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  1. You have to use your mouse to use the turret. It uses your camera looking around in order to move the turret I believe.
  2. If you're really into tanks then the price is understandable to an extent. The models are quite good and the map is very nice for the engine that it is in. For you you actually wouldn't have that much of a problem compared to what I am having. What I mean is is that for SP it is quite good with 2 official campaigns and a lot of user made content for how short it has been out, but on the other hand the MP is barren and there isn't much to do yet MP wise which sucks imo. Overall it is the best modern ww2 tank sim but there are still plenty of rough edges. I personally don't enjoy the command system too much, the AI is very wonky on the ground when it comes to spotting and such, and for some the controls are a bit weird. Like I said if you are really really into tanks I would get it but if you're more of a casual guy that just thinks the project is cool or if you are interested in exploring tanks I would wait until it is a bit more fleshed out.
  3. I do agree with that to a certain extent. I do agree that the role of the commander as a leader shouldn't be able to be replaced and that it is probably very likely that if the commander died the crew wouldn't be very focused on fighting back more than just retreating. But I do feel that maybe in a more arcade sense you can still recrew the commanders position but not use the commander commands. For example in the T-34 the commander is the gunner and I feel the loader could switch over to the gunner/commander position. But I do agree that the commander in his ability to lead shouldn't be replaceable.
  4. Yeah that is a good point which is why I would say your idea of making it a repair sequence would be a good idea. With that I also think then that the body of the fallen crewman should stay until you do said action instead of just dissapearing after a couple minutes
  5. In SABOW it simply switched the dead guy into the old position and the fresh guy into the new position. Also I remember seeing footage of a tank duel where an American tank got hit and the commander had to be dragged out of the tank by some infantry men so I think it would be feasible. That idea of it being a repair sequence sounds like an interesting idea.
  6. Hello, I just recently installed VP for 46 since I have been getting a bit bored of HSFX. I wanted to do a quick scramble from the carriers in an F4F against some B5s but whenever I start it it spawns me at the airbases in each map. I was just wondering if there was any way to get a carrier spawn instead? Thanks for the help and sorry if there is an obvious answer I am missing.
  7. My name has been changed to 361st_Tonk99 due to me recently joining them.
  8. Great! Thanks for the hard work on it. I know this is different from the topic but should the glitch with the pilots sitting above the canopy also be fixed in the next version? Thanks again.
  9. I don't know if this has been posted before but I am getting this weird glitch where there will be this weird green canvas that will stretch across both wings similar to what is shown in the picture. I know this isn't just me as a friend of mine who skins also has had this when putting skins into the viewer. Any help in how to get this fixed would be appreciated. My graphics card is an RTX 2080 so I don't think there's anything wrong with my gpu unless its drivers.
  10. Yeah true but I think that would be somewhat of a hassle for the game
  11. True lol but that would be kinda boring imo, too easy to see the enemy.
  12. As said before by Steini it is mostly because it is based on the Eastern front and more specifically at the battle of Kursk. Like I said and what others have said if it sells enough I'm sure they will do another volume of tank crew and hopefully it will be in the west or in Africa. But for the time being I personally would rather them really get the foundation of the project down as currently it is quite obvious this is something new to the engine itself. And if they really focus on making this first project really solid then any new project will simply be more maps and tanks along with small updates instead of big features that need to be introduced or fixed in the current game.
  13. If another volume of tank crew comes out I'm pretty certain it will deal with American or British vs. Germans. At least I would hope as there are plenty of sims that focus on the Eastern Front and very few that focus on the west or Africa. But Tank Crew 2 is probably still quite far to go, they're still decently far but still close to release of TC and I'm guessing they're gonna focus on Normandy for a bit. Idk I hope for an American or British based sim too but we'll just have to see.
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