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  1. As said before by Steini it is mostly because it is based on the Eastern front and more specifically at the battle of Kursk. Like I said and what others have said if it sells enough I'm sure they will do another volume of tank crew and hopefully it will be in the west or in Africa. But for the time being I personally would rather them really get the foundation of the project down as currently it is quite obvious this is something new to the engine itself. And if they really focus on making this first project really solid then any new project will simply be more maps and tanks along with small updates instead of big features that need to be introduced or fixed in the current game.
  2. If another volume of tank crew comes out I'm pretty certain it will deal with American or British vs. Germans. At least I would hope as there are plenty of sims that focus on the Eastern Front and very few that focus on the west or Africa. But Tank Crew 2 is probably still quite far to go, they're still decently far but still close to release of TC and I'm guessing they're gonna focus on Normandy for a bit. Idk I hope for an American or British based sim too but we'll just have to see.
  3. Yes I agree. I have also found that the system can fall out and just stop taking orders if you seem to give it too many orders especially with the moving as I've tried to order my hull a specific direction or to a specific place then the tank just doesn't move anymore. I hope and think they will fix all of this as the release comes closer and happens. It is still definitely nicer than having nothing though.
  4. On the website I believe there is a section that tells you what each module has planes wise. Once consulting that just simply look at what plane and map is being used for the campaign and if they are in one of the modules you own then there you go. Also sometimes they will tell you if you need a certain plane or module. For this campaign you need Battle of Moscow. Personally I think Moscow is the 'worst' module as the map is quite bland and the planes are not as cool imo as some of the later war ones, but its all in taste. Hope this helped,
  5. Yeah I can see that, but when I was hit it was behind a friendly line and we had almost crushed the opposition. I can definitely agree there should be a factor of how many enemies are around you that makes the crew decide. But having seen some american tank crews lose a crew member and still fight until the enemy is cleared I'm sure the Soviets would do the same. But yeah if the tank is getting shelled multiple times over I agree the crew should just bail. Yeah I think it would be a good idea. I'm also sure it would be very annoying when the campaign comes out to have to restart an entire mission because you got your gunner/driver taken out by a stray shell that was fired at your line of tanks.
  6. So I was playing a mission and while playing my gunner got knocked out, and subsequently took me out of the action as all I have are my commander and hull machineguns. I think it would be a really good idea if a system like in the game Steel Armor: Blaze of War where you can tell say your hull gunner or your loader to switch onto your gunner's seat so that even though you are less effective, you are not taken out of the fight. I hope there are plans for this as I'm sure it was realistic for a tank crew to be down a man but instead of getting out of the tank and risking their lives to then take up the position of the gunner or the driver. What are your guys' thoughts on this? Good idea or nah?
  7. Thank you, been waiting for this for a while.
  8. I tried doing this but when I try and open one of the missions it either crashes the editor or says there was an error reading it. 😕
  9. I am having problems starting the campaign, I followed the install instructions and I have BoM but when I try and start the first mission it loads for about a second then stops and goes back to the mission select screen. I don't know if I am missing something obvious or the campaign doesn't work with the current version but if not any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. It will activate on its own without needing to download anything. Also the firefly is not going to be in tank crew as it focuses on the battle of prokhorovka which is in 42 and I do not believe any long barreled 76 sherman was leased to the Russians in 42. Edit: Sorry mixed up my years it is in 43 so disregard that but still I don't believe fireflies were in Kursk let alone prokhorovka.
  11. I guess just to make this easier I will give a simple pro and con list with some of my thoughts at the end. Pros: VERY VERY detailed interior, a bunch of small moving parts makes the tanks really feel alive when you are operating it. Very nice bullet physics and overall gun mechanics with the shells actually feeling like you are shooting for example a really big 8.8 in the tiger unlike a lot of games. Crew models are quite nice even though the animations are still a bit funky and you cannot see them from outside of the tank unless they have opened their hatch. Interior damage model for being in such an early state is pretty nice especially with the new update. Specific parts of visors can be broken, fire breaking out and then seeing the flurry of the fire extinguishers. The map that comes with it is very nice especially when going into Phrokorovka everything looks amazing and realistic. And some more smaller details I cannot really think of right now. Cons: Exterior damage model is kinda meh, there are no entry/exit holes and the damage besides exterior fuel tanks are just simply an area of the tank that gets more and more roughed up the more it gets shot. (The parts that can fall of the tank like the fuel tanks still act pretty good and are pretty realistic.) The controls are meh to horrendous depending on how much you like or are comfortable with using the mouse and keyboard. I do not have a huge problem with it except the aiming sometimes as I get stuck in the abyss because I'm looking the exact opposite direction my sight is looking and I get confused. The enemy tank AI is not that great, it is very basic and does not behave very realistically like an actual tank crew would act. Most ground units outside of the new tanks are of somewhat low quality for Tank Crew but that is to be expected Summary: Simply put it if you are a huge tank fan this is probably one of the best ww2 sims right now graphics and ballistics wise. Since it is in a very early state there are plenty of things to be tweaked and added so I would expect most of my cons will be a thing of the past in the near future. I would say if you are getting it purely for the singleplayer I would maybe wait a bit as there is only quick missions you can do and some user created missions which are still quite nice. But if you also enjoy multiplayer it is a pretty good idea to grab it especially since people are usually playing in some servers. Overall I think it is a great little sim at the moment and I love it but it simply has gotten somewhat boring or just out of content a bit fast but that is what you are paying for in such an early access title. I would recommend it but just be aware there are still plenty of little tweaks that need to be fixed, but so far the quality of the tanks in the game so far especially with the new update is absolutely amazing. Hope this helped a bit, have a good day/night.
  12. I would really like the chance for the 25% off Bodenplatte. I have been wanting to try some American planes in this sim and I really would love the chance to get the 262. Either way I plan on getting it but the 25% would really help. Thank you for doing this.
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