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  1. This is probably the hardest mission in the campaign. I recommend staying in the commander seat and give the whole platoon fire commands on the same target. Thats how I managed to beat it.
  2. I still haven't tried Panther in an extensive fight, but so far I'm absolutely in love with the functionality of the commander's cupola and the suspension. The vision slits are wide and makes it very easy to see every angle without opening the hatch. I can move my head in the cupola and can always comfortably observe my surroundings unlike with many other tanks. Tiger 1's commander cupola is horrible in comparison with the small slits. The suspension is awesome and the smoothess makes it feel like I'm driving a modern tank. Can't say much about the gun or armor but I predict that the weak top and side armor effectively makes keeping a Panther alive more challenging than Tiger despite the improved mobility, front armor and weapons system.
  3. In a thread that is about incorrect damage models there is somehow no point in discussing incorrect damage models? Then why is there a point in even saying that APCR and AP rounds have issues? I don't quite understand the logic here. Is another type of bad damage model more important than another? I sure hope that old T34 will be gone and maybe it will but same goes for the APCR issue. Then why even talk about it? Do you see where I'm going here? Point here was literally what you say in my quote. There is not much point about going on about this because it will be fixed in the near future. I simply worded it in a different way and made a very similar comparison. Again I don't agree that red tankers have overall worse kill ratios. I see red tankers with nice amounts of kills everytime I play. On top of that all kills are not equal. Killing a Tiger that is limited is a lot more precious than losing a free tank that has unlimited respawns. How would your playstyle change if your team only had 5 available old T34's? You would stop driving into Tiger's gunsights knowing that you can try again and again and again. Here we can observe the issue where server settings encourage certain gameplay and even affect k/d rations indirectly. This is why I don't think it is fair to simply compare k/d ratio even though I disagree that red tanks have worse ratios. I wouldn't say that surviving in a Tiger is by default easier than other tanks since this is very situational. You can disengage at will and rely on the borked damage model to survive ridiculous hits at point blank range unlike the Tiger. If we pretend that the game happens in a 1v1 vaccuum and we are not in EFront server then I suppose it is easier to survive in a Tiger. Yet after all the points that you made, old T34 is still the absolute dominant tank type in EFront despite fun and cool KV1, Sherman and SU122 that I use everyday. There is a reason for this.
  4. I'm not really talking about balance or any parity of reds winning or historical numbers or anything related to historical accuracy excpet for the ammunition performance, I'm pointing out the issue with APCR and how it most likely is an issue with the German tanks as well, however as you know perfectly well might go unnoticed since old T34 has damage model issues. A German tanker might not notice their APCR being useless since they are used to facing old T34 where any landing strike is unreliable and might have no affect at anytime. Since the game is early access I believe that the issue with AP and APCR will be fixed during the upcoming patches. Meanwhile APHE also had its damage model changes as for the latest patch notes state and do kill Tigers very effectively when flanked. But if you really want to dive in the balance side of things, I think that these issues are only prevalent on EFront server. I also play on other tank servers that have very different winning parity and they mostly limit the old T34. I want to point out that balance issues are mostly a server options problem and horrible map design for example limitless IL2 just like you said. But IL2 players are not the only ones who score highly on the red team, this statement is wrong. There are plenty of games where Il2's are absent and red tankers perform incredibly well. These players do not use KV1, Sherman or SU122 or new T34. On the German side all tank models occasionally perform well because there is no tank that is so much superior to others that all players use only that tank. On the red side its one tank model that is consistently the only good performer. You are correct that there never has been a proper balance in that particular server. There however is another tank server that is able to achieve balanced gameplay. I do believe that if old T34 and P3 didn't exsist anymore in TC, the balance of the opposing forces would improve. Even in EFront server.
  5. Fortunately the old P3 is a very rare sight unlike the old T34 which is overwhelmingly the most abundant tank in EFront server, further helping my point that the issue with ammunition without HE filler is most likely present with German tanks as well, however may go unnoticed due to the abundance of the buggy old T34 as players are used to it not dying when it should. Their gameplay is likely just as "ruined" as yours when they use APCR against Soviet tanks. In fact this is what German tankers have experienced since beginning of TC and you seem to only just now get the first taste of the same frustration. TC is still early access it will be fixed overtime. As for the time being, use APHE and try to get into point blank range like I usually do. I haven't even used APCR in months.
  6. It could be that the damage model was "corrected" in an attempt to reflect real life effects after post-penetration, but its not finished yet. APCR doing very little damage in comparison to APHE after penetration is perfectly fine and same goes with AP. You may just be forced to flank the enemy very desicively for the time being. I brought up the old T34 and it's unrealistic damage model because German tanks don't have any solutions to circumvent the issue. It is highly likely that German APCR does have the same issue, however due to the indestructible old T34 the issue might go unnoticed by German tankers since they are used to pumping shell after shell to the enemy with no effect as well. I'm totally okay with AP requiring few more shots to take out and enemy especially APCR but it is deffinately not quite right the way it is now.
  7. I feel like this is a new issue with ammunition that has no HE filling. I've experienced the same with KV1 and T34 while firing at German tanks. I shoot round after round to their side and no visual effect whatsoever. It seems like APHE is the only viable ammunition for piercing armor. It looks like the AP round overpenetrates everything. I haven't tried APCR so I can't confirm its effects. We still have the option to use APHE to reliably kill Tigers from the sides at close ranges. It doesn't kill the gameplay as much as shooting at the side of the old T34 (that most red tankers use exclusively) at point blank multiple times while it proceeds to oneshot my P4 and P3. We have been dealing with this issue since Tank Crew started but maybe oneday it will be adressed.
  8. Haven't experienced this one. I have seen my gunner, loader and commander sometimes have yellow damage out of nowhere outside of any engagements when I press enter and see the tank modules. Are you absolutely sure you weren't fired upon? There are still sound bugs in the game and I have taken hits without any sounds occasionally. SOmetimes bumping into obstacles can injure the crew as well especially the driver and radioman.
  9. I want to ask you another question. Do you think it is smart to have the description "for insults and ram = ban" in your briefing? I now understand from your response that we should clearly ignore the rams and insults all the time and "understand and forgive" when angry and close minded people want to ruin our fun. But you need to take away the rules on your server that pretend to help the players because it is clear to me that you don't take them seriously and there seems to be no reason to respect your rules since we can see that nothing happens if we break them. There will be no conclusion to this drama unless you act as a moderator and you will have to answer to these complaints for a very long time in the future. You will save yourself the trouble if you simply do the right thing and it is your own choice. I'm sorry that you got rammed by blue planes, you should react to it otherwise it will never end. You don't have to prove me that you got rammed I believe you.
  10. I don't speak russian I can't understand what those logs say. Are you server admin? How will you react to this? You have pictures above with direct proof that show the behaviour of KokS.
  11. I can confirm the behaviour of a player named KokS seen in some of the pictures. He rammed my tank from behind today and admin was present as well. How come is this person still allowed in the server? The description specifically says that ramming and insults result in a ban. I'd like to hear from a server admin why they haven't acted on this.
  12. Yes I hear the loading all the time. The mg breech keeps getting pulled back over and over and I hear the sound untill the bug goes away.
  13. I've experienced this bug with the coaxial mg but not the maingun. The mg is loaded but doesn't respond at all for a long time and suddenly starts working after a long time has passed.
  14. I forgot to add something. The camera is now locked to the gunsight instead of the mouse. Previously the camera would follow the mouse instead of gunsight causing the issue of people seeing nothing but black when they wanted to rotate the turret by significant amount. The gunsight still follows the mouse now but the camera is now following gunsight unlike before. I think this is the main reason why players feel disoriented now. The mouse isn't any more sensitive than before but the camera is reversed so we can't see where the mouse is going unless we look at the orange indicator in lower left of the screen.
  15. This is my attempt of helping you guys. I have used the same aiming system with the new T34 for months now without any issues. The only thing that moves faster now is the mouse while fully zoomed in. Previously the mouse moved slower when zoomed in. I tested every tank and the turret now rotates at the same speed regardless of zoom. The mouse sensitivity also stays the same regardles of zoom. You can zoom in 100% and still rotate the turret at the same speed as being fully zoomed out but you have to use the mouse a lot more. The only thing that changes is how much room your mouse can move away from the aiming sight when using zoom, effectively giving the turret a longer or shorter distance to follow the mouse on the screen. If you move the mouse while fully zoomed in, the turret only has to adjust few inches. While zoomed out it has to adjust dozens of inches or more. All tanks use full speed by fedault to rotate the turret unless the mouse is very close to the aiming reticle. This works best for the Sherman because it has the best turret rotation speed, which makes this system very efficient with that particular tank. If you go and try Sherman, you will notice how effortless it is to controll the turret and it does exaclty what you want it to do. Other tanks rotate turrets slower making the time needed to follow the mouse considerably longer. This means longer turret reaction time when the mouse is moved. With the Sherman this waiting time is non-existent but others have to wait. When you want to rotate the turret fast while zoomed out, gently move your mouse and give the turret time to react before you move mouse again. Otherwise this leads to helicopter spinning. And yet again we meet the same issue some players weren't able to adjust with the new T34. Do not yank the mouse around like a madman when zoomed out. Use steady, controlled movement when zoomed out. When you are zoomed out use very subtle movements with your mouse. Even when zoomed out, you can still move your mouse while turret is adjusting but you have to do it gently. You can also turn down your mouse sensitivity, but you sacrifice turret rotation speed while zoomed in. If you look carefully, you can see exactly where the turret is going to rotate now after you moved the mouse. This is highlighted as orange on the lower left corner where you can see your turret and hull orientation.
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