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  1. I have a google alert set up for Squadrons - been following the news closely. Everything I have seen about it has been exactly what I had hoped it would be. I pre-ordered it awhile ago - very much looking forward to next Friday! If you haven't seen the CG movie yet, check that out here:
  2. Polygon ran a story about IL2 - for anyone who is inclined to say a nice thing in the comments, please do... this is a great opportunity to bring fresh blood into the sim community: https://www.polygon.com/2020/9/22/21449885/microsoft-flight-simulator-combat-il-2-sturmovik-battle-of-bodenplatte
  3. Hey all! Just published an update to the CB Flight Following bot - it has a new feature that I hope you will like - map following! Complete details about this new feature and some quality of life improvements can be found here:
  4. Hey everyone! Just made several enhancements to the bot that I want to share: A new feature is available - map following! The bot keeps track of the map rotation on Combat Box and notifies you when the maps you are interested are going to start. Simply type $fm (which stands for follow map) followed by the name of the map. You can use a partial name (e.g. "rhine" which the bot correctly identifies as "Crossing_the_Rhine_Mar_1945"). By default, you will be notified 15 minutes before a map starts and again when it actually begins. You may supply one optional parameter to indicate how far an advance you wish to be notified before the map begins. You can specify up to 5 notifications per map, which you must specify in minutes. Each notification must be separated with the pipe character (e.g. 15|60|120 indicates that you wish to receive notifications 15, 60, and 120 minutes before the map begins). You may also send $help you can see additional details about this feature, including how to check which maps you are following, disable notifications, and check to see what the current map is at any time. To sum up, here are two examples of valid map following commands: $fm rhine (notify me 15 minutes before "Crossing_the_Rhine_Mar_1945" will start on Combat Box and again when it starts) $fm rhine 15|60|120|300 (notify me 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 5 hours before "Crossing_the_Rhine_Mar_1945" will start on Combat Box and again when it starts) Shorter command names! Fewer keystrokes are required for following and unfollowing players. Send $help to the bot for details. Added player counts to player list and who commands. This makes it easier to, at a glance, see how many players are online, what the map balance is, etc. Automatically update followed players who have changed their name since you started following them. Players were already tracked by a unique identifier which does not change, but the names weren't being updated (which was pretty confusing). I have another feature in the works that isn't quite ready yet - more to come on that soon!
  5. I'm on the sidelines waiting to hear what players have to say about the performance of the new cards with IL2 in particular. I don't doubt that the 3000 series is going to be a vast improvement over my current 1080 ti, but is it going to make IL2 perform any better in VR? Not holding my breath; I suspect my 9700K will still be my bottleneck. And yea I pre-ordered a Reverb G2
  6. I agree - it is too easy. You can fly extremely high and you only need to circle one point on the map for a very short period of time. I support any combination of the following: decreasing the required altitude, increasing the time required to stay above the objective, and increasing the number of objectives that must be circled in a region. Also would it be possible to punish the dummkopfs that destroy the objectives before the recon has occurred? Or possibly not even spawn them in until the recon occurs? I know that second idea is quite gamey; just trying to think of some way to prevent people from making it impossible to win those victory points.
  7. Sorry in advance; I know you don't want replies. Everyone is comparing apples to oranges as you get wildly different results for contact visibility depending upon hardware (monitor vs VR) and software (in-game and external graphics settings).
  8. @Han Thank you so much for starting this thread and requesting feedback on this very contentious issue! I believe that, when it comes to spotting, the goal for the dev team should not be making it easier or making it more realistic - it should be bringing parity across all devices (monitors and VR) and configurations (different resolutions, NVIDIA settings, and startup.cfg settings). Easier said than done, I know, but I think that is why you are seeing so many differing opinions. Everyone has a slightly different setup and we are all comparing apples to oranges. I would much rather sacrifice any ability I have to spot contacts at range if I knew that I was seeing roughly the same thing in VR that someone on a monitor is seeing, that someone running the game with max detail on a 4K monitor has roughly the same ability to spot a contact as someone running the game in 1080p on low graphics settings. Bottom line, whatever changes you make, please please please have your testers compare the results across a variety of VR headsets, monitors, and graphics settings.
  9. wow that is bizarre. i seem to remember a screen after a fresh install that asks you something about input devices... perhaps try a fresh install?
  10. Combat Box Flight Following is a Discord bot that can notify you when your friends are online and playing on Combat Box. There are two ways in which it can be used: Via direct messages to the bot. This creates a personalized list of people that only you are following. The bot will message you directly when these people come online and go offline. To get started, simply send $help via direct message to the bot named Combat Box Flight Following. You can find the bot in the #flight-following channel of the Combat Box Discord server. Via a channel in your Discord server. This creates a shared list of people that are being followed within the channel where the commands are issued. This is ideal for squads - set it up once and everyone in the channel receives the notifications. To get started, you will need to invite the bot to your Discord server with this link. After that, you will see a bot named Combat Box Flight Following in your server - send $help in any channel where the bot has read message permissions to get started. If you run into any issues using this service or have ideas about additional features, please let me know!
  11. Nope! Anything is fair game at an unprotected field.
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