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  1. Any seat reclined 15 to 30 degrees from vertical to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot. May between the values was 0.7 up to 1.4 . Gs.
  2. General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon The F 16 Fighting Falcon's key features include a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, side-mounted control stick to ease control while maneuvering, an ejection seat reclined 30 degrees from vertical to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot https://subefotos.com/ver/?aa65c30178a7861f4b1ff6066848619co.jpg https://subefotos.com/ver/?d21cde88cd8634583518d57ddf675c82o.jpg BF 109 Seat
  3. You are right . The big question is . We are 10 friends, 6 of us loved flying red, 4 loved flying blue. For two years most of us play online in servers. Not everyone had an Nvidia 2080 to play 4K, but everyone was always flying on online servers. at least 2560 × 1440 for a long time. Many bought better video cards and larger monitors 27 inches , 32 monitors and screens 4K 40 inches, 43 inches and 50 inches . The video card limited them to play 2560 × 1440. All of us / them ... after a long time left the flight. And they don't fly anymore. There is a problem in Spotting. Well it's just a game only for Nvidia 2080 in 4K. I do not know. But all of us who couldn't play 4K, we don't play anymore . You must be proud to be able to play 4K, it belongs to an elite in spotting, Whitouts preoblems. Stay yourself proud ! 2560 × 1440 is Shit ! Be proud ! None of us fly anymore. Or buy anything else. Only 10 less pilots flying online. Off topic . My great uncle loves to fly a P51 in South America, many years ago. Panzer nickname means nothing. But I tell the truth, Sportting it broke
  4. 240 M 273 Y 787 F My ping online is high ; But it works.
  5. 2540x1440 , Graphics settings. maxed out graphics, Spot enemy plane . I apologize for my bad English, I feel ashamed. I use special applications to calibrate the monitor 43 inches ( Gama and colours ) My hardware supports playing this resolution between 55 FPS ( minimum ) and 94 FPS ( Maximum ) Nvidia Image Sharpening, Helps a lot at this settings . After 5 months without playing, enjoy my online experience, But something is more difficult, something changed for the worse. Without a doubt. Rise of Flight was beautiful at 24 inches screen , I have all planes . The human eye is capable 576 megapixels of resolution, . Use mathematical algorithms to represent a reality in 2000 or 4000 megapixels screen vs 576 human megapixels eye of resolution is wrong. I built a basic cockpit hotas. My Screen is at +/- 1, 60 meters, 5,25 feets +/- . It always worked before, now it doesn't work to Spot enemy plane . Lost Money ?
  6. English version: COMBAT REPORT, headquarter 866IAP 07.11.1944 16.00 07.11.1945 at 12.50 group of 12 planes type “Lightning“ attacked troops of 3d corps of Ukrainian front, moving on the road from Nish to the westbound direction at Chamurlia region. 4 planes in formation were making an attack one by one diving from H400m leveling at 50m. Two groups of 4 were circling overhead at 1500m. After the first assault AA opened fire and shoot down 1 plane which crashed 1km North of the airfield. At 13.00 pair of Yak-9 866IAP on duty took off, leader Lt. Krivonogih wingman 2d Lt.Shipulya. At 13.05 6 Yak-9 took off as well, commander Cpt.Bondar, 1st Lt. Surnev, 1st Lt. Zheleznov, 1st Lt.Poziba, Lt.Zhestovsky, 2d Lt.Serdyuk. At 13.10 took off pair Yak-3 of Cpt.Koldunov, wingman 2d Lt.Krasyukov The first pair after airborn making right hand turn started approaching to 4 P-38 involved in assault. 2 P-38 attacked pair of Lt.Krivonogih. 2d Lt.Shipulya attacked P-38 making secondary assault of the troops and set it in fire, P-38 with 40 degrees angle ran into the ground 500m North of the AF where it burned in flame. Lt.Krivonogih while defending from 2 P-38 in the attack making vertical maneuver burned one of them, which came down in flame to the forest 8-10km to the North of the AF. During attack on the next P-38 Lt.Krivonogih got it’s tail, AA opened fire to both of them. Came to the bursts of AA plane of Lt.Krivonogih came in smoke, made a split and with an angle of 80-85 degrees ran into the ground 3km Noth-East of the AF. Cpt.Bondar after airborn identified planes as American type P-38 Lightning and was trying to avoid dogfight maneuvering vertically and horizontally to give P-38 no opportunity to open fire to Yaks. 1st Lt. Surnev by rocking the wing let P-38 know they were friendly after that P-38 stopped attack and got away. 2d Lt.Serdyuk took off alone after all fighters and was being attacked by P-38 straight away. Avoiding the fight he saw another P-38 attacking Yak-9 and got in a hurry to help the Yak. After his attack P-38 fall down in flame 1km North-West of the AF. Next Serdyuk attacked one more P-38, gave two long volleys from both cannon and machine-gun. P-38 came in smoke and flew away at North-West bound direction with descent. 2km to the North of Nish Lt.Zhestovsky was fighting with pair of Lightnings, attacked one of them from behind above side, P-38 came in smoke after the gun hit and flew away at North-West bound direction with descent. The second Lightning attacked Yak of Lt.Zhestovsky and set it in fire. Lt.Zhestovsky got bullet’s hit to his right leg, right side and a finger of his right hand. He bailed out and grounded 8km North to Nish. His Yak burned completely. 1st Lt.Poziba after airborn climbed 2000m and started to form up with group of 12 P-38 coming to the airfield with heading 100. By rocking the wing he let them know he was friendly and pointed to the airfield. The Lightnings didn’t open the fire, turned back and flew away with heading 240. At the same time upto 60 P-38 were approaching from the west, they met the first group of P-38, turned back and disappeared in westbound direction. Lt.Krasyukov after departure identified P-38s as American and didn’t start combat. He observed Yak-9 coming down in flame 1km North of the AF. In this dogfight Lightnings downed 2 Yak-9. 2d Lt.Shipulya was KIA, Lt.Zhestovsky bailed out, Lt.Krivonogih KIA in friendly AA fire. 5 P-38 Lightning were downed by our fighters and AA. Conclusion: The group of P-38 lost orientation and when passing by attacked our troops identifying them as the enemy. In the dogfight with Yak-9s P-38 showed good horizontal maneuvering and while level combat P-38 had superior and quite easily could catch Yak-9’s tail. At vertical maneuver Yak-9s were superior. Defense Ministry’s Central archives of Russian Federation, 866IAP. RR_CAPILATUS вне форума
  7. I Play the game 9 months online, every day. Buy all airplane and maps. Then I bought a 43 inch screen to see the planes better. I was very happy But few mothns ago, the developers put a new patch on the game, and spot an airplane , It's very difficult, I get my eyes tired and hurt. I don't play anymore . PD: My recommendation is to buy an 80 inch The people , friends who played the BoX online 3 years. They are repeatedly complaining in the whatsapp group about how difficult it is to spot planes. At the end I don't play anymore .
  8. The server forces not to see anything to a player who uses a 24-inch or VR glasses. As example. Also I have 43 inches screen and I play on full maximun utra high settings , and I hate search for 2 little gray pixels on a Big screen . This are burning my eyes of and send me to the eye doctor. Let's look at it on the other side of the street, Maybe 1500 players spent each $ 2,000 on hardware $ 700 on flight peripherals and $ 160 dollars more on the (game) BUT the server tells everyone : You will not see anything ( I have expert visibility setting Roll Back ). OH IS GREAT !!! This option must be changed to the graphics setting on the pc client. And don't keep remaining this setting on the server. Is Clear. If I spend 2400 dollars on hardware + Box etc , to play this game online and to be able to see cleary the planes in a 43 inch screen, but I must burning my eyes searching for 2 little gray pixels on a Big screen,. THANKS to the roll back parch fix and Thanks to the forum trolls ... IS GREAT !! Off Topic
  9. The best way for me is let pilot can choose his graphic configuration on his PC. High graphics setings high or low details graphics settings ... whatever . The best thing would be that the pilot could choose on his pc how he wants to see the planes . 3.201 or 3201b whatever ( best visibility mode or the worst visibility expert ) Allow the option to be chosen in the client PC . Let the pilot choose it on the pc as another graphic option ( normal visibility mode or the worst visibility expert ). The option for the worst ( expert visibility mode ) , will must not depend on the Host server. The populated online servers always stay in an hardcore expert settings ( expert visibility mode ), and they will tell me that.. if you don't like it, then go and fly offline. I want to be able to fly online at any server, and be able to choose if I need to see the planes a little bigger. ( 3.201 or 3201b or whatever ) Let be My own option and choice based on the size of my screen and resolution in pixels. Allow the option to be chosen in the client PC . Everyone can choose, it will not be anyone's fault and the server will not force you to see nothing if you use a 24-inch screens or VR headset ., Because the server owner likes to say { it's expert visibility mode server }
  10. All online servers now use the new setting ( Aircraft visibility in Expert Mode ) END ONLINE is this now. I only like to fly Fighters planes online, it's easy for me to see that the AI is silly . I have no interest in offline The developers know that the 43 inches 4k screen resolution is not the same as that of the human eye, The human eye have a better visual resolution. On a computer screen you try to make an approximation to reality. Basically it is a software that tries to represent a possible reality You can not sell a PC SIM ( product ) if you force people to play ONLY in Utra settings ... If you play on low or normal graphics settings you get huge disadvantage to Spot anything - and / or you will have a huge disadvantage vs other pilots online. HUGE, ( the hunt for the two gray pixels.... OHH IS a Plane !! ) The clouds at low o normal settings ... Really I don't even want to talk about it, ( Only ultra settings is the fix . ) At the ends .. 3 months ago, I buy a new Video Card and a new 43 inches screen ONLY to play on Ultra Settings the IL2 BOX Series online, and spot more planes. With the Roll Back on the new visibility settings from 3.201, I see less than before, ( Spot an enemy it's harder now, Worst. ) After 9 months of playing online close to every day. I stopped flying online by the Roll back . I am very angry. I did not like how the developers undid the visbility changes so quickly.. SO QUICKLY !! WTF ??? Bending their knees and undoing the good visibility changes ONLY in 36 hours ..or less, after patch release. GREAT ! I don't fly anymore. Best Regards
  11. Four years or More we asking to developers .. We Want , WE NEED , A spotting range improvements. And the change was made, The Change was excellent a pleasure to fly and spot the contacts. It was one the happiest day of my life, I also had the p38 Then... The trolls children of the Russian War Th*nder game , came and Cried in the forum of Il2 BOX . And AND the developers rushed to fulfill their Troll wishes. All online serves now have the new ( Fu*inkg expert ) settings , the spottin range now sucks , the possibility of seeing planes is worse than before . I would like to clarify that, I play All in ultra settings (Maximun settings ) , new building distance on . My (flight / Hotas /Gaming chair ) is 1 meter 60 centimeters ( 5, 24 Feet ) away from the screen . And I have to search for 2 damn (Fu*ing ) gray pixels at that distance, it's hard even in my new 43 inches screen. I am very grateful to all the Russian War Th*nder trolls who came and wrote in the Russian il2 Box forum, asking for the roll back on visibility settings. I am very grateful to the developers who ran to please their wishes. Now I need a go to with my eye doctor, and buy a new 80 inches screen. To can see ( Spot ) the damn 2 gray pixels that represent a plane at 6 km . . Best regards
  12. I did some research On the new visibility system : If is very clear and no obstacles, and the jet plane cruises at 11,000m (37,000feet), from geometry results until the plane drop below horizon, is around 374km or 232 miles Under ideal conditions it is limited by the angular resolution of the eye which is 0.02° and corresponds to 0.3 m at a 1 km distance. If the plane has a wingspan of 15 m * Fw 190 * then the average person should just be able to see it at 45 km If the plane has a wingspan of 30 m *B17* then the average person should just be able to see it at 90 km. For large contrails then the average person should just be able to see it at 180 kms.
  13. I did some research On the new visibility system : If is very clear and no obstacles, and the jet plane cruises at 11,000m (37,000feet), from geometry results until the plane drop below horizon, is around 374km or 232 miles Under ideal conditions it is limited by the angular resolution of the eye which is 0.02° and corresponds to 0.3 m at a 1 km distance. If the plane has a wingspan of 15 m * Fw 190 * then the average person should just be able to see it at 45 km If the plane has a wingspan of 30 m *B17* then the average person should just be able to see it at 90 km. For large contrails then the average person should just be able to see it at 180 kms.
  14. Well if you have a 32 Inches screen your doctor recomend you being able to spot ( a 6 pixel ) planes at 13 feet away. 👁️
  15. I Must bought a 43 inch TV 4K because the planes were 4 to 6 very small pixels on screen, in my old monitor was very painfull gameplay . My gamer chair and joystick is at 1,50 metres from my screen Now I play 1920x1080 on Nvidia 1660. The airplanes are like small insects on the screen 🦗, if you fly as a fighter pilot you stay with your eyes tired 👓 after a few hours, looking at the horizon trying to see 6 blurred pixels that are a plane, A PLANE OMG !! . If you have your chair at 1,40 meters from the screen ... I really liked the initial state of the launch on new visibility system I must check tonight the Hot Fixes . 👁️‍🗨️
  16. Don't fly for two days, I just read this ( Dear friends, Having observed very differrent responses to the visibility change yesterday which returned to more realistic values, we have decided to add a new difficulty option called 'Alternate visibility'. It is turned on on Normal difficulty and turned off on Expert, ) I must check this tonight I really loved visibility on the first day on the patch releases, without changes or adjustments.
  17. The new visibility system it is perfect , I can finally enjoy . But there are two problems : Les FPS for many players who have a low/ mid PCs . The other problem is the bombers pilots "they are crying" because now they can be seen from a realistic distance now. Everything looks perfect On the new visibility system I really like it. If the game goes to roll back On the new visibility system I will no play any more for sure !!! and give you my premium account in this forum. .
  18. *** Aircraft and ships are visible much farther than before - theoretically, they can be spotted as far as 100 km away if there are fire, contrails or a ship wake; *** ***Sun glare from distant aircraft is visible better;*** ***New 'Distant buildings' option added;*** It feels softer without FPS stuttering too , thanks is wonderful , it's a new combat experience .
  19. OH I lost my left wing only turning the Tempest at deck. 😟 Distant Buildings is Great. Thanks developers !! Now I must try it online !!! 🦁 🦕
  20. This is an very acceptable explanation., my respects Friend ! 🦄 0.3 wing profile added , Its Close enough to close my mouth, But. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VB Standard weight: 2979 kg Maximum power in Take-off mode at sea level: 1100 HP Fuel load: 274 kg Spitfire Mk.IXe Standard weight: 3359 kg Maximum power in Take-off mode at sea level: 1320 HP Fuel load: 274 kg Take note about it , The turn rates or roll ratio. Which plane turns better.... a lot better... The punishment is too big for the g6 at FM . The punishment of g6 is based on 2 pilots stories. As if took in account Pierre Clostermann ... and his book The Big Show ... Clostermann flying the Tempest at 810 kilometers hour at Deck The mathematics does not close the result. 🦕 The olegg's old dinosaur heritage ruls the game/sim even today . I have seen very few different things at the The olegg's rules. Except for Bf 110 G2 . Well some day.... Laminar Flow Airfoil will be the matter at dogfight.
  21. Tracer ammunition rounds for 20 mm and .50 -
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