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  1. In the I think general or control settings where you would choose between joystick or mouse control for planes there should be a little sub option for tank turret control. Set that to joystick and it will work, I was confused at first as well.
  2. Thanks I will change my SRS bindings later and see if that helps and if not I'll do as you said and run in borderless.
  3. I have this weird problem where my game will freeze for a moment and then slowly recover when going specifically into the settings page. This doesn't happen when going into key mapping, graphics, etc. specifically the settings page. I have also only gotten this problem after installing SRS. Any help on the matter would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. My squadron tag has been changed to "336th_" due to the recent changes within my squadron.
  5. ah ok I do not know how to do that with il2's game launcher.
  6. if you are on steam click on the game, then on the right below the game's banner there should be a little cog. Click on that cog and then click properties. From there go to local files and then click verify integrity of game files.
  7. So I have started the German scripted campaign and it seems that the AI for my tank has been acting a bit strange. Firstly my gunner won't fire at anything I tell him to I have to do it manually which I'm not against but after having to be the gunner of the T-34 I wanted to experience truly being the commander and not a commander/gunner. Also another oddity is that my hull gunner was saying his MG was empty after emptying 1 box. I was thinking maybe it was just the AI being weird and not reloading. When I went into the hull gunner and reloaded he seemed to just reload the same empty box even w
  8. 50mm - Panzer III M 76mm - KV-1s, T-34-76, Panzer IV 88mm - Panzer V "Panther", Panzer VI "Tiger" 122mm - SU-122 152mm SU-152 I believe the Ferdinand also has an 88mm To change positions you use the change seat key that you'd use for changing to the gunner in a plane. I think the default is Lctrl + C. You can also use specific keys to change to different positions, I think the keybind is called like "switch to commander, gunner, driver, etc." You want to use the radioman command or go into the radioman's seat which is usually the hull Gunner's seat. Fro there us
  9. You have to use your mouse to use the turret. It uses your camera looking around in order to move the turret I believe.
  10. If you're really into tanks then the price is understandable to an extent. The models are quite good and the map is very nice for the engine that it is in. For you you actually wouldn't have that much of a problem compared to what I am having. What I mean is is that for SP it is quite good with 2 official campaigns and a lot of user made content for how short it has been out, but on the other hand the MP is barren and there isn't much to do yet MP wise which sucks imo. Overall it is the best modern ww2 tank sim but there are still plenty of rough edges. I personally don't enjoy the command sys
  11. I do agree with that to a certain extent. I do agree that the role of the commander as a leader shouldn't be able to be replaced and that it is probably very likely that if the commander died the crew wouldn't be very focused on fighting back more than just retreating. But I do feel that maybe in a more arcade sense you can still recrew the commanders position but not use the commander commands. For example in the T-34 the commander is the gunner and I feel the loader could switch over to the gunner/commander position. But I do agree that the commander in his ability to lead shouldn't be repla
  12. Yeah that is a good point which is why I would say your idea of making it a repair sequence would be a good idea. With that I also think then that the body of the fallen crewman should stay until you do said action instead of just dissapearing after a couple minutes
  13. In SABOW it simply switched the dead guy into the old position and the fresh guy into the new position. Also I remember seeing footage of a tank duel where an American tank got hit and the commander had to be dragged out of the tank by some infantry men so I think it would be feasible. That idea of it being a repair sequence sounds like an interesting idea.
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