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  1. HellCat_


    I understand all this ....I wasn't talking about aiming a gun, just in general .......It's over now ...thanks for the responses.
  2. HellCat_


    Ever drive a Tiger? I know they ride rougher I just thought it might be a little to much is all ....I know it's not the same but I've put a lot of hours on track machines (Dozers/loaders/excavators) and they don't hop that bad ....But OK, I've never driven a Tiger that's for sure ....
  3. Never said otherwise .....carry on
  4. To each his own .....History doesn't stop at 45' for me...
  5. I disagree the F-86 /Mig -15 battles definitely have an historic feel ...as well as all these aircraft of which we have similar models in the game already Korean war aircraft
  6. HellCat_

    HP's next Gen Headset

    What is your IPD ? I had a Lenovo for awhile and the sweet spot wasn't bad ,mine is around 63....I did do the headband padding mod and that brought the unit closer to my face...
  7. I had an early backer pledge and once some positive reviews came out ...I sold the p[edge for more than double what i paid for it ...Now I have an Odyssey instead
  8. HellCat_

    Toying with the idea of VR

    For better resolution and no base stations I'd go for a used Lenovo or Odyssey to give it a whirl ...if you don't like it you can re-sell it for almost no loss....
  9. I noticed after downloading the patch last night ....seemed to studder and was not as smooth as it was .......
  10. Damn by the time I got there it was empty 😧 ....Hope people showed....
  11. HellCat_


    Does anyone else fee like the tiger hops/rocks too much in rougher terrain while on the move? By that I mean anything off of a road or path...
  12. HellCat_

    damage on the tiger

    Well I was in a T-34 last night and as i spawned into a base I got taken out with 2 hit's from tigers before I could even start the engine.....
  13. HellCat_

    API for export of flight data

    All my dreams are too........So I'm hoping for a API export of data for SimShaker/Bass shaker type software that the Jetseat and Forcefeel seat use in the near future. Joking