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  1. Hi Gentlemen! This is my third TAW campaign, the first playing reds. To add to RedKestrel brilliant post, I was just wanted to say the biggest difference I noticed (and that is also truth on other servers) is that reds seem to play a lot more as a team. People talk more, inform more, ask for help more and team up on way that I only rarely see when playing red. So besides the quality of players, squads and planes which are obvious important factors, the team work is - in my humble opinion - the biggest difference in the red team.
  2. Regarding the Ju52. I absolutely love to fly it and I hope it is not removed from the TAW server. It is great for a noob pilot like myself to start navigating and help the team, quietly learn the tricks of engine management and go up through the ranks. Both historically and in game this is valuable work. They also work (or should) as food for the enemy fighters and be a beacon of action in the game as they need protection, specially on the paratropper missions. Having said that, I agree that it is an important source of unbalance between the two sides. The ideal solution would of course be to introduce the planes for the VVS that are missing (heavy bombers and transports). That doesn’t depend on any of us so let’s move on. The idea of allowing VVS to use Ju52 with different skins (let’s call them pre-war ir captured) would be a good gap solution if the game engine allows it, which I am not sure it does. My solution for now would be the following: 1. Increase the number of planes needed (from 60 troopers to 100 or more). Possibly more than one drop around the AF to be mandatory for it to be successful. This would force a much bigger operation and/or multiple sorties. 2. Allow the defending side to be warned that paras have been dropped and where. This way they will be able to react and attack the second wave, do a turkey shooting or patrol the area for the next ones. That means thatbthe Ju52 would start to really need cover, which currently doesn’t really happens. Hope this contributes for the discussion. Cheers!
  3. The manual says: “If pilot crashes or bails out over enemy territory there is always a chance he will not be captured” The question is perfectly legitimate. There is a difference between knowing that “there is a chance” and “what are the chances of”. Plus, yesterday I was surprised for not being captured when I was level bombing the reds airfield, deep in red territory and got shot down by AAA. I was under the impression that this only happened very close to the border and with low probability. So, I second Rammzess question.
  4. United Arab Emirates. I am sure other countries in the Middle East have similar laws. Skype, WhatsApp voice, FaceTime, Discord, TA, and many other smaller similar apps (trust me, the whole country jumps in as soon as some minuscule similar app is created just to see it blocked after a few days). And before you ask, using VPN is also against the law.
  5. I really hope the 4th point is not implemented. TS is blocked in my country. And I know for a fact that I am not even the only player in this situation. Also, why would TS be relevant to decide if a person is “worthy” or not?
  6. "TAW XVII - June" Stage 1: 😱 Stage 2: 😭 Stage 3: 🤔 Stage 4: Stage 5: ✝️
  7. Hi everyone! I was one of the newbies making weird questions on the last few weeks. I am new to game and to this server and I found it absolutely amazing. I have a long experience in other ww2 flight simulators, but I was completely new on IL2 just a few weeks ago. What you guys did here is unheard of. I saw large scale operations working as planned, people helping each other, good coordination, and really good role models to follow. And I am not even able to connect to TS, so I was just getting the info from the in-game chat. I really enjoyed doing supply missions while improving my navigation skills, and support bombers on big operations. My identification skills are still not as good as they should but I managed not kill anyone and mostly fly without friendly fire incidents (yes... i would get very close to be sure what I was looking at before starting to fire, which might have caused some chill on the other pilots, sorry about that). Exception on a friendly - but unlucky - truck (i already sent flowers to the families) Thanks to all the veterans that gave me guidance and support, and to my enemies you taught me even more by shooting me down mercilessly (exception made to =19FAB=Fin who actually let me live after I begged for my life :)). I hope you guys keep doing what you are doing and, on my part, I will be getting ready and improving my skills to be more useful to my team on the next campaign.
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