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  1. I'm glad to see that @MEXAHUK_163 got banned for cheating. I had recorded a tacview of an encounter with him weeks ago that I thought was suspicious, but couldn't be sure. Now I know what to look for - quick, jittery movements of an aircraft in flight over a prolonged period of time. It looks quite different than a single player lagging, or a server hiccup which affects everyone.
  2. @flynvrtd have you noticed the disparity between LOD at distance for the P51 since the latest update?
  3. i was just thinking the exact same thing haha. apples and oranges, my man. i think its pretty unfair to compare the two. you can like/love both!
  4. this looks incredible!! really looking forward to the next reveal
  5. same story here with the Reverb. it doesn't seem like adjusting the gamma in the cfg does anything.
  6. I have a powered USB hub after troubleshooting a multitude of VR issues months ago - I am confident that the problem is either with my eyeballs or my specific HP Reverb Pro headset. Sometimes even when I have WMR set for 90hz, it reverts to 60hz. I notice it right away - typically killing the WMR processes and restarting it fixes that. 60hz is just too distracting to my eye - I notice it and to me it doesn't look anywhere near as good as 90hz.
  7. I tried 60hz and it looks like dookie on my HP Reverb Pro. Maybe I have a bad set or very sensitive eyes - not sure which but I can't deal with the image on 60hz.
  8. First they came for the VR users...
  9. No, just someone that recognizes a troll with ulterior motives when they see one. VR is niche, but not among PC users playing flight and racing sims. I give it less than a month before WoL reverses course and allows injectors or becomes a ghost town. Not that I care; I haven't played there since Combat Box hit it's stride.
  10. Thanks for the tips @SCG_Fenris_Wolf and @TWC_NINja. I did not have the latest Windows Update. After I did that, the fish-eye effect was gone. The problem for me now is that 60hz is very distracting to my eye, it looks like a constant flickering, kinda what an old TV screen looks like when you record video of it. I guess I have grown used to 90hz. Is that something you get used to, or do I have something configured incorrectly?
  11. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Hey man, thanks so much for keeping the first post updated! Very useful information. I have an HP Reverb Pro and it's been awhile since I have synced my settings with yours, so I decided to do that yesterday. I ran into some issues and I am wondering if you would mind helping me out with these: 1. I noticed was that you suggest running at 60hz instead of 90hz in WMR. Why is that? 2. In SteamVR, if I set SS to 100% (native), the pixels are pretty far above what I thought native is (2160x2160). I have to reduce it down to 80-something percent. I asked a friend who also has a Reverb and the relationship of pixels to percentage in SteamVR is different than mine. I'm wondering if this is because I need to update SteamVR / WMR per your instructions or if I have something else going on. Any thoughts there? Thanks!
  12. Keep it going fellas! I would love to see a complete set of parody lyrics! Make Weird Al proud!
  13. We use Discord for communication and knowledge sharing. Looks like you found us there already!
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