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  1. I forgot to add something. The camera is now locked to the gunsight instead of the mouse. Previously the camera would follow the mouse instead of gunsight causing the issue of people seeing nothing but black when they wanted to rotate the turret by significant amount. The gunsight still follows the mouse now but the camera is now following gunsight unlike before. I think this is the main reason why players feel disoriented now. The mouse isn't any more sensitive than before but the camera is reversed so we can't see where the mouse is going unless we look at the orange indicator in lower left of the screen.
  2. This is my attempt of helping you guys. I have used the same aiming system with the new T34 for months now without any issues. The only thing that moves faster now is the mouse while fully zoomed in. Previously the mouse moved slower when zoomed in. I tested every tank and the turret now rotates at the same speed regardless of zoom. The mouse sensitivity also stays the same regardles of zoom. You can zoom in 100% and still rotate the turret at the same speed as being fully zoomed out but you have to use the mouse a lot more. The only thing that changes is how much room your mouse can move away from the aiming sight when using zoom, effectively giving the turret a longer or shorter distance to follow the mouse on the screen. If you move the mouse while fully zoomed in, the turret only has to adjust few inches. While zoomed out it has to adjust dozens of inches or more. All tanks use full speed by fedault to rotate the turret unless the mouse is very close to the aiming reticle. This works best for the Sherman because it has the best turret rotation speed, which makes this system very efficient with that particular tank. If you go and try Sherman, you will notice how effortless it is to controll the turret and it does exaclty what you want it to do. Other tanks rotate turrets slower making the time needed to follow the mouse considerably longer. This means longer turret reaction time when the mouse is moved. With the Sherman this waiting time is non-existent but others have to wait. When you want to rotate the turret fast while zoomed out, gently move your mouse and give the turret time to react before you move mouse again. Otherwise this leads to helicopter spinning. And yet again we meet the same issue some players weren't able to adjust with the new T34. Do not yank the mouse around like a madman when zoomed out. Use steady, controlled movement when zoomed out. When you are zoomed out use very subtle movements with your mouse. Even when zoomed out, you can still move your mouse while turret is adjusting but you have to do it gently. You can also turn down your mouse sensitivity, but you sacrifice turret rotation speed while zoomed in. If you look carefully, you can see exactly where the turret is going to rotate now after you moved the mouse. This is highlighted as orange on the lower left corner where you can see your turret and hull orientation.
  3. Thats the same guy who I heard from that Americans only met like 3 Tigers in France! It was actually ever since 6th June.1944 to defeat of Germany. American tankers only ever saw Tiger 3 times in North-West Europe. Here is a link to the video. Skip to 28.50.
  4. You can manually set gear limits but other than that its pretty much WSAD movement controls. Not sure if it will become more complex in the future but since it's a IL2 game, I wouldn't be suprised if it does.
  5. Cool video. What I'd really like to see is same comparison Panther vs T34 considering it had a lot of influence on Panther desing. No Sherman didn't swim across Atlantic Ocean. It was shipped in transport ships while weighing only 33.000 kg. When you need countless thousands of tanks across the world with having to lift them on ships with cranes, ship them overseas and take them off the ships again with cranes that have load limits..... do you want the 45.000 kg Panther tank that has better cross-country mobility but still breaks down long term or do you want a Sherman that weighs over 10.000kg less, is smaller letting more tanks be fitted inside a ship, is designed for crane lifting, has endless spare parts and doesn't break down? Sherman is the only WW2 tank that served in every major theater for these reasons.
  6. Would be interesting to see how many of those +100 Tigers were fit for frontline action and how many were unable to attend due to breakdowns ect. Brits and Commonwealth were pretty well equipped against Tigers too. I stood infront of a Firefly tank in Danzing, Poland few years ago and that 17 pounder gun is like a big ole telephone pole when you stand under it. Very intimidating machine when it towers ower you.
  7. I haven't checked my sources, but I believe that American armor literally engaged Tigers around 3 times during liberation of France that's how rare they were. 10 Tigers sounds like a stretch at least for Americans but its possible the Brits and Canadians saw more of them. I'm sure Ardennes must've achieved 10 Tigers but who knows. Probably the only time it was possible.
  8. You don't have to keep your hatch open with the new T34. You can use the periscope view and turn it around 360 degrees without turning your turret. This is what the periscope is designed for. You can look around just as fast as with the hatch open. If you are trying to spot enemy tanks with hatch open and only close it when you see something, you are operating the tank incorrectly. If you use the periscope correctly and with good care, you can be more effective with the new T34 than the old version while also not exposing your commander to enemy fire. The only reason to use the old T34 is it's broken damage model and simplicity in using the turret with the hatch open. It is not faster than the new T34 they move at same speed. It is not better but it is more simple and unrealistic so you might find it easier to use. If devs ever add interior to the old T34, you will be angry about the same issue when you drive old T34. But you have to give it a serious attempt. When you use the perisope to turn the turret, there are issues with it being too sensitive but you can work around this. Turn down your mouse sensitivity or zoom in slightly to negate the sensitivity. Always keep calm and don't yank the mouse all over the place as soon as you see an enemy. We all have a natural reaction to quickly spin the mouse when we try to fire before the blue tanks. Don't be that guy.
  9. Tigers are not hard to defeat in this game. Give me any red tank, I will kill Tigers all day long. There is only a handful of good players that survive in Tigers for a long period and kill many T34's. You can fire HE at their front armor from any range and jam their guns very often. Tigers are strong only if you fire AP at their front armor. Keep playing the game more you will eventually realise how fragile Tigers are. They die very easily from side armor hits. Ask yourself how many times do Tigers save the blue team on EFront server? Answer is blue team still loses despite Tigers.
  10. Checked out the server today and it seemed like a good place for tankers! Very happy that you took away the old tanks too. Going to be trying this server whenever there is players on!
  11. How do I get my hands on the password? I'd like to attend but I can't find any information anywhere. This sounds like a much better experience than the tank server we have now where people try to desperately justify all the exploits they love to use to "game" their way to a fake victory. Can I play red tanks too in this server? Thanks
  12. I can confirm these issues as well. I've experienced it plenty of times when in a blue tank and there are no similar exploits that blue tankers could use to even the odds. I never play the old tanks and mostly go for Sherman or new T34 when I play red tanks, but I feel stupid when I see my teammates using that exploit to win a game. For me the point in TC is not to capture flags. The point is to have tank on tank engagements and I don't care who wins the actual match. Some players like to drive around the map for 60 minutes just so they can reverse into the blue spawn in their old T34 and finish the game by capturing the main flag. But why? Don't you want to experience the actual tank engagements instead and use tactics to overcome the enemy? Capturing flags is a terrible objective in general. Nobody cares about a flag in a real fight they want to clear the area and hold it. The objective should be something else like a large capture circle instead and the spawns should be dispersed around so that people don't just pop up next to the flags. I think these are the biggest issues that create scenarios like spawn camping.
  13. Torrens


    PIV is absolutely my preferred tank on the blue side since it's release. I find Tiger too big of a target despite good armor, and PIV has a reliable gun with excellent fire rate while being a lot smaller profile to identify and fire at. It also retains it's good turret traverse when engine is off due to it's own specific engine mechanism. It will go 50kp/h on roads and has the same flaw of all blue tanks of being a bit slow off road, but I don't find this to reduce overall performance. I'm suprised to see PIV to be limited on the eFront server. It is not a better tank than T34 or Sherman, but an equal opponent. I can't help but to feel like this is to intentionally keep the blue side from having a tank that is equal to red tanks while being abundant as well.
  14. You can set the keybindings to whatever you feel comfortable in the settings. There is all kinds of things you can micromanage manually. To give you an example my configuration goes like this: V - open hatches C - swap seats in the tank Z - gear limit down X - gear limit up T - take control of guns LShift + T - lean in to gunsights LControl + A/D - rotate periscope left/right LControl + W/S - rotate periscope up/down LControl + V - set periscope to default orientation LShift + A/D - lean left/right LShift + W/S - lean forward/backward Page up - lean up Page down - lean down L - internal lights on/off LWindows + C - close visors/open visors
  15. I think you are correct. The damage model must be broken. Today I encounterd players using old T34 and they turned their tanks around and reversed towards my P4. I was unable to damage them with multiple rounds to their engine and turret while they destroyed me easily. Something is wrong here.
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