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  1. so I just spent some time testing the new VR zoom and it is an improvement. that said, only having one option for VR zoom (on/off) means that we do not have parity with 2D. if only someone developed a mod that gave you different zoom levels....
  2. I really didn’t want to derail this thread but I have to speak up. Please do not misrepresent the complaint that the multiplayer VR folks are expressing. The problem is not with spotting so much as it is with identification. It is extremely difficult to identify aerial targets until you are very close to them in VR with the native 1.5x zoom. I am glad to hear you are not having difficulty with ground attack, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the problems that so many of us are facing.
  3. I would consider upgrading if they were able to make the picture look less washed-out, but I am guessing that would require them to change the type of display they are using (LCD).
  4. I too love the VR experience in IL2. Aside from the guilty pleasure of WoW Classic, it is literally the only video game I have played for the last two years. I have been loving the experience a lot less lately, though. Looking forward to the day that I can once again ID contacts before I am approximately 1km away from them.
  5. I didn’t read this whole thread so I may be repeating someone... apologies if I am. I have a Reverb too and I had trouble with tracking only when turning my head to the right. I discovered this is because there is a wall without any differing features very close to me on that side. When I hung a long banner poster on that wall, the issue went away. If you are having trouble with tracking and there are objects close to you, remove them if you can. If the objects are walls, try putting something on them so the camera can discern movement when they are in front of the cameras.
  6. @TWC_NINja i still have mine set up as bernard described above and i am happy with the distant contact spotting. i am going to continue playing around with it though. good to see you by the way! hope all is well.
  7. There is a bug (maybe it's a feature?) whereby fires mysteriously "go out" very shortly after starting. It's not the kind of thing where people are cutting fuel flow and diving to extinguish it (not sure if that is modeled). Take a look at this:
  8. in startup.cfg, set zoom speed to 1.0
  9. I find it absolutely hilarious that you are asking about the exact problem that necessitated "the mod which shall not be named". Maybe you should talk to your good friend @E69_geramos109 🤣
  10. no worries, thanks man. native for the hp reverb is 2160x2160 per eye, so i set the custom resolution multiplier for IL2 to be 88% (2232 x 2180) in SteamVR Settings > Video. hope that's right? if anyone sees this and knows, please let me know!
  11. Lol they couldn’t make this crap any more confusing if they tried. At one point I had it at a really high percentage, then at 106%, then below.... I just reset it to the default last night. Will play around with it some more tonight. What is yours now Alonzo?
  12. @Bernard_IV out of curiousity since you are running the Reverb as well... what settings are you running in SteamVR? ASW, Supersampling, resolution, etc. Also curious if you have noticed weirdness with planes near clouds - what is your cloud setting? Any changes from default in WMR?
  13. I too would like configuration information since the latest patch for SteamVR. I have an HP Reverb Pro and to my knowledge, OpenComposite is not an option for me.
  14. Maybe slightly... it is true that any rendering changes to the game break the mod. However, the 10+ page rant about the mod being a cheat forced the devs to get involved, forced the mod creator to remove his thread about it, and silenced the mod creator from discussing an upcoming version of the mod with the community. So best case scenario, the timetable for being able to enjoy the game in VR is completely unknown.
  15. Me too! It's NOT about spotting at distance - it is about being able to identify a plane that is <1km away. I have a very difficult time doing that without 3dMigoto unless I get visual cues like flak, tracer fire, etc.
  16. Send your regards to @E69_geramos109 for going on a personal crusade to ruin the game for everyone that plays in VR
  17. I am very disappointed with the decision to pull this mod which is absolutely necessary for me in VR. I will be pulling my BoN pre-order if something is not done to rectify this issue very soon.
  18. I'll second that where ground attack is concerned. It is much harder now - so the same amount of risk (high) for even less reward. Last night I shot six rockets at a row of tents covering aircrafts - scored direct hits and destroyed nothing but the tents lol.
  19. You admit that it is not competitive, and yet you believe using a third party program to make it marginally more competitive is cheating. Fascinating. I'm starting to think you're just trolling.
  20. Have you tried playing IL2 in VR without 3dMigoto? Maybe you should do that before you "solidify" your point of view based on the uninformed views of others in this thread.
  21. Happened to me tonight on Combat Box as well - here is the footage: And here is the sortie: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/592581/?tour=22
  22. Totally agree with you Barnacles. I would upvote your post if I wasn't out of reactions for today thanks to that idiotic thread about VR.
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