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  1. Holy F'n informative post ...You really out did yourself on this one ...... Salute o7
  2. Wait for it to go on sale Thursday nights and Sundays multi is good .... Multiplayer campaigns are a lot of fun to fly in. There are some campaign generators for off line use and mission set's people have created as well. Well worth the price of admission on sale IMHO.
  3. I'm running 32gigs of DDR4 2400 and thinking of upgrading to 3200 or 3600 .... Think I'll see much of a difference? Rig in the sig.
  4. Yepper ... Red Baron 1&2 (and 3D) as well as Janes....when IL2 dropped it was every iteration of that since. One thing I really miss is Hyper Lobby I used to love jumping into those campaigns and coop's. Thinking about how once in awhile you'd be sitting in the lobby waiting for your large coop to go and when it filled up it went and you where still sitting in the lobby alone 🤣 Funny now ....not so funny then 😏 PS Goes for DCS as well LockOn modern air combat, Flaming Cliffs 2&3 , DCS
  5. Ok thanks ....I'll mess around and see how bad of a hit it is for me with the EVGA 3080 FTW3. I like what I have going on at the moment in general but spotting and ID are always an issue. Interesting ....Time to test.
  6. Got it ....Thanks! I've been using your setting's and my experience has been good. Frames are high in general with very little stutter. One question msaa vs fxaa what one is better for spotting ? I thought msaa was but not sure if that still stands ...Thanks again S~
  7. I didn't this time ........ The week before I had 4 disconnects.
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