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  1. Never had a need for rudder trim in the 262.
  2. There is a pitch trim indicator in the Me 262. It is located on the left side of the cockpit just in front of the throttles. Requiem put together a fantastic video that covers trim settings for takeoff and landing (embedded below). I am not sure about what the trim settings should be for different bomb loads, but it shouldn't be any different than trimming any other aircraft for level flight.
  3. Yes, this is an air start - it is not an airfield. The recovery base is not a airfield, either. It is just a clearing with a few static objects and the fires to mark the “runway”. Be very careful on your approach to land at the recovery field.
  4. @VBF-12_Stick-95 Do you recall whether or not you heard the Windows sound associated with a USB device being disconnected when the issue occurred? I also have MFG Crosswinds. I will make the change you suggested and install USBLogView. Thank you very much for your detailed response!
  5. I will try to remember to try that if it happens again. I don't think I am losing focus on the active window, though. FYI, I am in VR - not sure if that is in any way related.
  6. This has happened to me twice very recently - I will be flying along and all of the sudden none of my control inputs work. No joystick, throttle, rudder, keyboard, or mouse. The only way I can do anything is by ALT+TAB or ALT+F4. I checked the event viewer and don't see anything suspect. I haven't made any configuration changes to my system recently. I checked to make sure all of my USB connections were solid. I can be playing for over an hour before this occurs, sometimes it doesn't occur at all during a gaming session. Pulling my hair out trying to figure out what could cause this. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Any ideas as to what I can do to troubleshoot the issue further?
  7. I really like the idea of a "time-out" penalty for deaths. I think it could help discourage bad habits for all players and maybe even encourage some good habits. Pros: Force players to fly in a more realistic manner where they value their aircraft (and their virtual life). Prevent what I consider "cheap" gameplay (flying ground attackers straight to a target on the deck as fast as possible with no cover or coordination and making pass after pass until they are out of ammunition and/or dead). Create a natural break for the player to reflect on their failed sortie (what went well, what went wrong, review tacview, etc). A timer in between deaths would incentivize waiting for other players to complete their mission before returning to the action. For example, 4 players form up and fly to target, one dies, the others survive. Often times, the player that died will start up again right away and head out lone wolf. If they had to wait, there is a greater chance they will go out again as a group. Cons (and ways to mitigate their impact): Some players will dislike it quite a bit, to the point that it might adversely affect server population. Since that is probably the absolute worst thing that can happen, would it be possible to only implement the death penalty during peak times? Or maybe only implement such a thing on certain maps, such as the upcoming airframe attrition map? I could see some side-benefits there... if you had a few unsavory types decide it would be fun to force one side to lose, all they would need to do is takeoff and immediately waste a plane over and over and over. A timer would prevent this. ???
  8. If you set the bar that high, then it becomes impossible to turn a map when the server population is low. That means people that play during non-peak hours have less of an incentive to play. I could see that having a detrimental impact on overall server population.
  9. Hi Bazzer! I do not understand how what I said was a red herring (or any other kind of logical fallacy for that matter). I was responding to Elanski's assertion which, to paraphrase, is that there is an imbalance between Axis and Allied which should be addressed, at least in part, by giving the P-38 it's 4 1000lb bomb loadout. I do not agree with that point of view because the P-38 already has a bomb loadout (in its limited state which is 2 1000s or 6 500s) that far exceeds that of any Axis plane of roughly comparable performance. Think of it as a classification. Yes the 110 has a rear gunner and turns better, but it is still in the same class in that it has the ability to dogfight (whereas a Ju88, He111, or Ju87 cannot). I don't remember who I heard say this (and I wish I did so I could give them credit), but it was something to the effect of: Every plane has strengths and weaknesses, and if the pilot flying it knows how to apply those strengths and compensate for those weaknesses, they will win the day. Oh yeah, having thousands of hours of time in the sim and flying with a wingman doesn't hurt either. Let me also say that I recognize my own bias. That is why I try to fly both sides as much as I can (without stacking the teams unfairly). Fly Axis once in awhile and you might see things a little differently. Regarding specific objective placement on maps - that is a far more complicated topic, one which Alonzo and his team have spoken about quite a lot and taken action on. I am hopeful that they will continue to use data (heat maps, aggregated stats, etc) to drive their map making activities.
  10. The P-38 can carry two 1000s or 6 500s on the maps where it appears - that exceeds what a 110 can carry on any map where it appears. I am truly surprised to hear you say that you believe CB is unbalanced.
  11. German pilots should get a button that lets you pop methamphetamines twice per sortie - each one gives you a Max Payne style slow motion effect for a short period of time. I'm kidding in case that wasn't obvious.
  12. If by "official" you mean an airfield at which players can spawn, then no - these are not valid targets. I cannot say whether or not you will get credit for them in stats, but it is not advisable to try this. If you happen to hit a player aircraft that is parked (not taxiing, taking off, or landing), you are violating server rules. Aside from that, it is very bad for your health since you are likely deep behind enemy lines, your location is being reported to the enemy from server messages, the map is lighting up showing that you are near an enemy airfield, and the flak at player airfields is better (not 100% sure on that last part).
  13. I too wish that the g suit would have been a load out option rather than a hard-coded variable set for each airframe.
  14. Because of the nature of individuals’ PC components, the VR headset they are using, and the multitude of software settings which can be manipulated, it is no surprise to me that people are in disagreement over performance. I wonder how much of an impact it has to cut SteamVR out of the equation in DCS? That is a variable that cannot be altered by those with WMR headsets.
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