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  1. Hi @=LG=Kathon, thanks for everything! Regarding these AA respawns, do they all respawn at the same time or each one will be random?
  2. Hi @Han @-DED-Rapidus @Jason_Williamsand thank you for the update and all the hard work. I hope everyone in the IL2 team have a wonderful new year. I have two questions regarding the update: 1. Any news on the invisibility bug (it is happening very frequently in all MP servers, especially in the Finnish Server). This issue has been hunting us for years. 2. Any news on exploit on the TacView files? As anything been done so the servers can allow TacView again (it is actually related to the previous point since the TacView files definitely proved that it wasn't just bad situational awareness when we get killed by invisible planes) Best Regards
  3. It is happening for years and in all of the servers. I am getting it every few hours. It also makes Tanks and ships disapear, besides all friendly and enemy planes. I agree it does happen in Finnish more than others, but I have seen it in WOL, TAW, CB and even a couple of times in Berloga. This is something that has to be sorted out by the developers not the server admins. I used to be able to get proper documentation when this happened using the TacView, but it has been disabled in some servers due to some exploit. @LLv34_Untamo has the issue with TacView been sorted out? Can we have it back?
  4. Hi N3cRoo! What do you mean by "file integrity check"? Usually the bug disappears if you just leave the server and start again. Is anything specific you have done to clear the issue while in flight?
  5. Regarding the use of the Po-2, I would love to see it as a special operations plane, bringing saboteurs into enemy territory. We could use airfields that are not being used, close to the targets (like depots or airfields) that would be marked on the map only for the red team with a small circle (similar to the Ju-52 para missions). The Po-2 would need to successfully land, turn off is engine, turn on is engine (or some type of countdown of 30s to 1m), take off and land safely in a friendly airfield. This would cause a 10% damage on the target with a 50% chance probability
  6. What is ridiculous is for you to think that everyone should fly at your time, when you are available. Not everyone lives in central europe... Or that attacking Depots is somehow a dishonorable action. Or that it is easy to attack targets deep inside enemy territory, with partisans and AFs informing your location and the whole enemy team being informed when you drop bombs on the depots and then having 1h more of flight to return to safety. We are not allowed to fly for different sides on the same campaign. This has been made absolutely clear by the server admins. So SCG switches side every new campaign (last E-TAW we played red, now we play blue; last W-TAW we played blue and the next we should play red). That also means that sometimes we will be playing with numbers superiority, which we will naturally use to attack tanks, depots or even AFs (like 72AG does regularly and with great success, something I always admired), and other times we will be hopelessly outnumbered and will do our best to stop the red fleets coming our way.
  7. @-DED-Rapidus Hi, the invisibility bug just happened to me again, getting me shot down in TAW. I have the acmi, trk (for tacview) and also the ingame recording. Where do you want the files to be sent?
  8. Honestly, this is a discussion to be done between TAWs, not during a campaign. And we should pressure the DEVs to allow for minimal techno chat for the scope rudidlo described. On a different topic, it was a pleasure to see a massive formation of reds attacking our AFs yesterday (19FAB and 72AG I believe) I bow in admiration and hope to see the same on the blue side one day.
  9. I don't play tanks (yet) but attacking airfields seems like a perfectly legitimate and historical way to block an enemy airfield from being used to it's fullest. Isn't there a little red tank warning icon next to the airfield before you spawn? Why wouldn't you send ground attackers or other tanks to deal with the threat?
  10. Since there is a grass movement to include the Hurricane asap, how do you recon it should be available in E-TAW? Which maps and which numbers? I won’t ask for the limitations because we don’t know all the options we will have.
  11. So, let me know exactly which files do you need and their location. Also any configuration needed to generate them. Previously I sent to the devs the acmi and trk files as well as the "tracks/dogfight" folders used by the game to record the flight. I both (TacView and In Game Recording) the issue was clearly visible.
  12. This has been reported multiple times by multiple people and the documentation including the TacView files and the In flight Recordings have been sent to the developers. I will be flying this weekend and I will make sure to record it and publish the issue again here with fresh data from the current production release. This issue has years, and you are all very well aware of it. Claiming "No reports-no problems" seems rather rude and dishonest.
  13. I had the invisibility bug in every single multiplayer server, including KOTA, CB, TAW, WL, Finns and even Berloga which seems to be as simple as a server can possibly get.
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