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  1. Found this jewel on the WW2 side ...kinda' ironic for the WW1 side ....
  2. Load up an SE5a ace\novice doesn't matter..... after head on it just fly's straight away and climbs.... forever...... it didn't do that before the update.
  3. Not for J5 per se but for newbies to the ww1 side I guess the next two would be DVa and the Spad Then the DR1/Camel.....
  4. Is there a plan to do the rest of the FC aircraft ? I see a lot of new people coming over and this would really help them out... Thanks for doing this !
  5. I don't see anyone streaming flight nights on the Central side so I'm assuming no one is recording their entire flights. For what it's worth yesterday J5_Chunko and I were practicing on the J99 practice server ....I was in a Camel (He in a DVa) and he couldn't see me ....I was flying tight circles around a balloon so I know he was looking right at me .....until I opened up on the balloon (I suddenly appeared ) he couldn't see me ....
  6. Posted the video for people who may not follow the diary ...... What are the mixed feelings you speak of?
  7. That's right J5 discord https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN
  8. @HagarTheHorrible I didn't notice any warping .....I've noticed on various servers (for no real reason that I can see) there have been multi disconnects ... The other night 3 of us were disconnected at the same time while fighting Bristol's ....Lately the internet's being hit hard so that could be a factor as well....S~
  9. I fought an S.E.5.a on the deck tonight that kept firing up at me whenever I pulled up and over and that's exactly what I was thinking "you tilt-gunning bastard!" LOL Lot's of good fight's tonight with SE's ...... S~
  10. I hear you and i understand
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