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  1. Please read the first post in this thread. Also, there are a bunch of SCG guys that were flying 110s last night and wrecking Tempests and P-51s (I was one of their victims).
  2. I agree with you EXCEPT for the part where you say Allied planes are “inferior the rest of the time”. The margin between them is so small that it mostly becomes about situational awareness, player skill, and coordination with your teammates. In what ways are the Axis planes better than the Allied planes? How big of a disparity do you think there is between a Tempest and a K4? Or between a Dora and a P-51?
  3. I probably should not have quoted you; apologies for that. My point about the grass always being greener is still a valid one, however. I am not saying you can't fly what you want to fly, but I think that the quickest path towards a true understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Axis aircraft is to simply fly them. I simply want people that are so strongly biased to have an understanding of all aircraft. I think that directly translates to less hostility when there are disagreements and a more positive community overall.
  4. Are we talking about the BoBp planes? Are you referring to ground attack or air to air? I am honestly not sure what you mean when you say that the Axis planes are easier to fly and that it is easier to get kills using them. I feel that the balance between Axis and Allied is better than it ever has been before since the BoBp release. Axis no longer has a tremendous advantage like they had in the past. If anything, Allied has a slight edge across the board with the new planes. I really don't see how anyone can make an argument that the Axis planes are easier and better in the BoBp expansion on CB.
  5. So much salt from people that fly one side exclusively. Not trying to single you out Luth, it’s not just you. I would love to see everyone get along in this small community. I think that flying both sides on the regular might go a long way towards that goal. Think about it?
  6. That is very interesting. I had noticed that I spawned with bombs accidentally there once, finished the mission without so much as starting up the engine, and the plane had been removed from the airfield's inventory.
  7. I wish I had a nickel for every time this question has been asked. I would have a lot of nickels.
  8. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf Your advice was spot-on. I removed the supersampling that I had configured in Steam VR (Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR beta, to be precise): Settings > General > Render Resolution > "Auto" Settings > Video > Render Resolution > "Auto" Settings > Video Per Application Video Settings > IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad > Custom Resolution Multiplier > "2276 x 2224 100%" (default) In the game settings, I turned off AA and tried sharpen on and off. I don't think it makes a tremendous difference, but decided that off made contacts slightly more visible at approximately 2k range. Currently using 0.9 gamma (up from 0.65000 set manually and locked in startup.cfg). From the 15 minutes I spent playing around with these settings in Berloga and quick missions, I believe there is a noticeable improvement. If anyone else has an HP Reverb, please try these settings out and let me know if you like them better than your current settings. If you don't, please tell me what your settings are! 😄
  9. hmm, interesting - anything else you know about why? have you made any tweaks to your configuration? are you still using your Reverb?
  10. @SCG_Fenris_Wolf I am trying to tweak my settings (NVIDIA, WMR, SteamVR, and startup.cfg) to get better spotting at distance in my HP Reverb. I have difficulty seeing contacts without zoom. I read the first post in here but am not clear on what values I should in "Video" within SteamVR for WMR. I had it set to 106% based on a video I saw awhile back from @capt_nasties. Just wanted to see if that is still the best setting to use, or if there is anything else I should tweak along with that. Assuming that the values in startup.cfg in the first post of this thread are still valid for the HP Reverb as well. Appreciate any input you may have!
  11. Thanks for the tip @DD_Arthur! I will give that a try.
  12. @4driano Sadly, I don't think there is any way to prevent this behavior.
  13. @No.322_FlammKuchen-VR I didn't do a reinstall yet... played last night for about two hours after getting the latest update and didn't have issues. Doesn't mean it isn't still an issue though since this has happened very infrequently to me. If it happens to you again, open up your event viewer and look under "System" - very curious if you see the same message I saw. It would also be worth looking at your memory usage in task manager to see if IL2 is hogging up a ton of memory. I will report back here if I encounter this again.
  14. I just would have thought that since they did something related to the graphics, it would have affected things. One of the recent patches had literally nothing in the patch notes about anything that looked to me like it was related to graphics, and that patch broke 3dMigoto. Clearly I don't know squat about this stuff hehe.
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