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  1. Nice kills and great job editing the video - very well done!
  2. Looks fantastic! Love the format, too - the video was a nice touch. Very much looking forward to seeing how the damage model affects the P-51 (which I think is too strong) and the P-38 (which I think is too weak, especially the elevator). Thanks again!
  3. C-47! Very cool. Any plans to make it flyable in the future?
  4. Basically exactly what @Mobile_BBQ said. The smart play is to come in as fast as you can against unsuspecting opponents. If they turn or climb, do not try to follow them - just blow on through with all that speed, regain SA, and decide whether or not to re-engage. I am typically pushing 950kph when I make a pass against someone in the 262. Very rarely do I let my speed dip below 700kph when I am in a combat area. It's tricky to get a feel for the gunnery because of the ballistics of the 30mm, the closure rate at 900+ kph, and the angle off (even when someone is flying relatively straight and level). The last thing I will say is to shoot a little sooner and a little lower than you think you need to, and then pull off quickly. Very easy to mid-air into someone in the 262.
  5. Yeah the 38 really needs some help in the damage model department. It seems like every component has 1 hit point- look at it the wrong way and the elevator falls off. A few bullets in the wing and it folds in half.
  6. I am not asking to have 262s in greater numbers on the server. Just pointing out that limiting them even more than they already were on the Eindhoven map seems like a bit much. On the Eindhoven map for the last several months, Axis got access to two 262s once Allied gets approximately 20 players in the air and after a roughly 20 minute delay. After that, they are able to unlock 3 more 262s for every train that arrives at Venlo for a maximum of 11 aircraft. In a full 2.5 hour map you will typically see 300+ sorties flown by all players, which means the 262 is capped at a little over 3% of the available aircraft total. Again, this is assuming all three trains get through, which is very rare. Recently, a change was made to keep the Venlo airfield locked until a train arrives. That means it is more difficult for Axis to defend Deurne and the route that the train takes to Venlo. It also means that they do not get the first two 262s that used to unlock after a delay and 20 Allied players joining the game. All the Allied team has to do is strafe the train to prevent a single 262 from becoming available, which is what has happened on many of the Eindhoven missions I have seen lately despite a coordinated effort to protect the train. I suspect that you are saying these things because you lack experience flying late-war Axis planes against late-war Allied planes. I don't say that to be rude, just an observation based on your CB stats. I want you to fly some friendly 1v1s with me in Berloga so I can show you how the P-51 can exploit the weaknesses of the K4. It isn't a one-sided match up at all. Hit me up on Discord! Creep#7242
  7. The K4 is fragile, especially compared to the P-51. You have to have enough distance between you and your opponent in order to outclimb them, so that is very situational. Same goes for acceleration. In all of these measures there are tradeoffs - I think it is unfair to pick on on just the cons of the P-51 and use those to support this notion that in general it is not as good as the competition. @-SF-Disarray I am not saying that Allied planes have an easy time defeating a 262 (although it is possible), but avoiding one is quite easy. My point is that they were already restricted quite a bit... and then in the last few weeks a decision was made to restrict them even more. I disagree with that position. I do not believe that I am campaigning for blue advantage, just a return to what existed since roughly November on the Eindhoven map.
  8. He got bogged down in a turn fight and got killed. Is that what you wanted me to see? That can happen regardless of the airframe you are in. That does not mean that the P-51, Tempest, or Spit IX are "slightly underperforming in most [circumstances], and only superior on very specific instances". Or are you referring to the "cons" of the P-51 he went over (high risk of accelerated stall at high AoA, mushy controls and poor performance at low airspeed)? Every plane has cons - the K4 bleeds a lot of energy once the slats come out, the pilots do not have a G-suit, poor rear visibility, very fragile damage model, etc.
  9. You have made this point a few times and I very strongly disagree with it. Ask @Krupinskii if he thinks that the D9 and K4 are superior to the P-51 in all but "very specific instances".
  10. It sounds to me like we are in agreement that the 262s have not caused people to stop playing Allied over the last 3-4 months. Which makes me wonder why it was necessary to limit their availability even further on Eindhoven. Not a big deal but I just think it was an unnecessary change.
  11. Ah okay, I didn't realize that you were referring to a time when the 262 was completely unrestricted. I thought you were referring to the restrictions that were in place for the last few months, but before the most recent limitations which were added recently. As @III./JG7-MarkWilhelmsson stated, there are more Allied flight hours getting racked up. Take January for example - for the entire month, the 262 was restricted, but not quite as much as it is now. Allied logged 519965 total hours while Axis logged 508163 total hours.
  12. It is much faster than any other fighter in the game, but in order to retain that speed advantage it must not climb aggressively or turn hard. While going that fast, it is nearly impossible to land hits on an evasive opponent (not just the speed - the ballistics of the 30mm are very tricky). As such, it must rely almost exclusively on stealth to get kills and stay alive. The point I am trying to make is that it is not without it's disadvantages, so please do not paint it as some invincible plane that is grossly unfair for those that are flying Allied. It is possible to set up traps to catch a 262 - I have done it on several occasions while working with others on comms. If you ever want to wing up and go hunting 262s with me, send me a PM! Where is the data to support this? Almost any time I log into CB, the Allies outnumber Axis regardless of the map. Maybe this has more to do with the time zone that I am in, but I doubt it.
  13. Stats are not evil. Removing them will not change player behavior inside the game, but it may cause players to go elsewhere to play. The IL2Stats website is really well done and I for one am thrilled that it exists for CombatBox. I am always seeking to improve myself and the IL2Stats site provides a wealth of data which lets me see if the things I am working on are paying off or not. If that is not of interest to you, there is a very simple solution: don't look at the stats. Doesn't that seem better than taking it away from me and others who are like-minded? @Playerone - you called me one of "those". What defines one of "those"? Do you even play on CombatBox? If so, what is your name in-game?
  14. What defines one of "those"? Love the original insult by the way! 😄 You argue that stats should be removed from the game because it will improve player behavior. Now you are saying you don't have a solution to the problems which you have listed. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.
  15. So let me get this right... the question you are asking is "what is the point of scores in video games". Do I have that right?
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