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  1. QB.Creep

    M2 50 Cal. Mod

    Did you watch the video? It's AI shooting the standard round and the modified round. It's a pretty obvious difference between the two. @QB.RailsJust tried the mod this morning - holy cow, what a difference. Thank you so much for this! It's not overdone either - a glancing blow from a deflection shot still doesn't do much, but a 1 or 2 second burst now reliably causes aerodynamic drag (which is exactly what is missing right now). Now... can you figure out how to make the 109's tail not a black hole? 😜
  2. Dude, the problem is the ineffectiveness of AP. Do you think that the AI skill level is arbitrarily set lower for American planes?
  3. To the forum moderators, community managers, producers, etc: For months on end, many of us have been coming to the official forums to voice concerns with one important aspect of this combat sim (AP v HE modeling, particularly with HMGs in late-war allied planes). We want this sim to be the best it can be just like you do, which is why we have spent a considerable amount of time doing testing, conducting research, and organizing the information in an attempt to collaborate with the developers. Today, the thread that @QB.Shallot and I started was locked after having multiple
  4. People are frustrated, and for good reason. The secondary weapon (MG131) of all late-model 109 variants is more effective than the primary weapon of the P-51D and P-47D-28, and P-47D-22 (M2 .50). Let that sink in for a moment before you respond.
  5. I'd be over the moon to get one out of 6 for the P-51 belt and 1 out of 8 for the P-47 belt.
  6. Of course planes can be destroyed with M2 .50 cal. No one is disputing that. How many rounds hit you in those recordings? Where are the log files? How many hits do you think it would have taken to trigger the same outcome if it had been a Yak behind you shooting UBS? The original intent of this thread was to talk about the huge disparity between AP and HE when it comes to causing appreciable drag on wings/elevator/etc. I can see from your videos that level two aero damage was not present on the 109 wings before structural failure occurred. You do realize that a single hit of HE MG131 cause
  7. Actually, it is far worse. Our testing showed that it was literally not possible to cause an appreciable drag penalty with AP HMG when shooting the wing of a 109 before structural failure occurred. We shifted to using a FW190 D9, and found that it took 80+ hits to cause the same drag penalty you get with a single round of HE HMG ammo.
  8. Thanks for the response! Where is your evidence to support the claim that multiplayer is the minority of the player base? How do you know who plays only multiplayer, only singleplayer, or both?
  9. @=FB=VikS @Han First of all, I greatly appreciate you both taking the time to respond - I am sure you are both very busy! Regardless what you guys decide, I know you have the best interest of the sim in mind. With that said, I want to address the following: A smaller hole where the bullet enters, but not where it exits. A few other points: I absolutely agree that for two bullets of a similar calibre and velocity, the one with an HE component should do more damage to the skin of the aircraft. How much more is the question. Right now it appears that the r
  10. @Tatata_Time just to clarify... a forum moderator merged some random thread from General to this thread
  11. Not trying to be rude, but would @NIK14 and @CUJO_1970 kindly take this most recent discussion elsewhere? I know the mods merged some threads, but this one was created for the sole purpose of sharing the test data that we gathered regarding structural and aerodynamic damage for AP v HE HMGs. We are not concerned with engine damage, nor are we suggesting how many rounds it should take to cause it. To be perfectly honest, I don't want to give the mods any excuse to lock this thread. It seems like that is the ultimate fate of any discussion regarding this topic lately.
  12. I'm sorry that your recent posts ended up here, but since they are here now, please read the first post in this thread.
  13. Except that it was never intended to be the same discussion. Please refer to the first post where we prove that it takes an inordinate amount of AP HMG ammo to cause appreciable drag. A good pilot can secure a kill with any ammo type. The issue is that AP HMG is extremely borked and needs to be adjusted (or HE HMG needs to be adjusted).
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