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  1. @Y-29.Silky I am guessing that as you start engine 2, you are using a single throttle axis which is set to 15% instead of 0% (from starting engine 1). Give it a try in QMB and see if that is the case. When you switch to select engine 2, make sure you bring the throttle axis back to 0% and advance the throttle SLOWLY only after you reach 2000rpm.
  2. Eh I dunno, it's still a game, and games have points because well... reasons. Going into any more detail than that and I feel like I would be explaining why people play games.
  3. There were a bunch of blues flying together for that map on CB DC comms as well as the following map. Thanks for the changes, that was very satisfying closing out objectives!
  4. I agree with everything you said, sir. I would simply upvote and save myself the typing, but it appears I have reached my daily quota for upvotes lol.
  5. @/SF/Disarray I don't believe that the Allies are winning solely because they have better ground attack aircraft with the release of BoBP, but I do believe it is a factor. As for the ground target destruction rates, I think the skew is more than you realize. Not 100% sure on this but I believe the tents were not a factor until the new mission (Ruhr Pocket) was released and that was quite recent. Take a look at the ground kill metric in October, then look at the current month to date - it looks to me like it is quite heavily skewed. As I stated in my earlier post, I think many of the imbalance problems can be solved by the community itself by balancing the teams and having more blue players communicate and coordinate with each other.
  6. @Mobile_BBQ I point this out because someone was saying ground kills look roughly equivalent this month between red and blue. Since the number of blue ground kills can be easily inflated by tent kills, I think that metric is not such a great one to look at when deciding whether or not there is a balance issue in CB. I am fairly certain that "ground targets destroyed" is not the same as "closed-out targets". Make sense? Forgive me if I am being dense.
  7. I don't know how recently they think they changed it, but as of last night at around 6PM EDT, it was still possible to rack up 150+ kills as blue by dropping on tents.
  8. Take into consideration that there is an issue with tents at red targets which is skewing the numbers quite a bit this month - afaik it is only affecting the Ruhr Pocket map. I don't want to call any players out on it because it's not an exploit or anything, but if you look at the leaderboard you will see what I am talking about. Pretty sure I saw Alonzo mention it recently, too. EDIT: RedKestrel already said this.
  9. Solved this issue myself by changing the USB port that I was using for my Odyssey+. While encountering the issue, I was using the USB 3.1 port on my MB that was directly next to my LAN cable. I moved it to a USB 3.0 port and the issues went away completely. Insane that this is what was causing my problem, but there you have it. VR is so finnicky!
  10. Just want to add a few thoughts on the "red versus blue" debate. But first, a disclaimer: I recognize that I am a relative newb here compared to many of you, I do not profess to know more than anyone else, and I do not mean to offend anyone. Also, I fly both Allied and Axis in BoX, but since the release of the new BoBP planes in October I have predominately flown Axis planes. I am guilty of flying fighters almost exclusively, and rarely taking bombs. With that out of the way, here are my observations and thoughts: The vast majority of Axis players fly fighters at high altitude and do not attack ground targets. This makes sense if you are approaching the game with your own pilot's life in mind; attacking a ground target makes you extremely vulnerable. Whenever I fly blue fighters, I am very cautious and do my best not to give up my altitude as I cannot compete toe to toe with the opposition's fighters once energy states are equal. I believe that fewer people that fly Axis exclusively are communicating with each as much as people that fly Allied exclusively. Very rarely do I see any organization in team chat on Axis. I see it more frequently in Allied team chat. I see many more people in the Allied voice comms on CB Discord than I see in Axis voice comms. It's possible that more Axis players are using TS or other DC servers, but I think it is telling that there is less of a presence on the blue side within the CB Discord server as compared to the allied channels. Team balance on servers where the new planes are available is almost always skewed in favor of the Allied team. I think this puts people in a defensive mindset from the beginning. When I see that, I generally stick to the line and do my best to defend blue objectives. I believe that part of the 'fix' for this is up to the community - we need to do a better job when it comes to balancing the teams, coordinating, and communicating with each other: On balancing the teams: if you are just joining the server and see that Allies have 52 players and Axis have 30, do not join Allied! Simple as that. (These were the actual numbers I saw when I joined CB yesterday afternoon). On coordination: before you start a sortie, talk to your teammates. What are they doing? Where are they planning on going? There is safety in numbers and I think people would be more likely to attack ground targets (or cover those attacking ground targets) if they were flying together rather than going 'lone wolf'. On communication: if you are not already on voice comms with your friends, join the CB discord server, advertise it in "looking for a wingman", and post about it in team chat! I get it, people can be shy, myself included, but someone has to speak up to get the ball rolling. You'll have a lot more success in-game by flying in numbers and you might make new friends in the process!
  11. I too agree that the P-47 should be slightly more 'tanky' than it is currently. I think about some of the Russian airframes and their ability to survive a tremendous amount of punishment. The P-47 in-game today feels like a paper airplane by comparison.
  12. thanks @capt_nasties but I don't think that is related. I have uninstalled 3dMigoto for now using JSGME. No change in performance, still get the stutter with the associated "flatline" of CPU/GPU activity in fpsVR and SteamVR's advanced frame timing graph. Yes, I have @dburne. Completely reinstalled Windows in fact. I am most interested in understanding more about what is occurring on my PC when I see the "flatline" behavior in fpsVR and SteamVR's frame timing graph.
  13. I recently purchased fpsVR hoping to learn more about what is causing the intermittent stutter for me in VR. When I get these stutters, I notice that there is no frame timing data available in fpsVR (or in SteamVR's frame timing graph). I see a steady stream of frame data for my GPU and CPU, and then when the stutter occurs, it just drops all the way to nothing - no bars - then as the stutter ends, bars of data reappear. I would share a screenshot if I was able, but the overlay does not display when I take a screenshot from within the game. Curious if anyone here knows what might cause something like that. My rig is as follows: CPU: i7 9700K MB: ASRock Z390 Extreme4 GPU: EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 RAM: G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 HDD: Samsung EVO M.2 950 VR: Samsung Odyssey+ I have been through all of the optimizations in these forums and have compared notes with friends that play, and I have everything set just as they do. One thing which is interesting to note... since 3dMigoto broke with the last update, I went back and played in pancake mode last night on max graphics settings. Literally turned everything up as high as it would go and I was getting 150+ FPS with zero stutters in multiplayer. Not sure where or what my bottleneck is. Thanks in advance for anyone that provides insight, specifically related to the "flatline" behavior that I am seeing in fpsVR and SteamVR's frame timing graphs.
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