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  1. I'll give it a try ...thanks Guess you missed this part of my post " I downloaded and updated 2 games on steam since then without issue"
  2. Same here keep getting failed to download since last night....Got almost to 2 gigs and crapped out now it just goes to failed to download. I downloaded and updated 2 games on steam since then without issue ....c'mon man I just got me 2nd Reverb delivered andI want to play!
  3. Well ...got it up and running and it definitely looks great..... amazing res compared to the other headsets I've had .....Started getting a flickering issue after about 2 hrs ..left eye ...I did the cable mod from the git go and still got the flickering after a few hours. Last Wednesday night after about 2 hrs play when the headset heated up I got flickering .... Thursday morning fired it up and within 2 hrs flickering started again .....then Friday night I put a small fan on a shelf above my monitor blowing down towards my face as I played and I experienced no flickering after 2 hours . I installed a usb 3.0 PCI card that plugs into my power supply for my MB just to see if it would help. Plugged into the new PCI powered USB card and started flying with the fan off just to see if the new card solved the flickering issue and within an hour and a half the flickering started ,this time the right eye. Reached up and turned on the fan and in about 6 or 7 minutes the flickering went away and stayed away for the rest of my flight time...bout' an hour and a half more....I think my on board 3.0 ports are fine as I flew last night for a few hours with the fan on plugged into them and no flickering. I believe this particular headset has an over heating issue as another guy who got his at the same time from the same place has no issue.. I'm definitely going to exchange it for another one as many times as it takes to get a good one as I can not go back in Res now that I've had it......BoX looks great.... the towns look amazing as do the trees
  4. Been running a WarBRD base w/warthog grip since last summer best setup I've ever had and I've had most of them .
  5. I pre-ordered the Reverb ...I'll check back in once I have it👍
  6. I understand all this ....I wasn't talking about aiming a gun, just in general .......It's over now ...thanks for the responses.
  7. Ever drive a Tiger? I know they ride rougher I just thought it might be a little to much is all ....I know it's not the same but I've put a lot of hours on track machines (Dozers/loaders/excavators) and they don't hop that bad ....But OK, I've never driven a Tiger that's for sure ....
  8. I disagree the F-86 /Mig -15 battles definitely have an historic feel ...as well as all these aircraft of which we have similar models in the game already Korean war aircraft
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