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  1. This has already been done via official channels with plenty of supporting evidence and the response we received from the project manager was "please stop complaining".
  2. AP is buggered and everyone with half a brain knows it.
  3. If an easily repeatable test which shows that 1 round of HE HMG is equivalent to 80 rounds of AP HMG in terms of aerodynamic drag is "palm data", you might be a flat-earther.
  4. Bombs cannot be locked to the “on” position in the load-out screen. This has been suggested many times before - it is not an option. Don’t think it is possible to limit their ammo either.
  5. You're at least half of the reason for the anti-vulching zones on the server. Hard no.
  6. To provide feedback to the 1C team so that they might align their priorities with those held by the community. Although I have my doubts this will happen considering this poll got moved to "Complaints".
  7. What about resetting your environment in WMR? I would try that - set it up again for a seated experience
  8. Good lord, that's a problem. Totally makes sense why it's feast or famine with the .50s.
  9. this is the mirror i use in every plane:
  10. Nope. Righteous defenders of over-performing HE just stirring the pot ad nauseum while ignoring inconvenient facts.
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