not filled completely? That sounds as you are not really in VR. Steam has option "Cinema mode for non vr games", and that should be disabled there. Try it. Also disable generic joystick support there, it can make your joystick non visible.
  14. It is face pad made to connect on velcro, and it is good connected there. I was before using thick face pad, like you. But now that 11mm + forehead memory foam pillow is the best.
  15. Aha, face pad. I have replacement vive face pad 11mm thick. That works great for me, and even better when I added small pillow on my forehead, and back, I wanted to make similar as Pimax MAS. Take a look here
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