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  1. Hi Gustav! There is a different invisibility bug, which happens very often to me, i would say once every 4 or 5 hours of game which makes all planes, tanks and ships invisible. They see me, and can kill me but i cannot see them. I have send the videos to the Devs including the TacView files where you see me getting killed from bullets coming out of thin air. Also, (again... many many times) i see planes disappearing that are 50 meters from me, like my team mates when we are flying on formation. My mates confirm that they are right next to me and they will not show even if they fire their guns or turn on their lights. The TacView files show (when I get killed like that) that there are no planes in the 10 km bubble although there might be lots of explosions, shots and explosions of all kings, including low caliber guns from planes and parachutes spawning for no reason. Also, the stats (from TAW, WoL, KOTA, CB, or Finns) confirm that (in some of those cases) I was shot down by an enemy. Curiously enough, this bug also reflects in sound. When I have it and I spawn, i will not see any plane (although they will see me) and I will not hear their engines or guns. This is why, if I spent more than 5 minutes without seeing anyone (which in TAW, for example, is very common) I need to go close to some tanks or ships so I can confirm the bug is not there. I guarantee I have seen this bug hundreds of times. I also sent the Devs videos and TacView files for the other invisibility bug, where an enemy plane is invisible until the moment it starts firing (unfortunately in that case, right on my six). I am not the only person that has this bug, there are many reports that fit 100% with what I described, although there are also many that have never saw it and think that these are just excuses for people who don't check their low 6 often enough.
  2. Yes, definitely still happening and it is as common as always.
  3. I agree. It would also be interesting if there would be missions to deliver fighters and other planes to the front AF without ammo that would then be available there (similar to the historical Air Transport Auxiliary in UK). To count as a Combat Mission, a maximum of 5% damage on the plane would be accepted. These missions could be available to pilots that ran out of lives and be able to land them on closed AFs in the front. On other small thing that might be limiting player numbers is the need to register. Some kind of automatic register on the first Login would be nice. Just make sure to alert the user before he takes off that the first time that he/she takes off, the user becomes locked on to that faction for the duration of the campaign. I know the registration takes 10s, but I have seen many players being kicked out because of that, and since reading manuals doesn't seem to be anyone's favorite hobby, many seem to just quit TAW before they ever tried it. Having on the chat displayed the list of available planes when a player spawns on a plane they don't have might also be helpful for these more casual players (and maybe the VR players as well, who suffer a bit to go to a website while in game). I believe the Finnish server has something similar with commands to get information on the damaged percentage of the targets. In any case, thank you to the admins. This is, in my humble opinion, the best server I have played and I absolutely loved all the hours I spent on it.
  4. The manual is a bit outdated. But according to what happened on the last couple of TAWs and also the explanations in the forum, if both teams run out of tanks it is a draw.
  5. And those out-of-stock-tank-columns just took back Surovikino and are on their way to get Ventsy as well. Right now, our last tanks should be closing their last AFs. I guess the draw is now inevitable.
  6. Yeah, as President Carter says "always bring an extra helicopter"
  7. The issue keeps happening to me every few hours of game. It always has the exact same behavior, which is for all moving objects to suddenly disappear: planes (not parked ones), tanks, trucks and ships. All other objects like warehouses and factories remain the same. This is why I also try to have someone or something in sight that will prove the bug is not happening, like staying close to ships or a landing strip (friendly or not). The issue goes away only if leave the server and get in again. Everyone else sees me, and this has been confirmed both when flying on formation, preparing to take off or even by the fact that enemy planes naturally kill me without me being able to do much about it. It is by far the worst bug in the game because it really removes all trust in what I see, specially when I am doing long solitary runs over enemy territory. For what is worth, I would prefer to be disconnected every time this happens than playing like a fool without seeing anyone until I get killed. I tried reinstalling the whole game but the bug persisted. I don't know how collect the logs to help the developers, but if someone can give a step by step tutorial I will be happy to contribute for the solution.
  8. In general, beginner pilots will have a lot of trouble in spotting and identifying targets. It's also expected that they (us?) will have more difficulties in navigating and most will fly on their own, without a squad supporting them. I think it is perfectly acceptable for these players to stay lower and closer to defensive targets, where the AAs will help them on most of these tasks and where they can disrupt the bomber runs and make them pay for their attack. It also allows bailing out in safety, which is an added advantage. I find that much better and realistic than suicidal attacks on enemy AFs just to get "that kill" before another death. But as we progress in our learning curve, we are expected to start doing more what Riksen explained: fly deeper in enemy territory, stop the bombers before they arrive, spot, lead and keep the team informed on the location of enemy formations (JG4_Widukind is one of the best members in the community in that sense), force their fighters to gain altitude before they start moving to the front and keep the enemies in constant stress on their long commutes. Many of these crucial tasks will not show on any statistics but they make a huge difference in how the campaign progresses.
  9. First of all, I would like to thank the admins for creating and maintaining this server, which is in my humble opinion, the best ww2 campaign around. I have seen some nice ideas for the next West TAW, so here are my 2 cents: 1. Distances: I felt the distances were a bit too big. Not only that caused for long commutes to work, it also meant that when the game surpassed 1h20m there isn't an incentive to go in. Most likely we won't have much time to do much, specially if the front AFs are closed 2. Maps: I know you will be able to do a lot more when the Normandie map is available. It would be interesting to have a few more maps (an odd number preferably to reduce draws) and introduce the planes more slowly. 3. Planes: Riksen and a few more pilots already proposed some new sets, which I found really good. I would love if it would start even before, with earlier planes representing the beginning of the war in the west (1940), with 109Es, Hurricanes (soon to be available), Spitfire V (representing mark 1 and 2), P40s. etc. It might be a bit too early for this, but with the new maps and planes available that could give us the kind of progression that is very present in the East TAW (i absolutely love to see i16, p40 and Stukas being the kings of the skies). I know this might not be a welcome suggestion, but wanted to put the idea in the air. 4. Me262: Don't want to get in the discussion, and I haven't even flew it although I had it available. If the stats show that the plane is as strong as it is being claimed, and knowing that in real life they were few and far between, and hard coded maximum of one per player could be interesting. It would force the players to be a lot more careful and reduce the number of 262s in the area. 5. Transport missions: We should be allowed to play transport missions without the lives limitation. It is still a penalty (i dont think people love to do transports), helps fill the servers which unfortunatelly is for many hours half empty, gives targets to the enemy and provides help to the team. It also gives us time to think on what we have done wrong to be demoted to that position Once again, thanks guys. This was a blast!
  10. Transport missions is an area where I think TAW could give some love in the future. I would like for penalties NOT to be applied to supply missions (which would make these players useful for the team, valid targets for the enemy and give them time to think about their mistakes that led them here). Also, I can’t wait for the DC3 to be available (C47, Li2, Dakota) so we have a balance with the Ju52. I would love to see more paratrooper missions to help the front lines and tanks, also para drops to increase the supply of those fronts and even stuff like retreats where we could take the supplies from almost lost AFs.
  11. Hi Everyone! Thanks to all for another amazing TAW campaign. I was impressed with the organisation of the red team, and those attacks with 10 to 15 planes to our AFs are probably the most epic operation I have seen in IL2. I was involved in (mostly failed) attempts to intercept those attacks, and they actually forced the blue team to start talking, which is a feat on itself. Best moment in the campaign - in my humble opinion - was on the end of map #1 when the blues were stuck in just one open AF, almost out of planes, and being forced to defend ourselves with only Stukas with machine gun pods. I will probably make another post with some suggestions for the future. For now, thank you all, friends and foes, and specially the admins who made all of this possible. What on earth is a radiator??? I am not an engineer!!!
  12. Thanks Kathon. In any case, after those first couple of days the issue never happened again for me. Thanks for your time and all the best. You guys have the best sim server on the planet!
  13. Hi Kathon! Today I was disconnected from the server on two different times but on similar situations. Both times, it happened when there was suddenly a very large number of planes in the area. The first a groups of 15+ bombers showed up in front of me, as soon i was about to engage a bomber, i got disconnected. The second time, a couple of hours later and on a different map iteration, I played for about an hour until we saw a large number of enemy fighters and bombers, suddenly i was disconnected. On both cases, my stats show the sorties as "in flight" and the last entry says "pilot exit". I have never seen this behavior on other servers or on previous TAWs. Cheers
  14. TAW is like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi. Stay in line and don’t say a word or you will get us all in trouble.
  15. Still happening. Happens to me, i would say around once every 10 hours of play or so. It never happens on my first sortie after I login. Some times, I think I was just jumped by a superior adversary or was attacked from a strange angle. This last one, I suffered 3 attacks in less than 5 seconds, which means that he was right on my 6. I completely looped and looked back and there was nothing there. He got a head kill, so I got to see those few seconds of the plane falling down. There was nothing behind me or in the area. The main problem is that there is no warning of any kind, and now, every time I spend more than 5 minutes without seeing any friend or foe, I am always thinking I might be getting the bug. It is really ruining the experience. You can say what you want about War Thunder, but I never saw anything like that over there, and it's a god damn free game!
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