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  1. You don't have to keep your hatch open with the new T34. You can use the periscope view and turn it around 360 degrees without turning your turret. This is what the periscope is designed for. You can look around just as fast as with the hatch open. If you are trying to spot enemy tanks with hatch open and only close it when you see something, you are operating the tank incorrectly. If you use the periscope correctly and with good care, you can be more effective with the new T34 than the old version while also not exposing your commander to enemy fire. The only reason to use the old T34 is it's broken damage model and simplicity in using the turret with the hatch open. It is not faster than the new T34 they move at same speed. It is not better but it is more simple and unrealistic so you might find it easier to use. If devs ever add interior to the old T34, you will be angry about the same issue when you drive old T34. But you have to give it a serious attempt. When you use the perisope to turn the turret, there are issues with it being too sensitive but you can work around this. Turn down your mouse sensitivity or zoom in slightly to negate the sensitivity. Always keep calm and don't yank the mouse all over the place as soon as you see an enemy. We all have a natural reaction to quickly spin the mouse when we try to fire before the blue tanks. Don't be that guy.
  2. Tigers are not hard to defeat in this game. Give me any red tank, I will kill Tigers all day long. There is only a handful of good players that survive in Tigers for a long period and kill many T34's. You can fire HE at their front armor from any range and jam their guns very often. Tigers are strong only if you fire AP at their front armor. Keep playing the game more you will eventually realise how fragile Tigers are. They die very easily from side armor hits. Ask yourself how many times do Tigers save the blue team on EFront server? Answer is blue team still loses despite Tigers.
  3. Checked out the server today and it seemed like a good place for tankers! Very happy that you took away the old tanks too. Going to be trying this server whenever there is players on!
  4. How do I get my hands on the password? I'd like to attend but I can't find any information anywhere. This sounds like a much better experience than the tank server we have now where people try to desperately justify all the exploits they love to use to "game" their way to a fake victory. Can I play red tanks too in this server? Thanks
  5. I can confirm these issues as well. I've experienced it plenty of times when in a blue tank and there are no similar exploits that blue tankers could use to even the odds. I never play the old tanks and mostly go for Sherman or new T34 when I play red tanks, but I feel stupid when I see my teammates using that exploit to win a game. For me the point in TC is not to capture flags. The point is to have tank on tank engagements and I don't care who wins the actual match. Some players like to drive around the map for 60 minutes just so they can reverse into the blue spawn in their old T34 and finish the game by capturing the main flag. But why? Don't you want to experience the actual tank engagements instead and use tactics to overcome the enemy? Capturing flags is a terrible objective in general. Nobody cares about a flag in a real fight they want to clear the area and hold it. The objective should be something else like a large capture circle instead and the spawns should be dispersed around so that people don't just pop up next to the flags. I think these are the biggest issues that create scenarios like spawn camping.
  6. Torrens


    PIV is absolutely my preferred tank on the blue side since it's release. I find Tiger too big of a target despite good armor, and PIV has a reliable gun with excellent fire rate while being a lot smaller profile to identify and fire at. It also retains it's good turret traverse when engine is off due to it's own specific engine mechanism. It will go 50kp/h on roads and has the same flaw of all blue tanks of being a bit slow off road, but I don't find this to reduce overall performance. I'm suprised to see PIV to be limited on the eFront server. It is not a better tank than T34 or Sherman, but an equal opponent. I can't help but to feel like this is to intentionally keep the blue side from having a tank that is equal to red tanks while being abundant as well.
  7. You can set the keybindings to whatever you feel comfortable in the settings. There is all kinds of things you can micromanage manually. To give you an example my configuration goes like this: V - open hatches C - swap seats in the tank Z - gear limit down X - gear limit up T - take control of guns LShift + T - lean in to gunsights LControl + A/D - rotate periscope left/right LControl + W/S - rotate periscope up/down LControl + V - set periscope to default orientation LShift + A/D - lean left/right LShift + W/S - lean forward/backward Page up - lean up Page down - lean down L - internal lights on/off LWindows + C - close visors/open visors
  8. I think you are correct. The damage model must be broken. Today I encounterd players using old T34 and they turned their tanks around and reversed towards my P4. I was unable to damage them with multiple rounds to their engine and turret while they destroyed me easily. Something is wrong here.
  9. I agree with this post entirely. The new periscope of new T34 allows superior performance over the old T34 if a player puts in the effort to get familiar with their keybindings and gets used to looking around with the periscope without turning the actual turret. The new T34 has slightly more turret armor while also maintaining same mobility and having the option to protect the driver more by closing the vision slits. I see no reason to use the old T34. I think there are 2 reasons why people still use the old tanks: 1. They simply don't own TC 2. They are way too used to the old T34 and aren't comfortable with using the periscope or don't know how to make use of it effectively. Because of this they drive around hatch open with the new T34 and only close it when they are very close to blue tanks and they handicap themselves. Turret traverse is a bit sensitive with periscope but if the driver keeps their nerve and swing it with caution it won't cause problems.
  10. KV2 is all fun and games in other arcade tank games, but in a simulator experience I don't think it has much to offer in 1943. There is just too much negatives. It is a massive target so everything will hit it from 2km. It can't move its turret if sits in the slightest slope at all. The turret will get stuck if its not positioned correctly when firing, it can't see, can't move, gun elevation makes the tank useless anywhere but flat roads, horrible reload. I highly doubt it would be a fun experience in a simulator setting. Leave it for arcade games.
  11. I agree that the turret shouldn't automatically return to 12.00 and 10 degrees up when we change seats in the tank. It's really not optimal way to operate in the tank from gameplay perspective and I would like to see a change here. I also experience the overly sensitive turret rotation at times but it doesn't happen all the time. It sometimes reverses the direction I intended to turn which is very annoying. However the more you are zoomed in the less sensitive it gets in my experience so you can mitigate the issue almost completely by zooming in a bit more rather than keeping the zoom at minimum. Aside those issues I think the introduction of the new periscope of T34 and KV1S are very effective at their job. You can turn the periscope 360 degrees without rotating the turret if you set up your keybindings correctly. It is a lot faster than to turn the turret and look around. You can then assign a key for reverting the periscope into default where the gunsight is aiming as well. It is very fast and easy to do and in my opinion the new optics are superior to the M4A2 Sherman when it comes to gameplay. This tank cannot use a periscope while in the gunner seat but T34 and KV1 can now see 360 degrees (KV1 commander cupola gets in the way) while operating their guns which makes them very comfortable to use in my opinon. You don't have to switch seats anymore you can just be the gunner all game long. I effectively don't have to ever open the hatch unless I'm repairing or I need to listen and watch aircraft up in the sky. I find turning most difficult at medium speeds when the turn is long. At high speed you can still turn well if you keep them short and then let momentum go up again. I wouldn't say T34 is not mobile because it still accelerates just as fast as before and reliably climbs up smaller hills with over 30kp/h compared to other tanks that are reduced to walking speed. It is till the fastest tank in the game despite it's more ralistic turning. I do think that the one reliable tank server we have has serious balance issues that could be fixed simply by having better map design. Those maps are horrible and it makes me hurt inside to think how good the gameplay could be if they had atleast an attempt at realism. In the Prohorovka map I never had issues dealing with superior tanks even in a P3 but these maps we get in our current tank server don't allow that. I believe that server also added a hefty penalty to changing sides so helping to balance during matches isn't that simple either anymore. My best advice is to use the new gear system. You can set a maximum gear whenever you want. While turning at medium speeds quickly turn the gear limit down around 3 times. To my experience the best gear to turn fast is 2 or 3. This will cause you to lose lots of momentum, but will let you turn very fast with the new T34. Same goes for every other tank. None of the tanks like prolonged turning, even the M4A2 and that thing was designed to turn while moving forward. When turning and losing too much momentum, bump down the gear limit for a few seconds, turn fast, then go maximum gear and let the 500hp diesel engine rip it's lungs out. Driving a T34 was physically very taxing irl. It was not a fun thing to drive and needed strenght to turn and a hammer help switching gear.
  12. Does my arguments make me russian? What is your thought process behind this? I agree with your post and I already talked about those points with someone. Allied lend-lease was tremendous and helped immensly. Germany did have enough warm bodies to reineforce and recover it's losses up untill Kursk and Baggration.
  13. Hello Sinerox, I am not wrong, your perception of the easter front is wrong. I am glad that you brought up the Stalingrad issue that contradicts what I am arguing. Volkksturm was a last ditch effort in 1945, women in factories most likely after 1944, never heard of Luftwaffe haiving more planes than men. The reason they didn't fly was because they had no fuel to operate against allied B-17's. Not manpower issues. Why no reinforcements at Stalingrad? Clearly it contradicts me.The fighting must have been so attritional that Army group south bled to death in the city! How can Germany have manpower if they ran out of men? Lets investigate. This is a lenghty post so bear with me. Between July - November 1942, the German losses on the eastern front amounted to around 498 786 in total. The number of replacements for all of eastern front during this period was around 509 700. You liar!!! That can't bepossible!!! This can't be the case because units in Stalingrad were so depleted!!!! Go eat a cactus!!!! The answer is simple. To examine this lets give the background first Paulus's 6th army fighting at Stalingrad was part of Von Bock's Army Group B. Army group south was split into two separate army groups: One for Stalingrad, another for Caucasus. Army Group A gets the priority during operation Blau, not Von Bock's Army group B. Keep this in mind. Von Bock's Army group is a flank guarding force, not the spearhead. As a result it doesn't get the priority in many respects: equipment, supplies, ammunition, manpower. By mid August 1942 ,11 divisions from Army groups A and B were withdrawn and sent to other theatres. They were stripped down while their battles intensified. Lets compare every army group losses during July 1942 - November 1942. These numbers are closest estimates, not absolute. Army group north - 104 657 Army group centre - 146 410 Army group A - 91 454 Army group B - 156 265 -------------------------------------------- But we now know that Germans were replenishing their losses all across the eastern front. No they didn't you scumbag!!! I'm right and you are a dumb bolshevik!!! Distribution of replacements during July 1942 - November 1942. These numbers are closest estimates, not absolute. Army Group North - 111 100 Army Group Centre - 191 950 Army Group A - 106 150 Army Group B - 100 500 Oopsssieee.... army group B takes the most losses and receives the least replacements for all army groups on the eastern front. It is the only group that doesn't replace it's losses during the time period. Hitler screaming in his bunker!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ We now know that Army Group Centre took more replacements than their losses durin the time period, while the the focus was in the south, where they should've gone instead. Why did replenishments go to centre instead of the south? Why was the main summer offensive stripped of 11 divisions? Hitler had a clear conflict of interest with the German high command on where they should attack next. Hitler proposed for the Caucasus while the high command proposed central front and Moscow. General Franz Halder was one of the main advocates for central offensive and opposed Hitler's propositions furiously throughout the war. Halder believed that Caucasus was a waste of time and all efforts should be in the centre. Franz Halder and the german high command prioritised other army groups over A and B because they disagreed with the Furher. Hitler wanted the oil, high command wanted Moscow. Conclusion German Reich did have manpower to replace their losses with warm bodies in all of eastern front during Stalingrad. This did not happen due to internal politics in the high command, terrible staff work by the high command, supply issues and overly ambitious planning fot the offensive. German high command despised Hitler, which let to him sacking countless generals who didn't obey him and we all know this. These replacements were being sent to other theathers in the eastern front. New bodies were there, but they did not go to south. Paulus's 6th Army was intended as a sideshow in the grand scheme of Fall Blau. It's priority was the lowest in all of eastern front, while the sector's intensity reached the highest. German high command failed to plan, foresee and react to this new development. Don't feel bad for the units in Stalingrad. These formations and their replenishments, were the ones that murdered their way through Ukraine into Stalingrad. These men were not innocent. NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN !!!!!
  14. Very good arguments. Thanks for pointing out my misinterpretation. Sinerox would have to confirm it to be sure. Looking at his comment the way you read it, I absolutely agree with you. Germany had to rely on unskilled workers on many homefronts and perhaps manning the armored vehicles too. I believe Soviets may have had similar issues with many skilled workers being sent to fight and thus the quality of tanks especially wasn't the best. However I strongly believe that when it comes to warm bodies in the frontlines like the way I read the post, German Reich did have enough to field, reinforce and recover from the losses of 1941 - 1942 and even increase their total number of frontline bodies in 1943. With that in mind I also believe that they did have enough men to field more medium tanks in a fictional scenario where they only built medium tanks in large numbers. Ofcourse the lack of tankers having experience operating machinery before service would be even bigger issue than it was. There is a common misconception I see countless people talk about in forums that Germany was "bled white" through out the war. It is a wrong perception of the eastern front. Thanks for your comments.
  15. Do you disagree with my notion that Germany did have enough manpower to reinforce it's armies untill Kursk in 1943 and especially Baggration? This is the topic of my original post. If you don't care about this subject, then do not quote me. I will not let you derail this topic and attack me personally. Also your knowledge about WW2 is welcome if you want to disprove my argument. Giving me a single sentence one-liner is a lazy attempt at undermining every post I made earlier. If you have no intention of communicating with me, then you most certainly don't have any intentions of refuting me. It seems like you simply want to fight me. If you want to refute my argument, then do it and stop this nonsense about "denigrating others". This is my attempt at getting back to the topic. Thank you.
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