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  1. Bump. This is absolutely imperative to any flight simulator game. Especially when, if not using a head tracking device, you must bind at minimum one entire POV hat to moving your head around the cockpit, which essentially loses you 4 entire bindings without modifiers in place. Of course, you can use external software to fix this, like Joy2Key, but its quite annoying to be in the "zone" and then realize you forgot to boot up Joy2Key in the background.
  2. +1 for this suggestion. it's also a bit ridiculous that we have no way of binding a modifier key without downloading a separate software called joy2key. It should be included as a quality of life feature in the base game, as this is standard in just about every other flight simulator, even war thunder, to allow multiple joystick buttons to be pressed
  3. We stan the Velociraptor. Good luck everyone and thanks for giveaway. I don't have a specific prize I care to win, but I already have BOS.
  4. In steam VR settings, enable display mirror: this will display what you see on your HMD mirrored to your desktop in a windows separate from the native IL-2 Window which displays in two eyes.
  5. Speaking strictly theoretically, SS would help you for reading the gauges I think because it is super sampling the resoultion of the gauge textures. AA would just remove aliasing on edges, and I'm not sure it applies to textures. Of course, my knowledge is limited and I am not an expert. I keep SSAO and HDR off in game and use 2x AA.
  6. Hi lafuneste and thank you for the very helpful mod for VR. here are my zoom setting for ~66mm IPD with HTC VIVE. hopefully this can help someone. [Key1] ; high zoom Key = NO_MODIFIERS VK_DOWN type = toggle ; zoom increase w = 10.0 ; HTC VIVE Settings by squid y6 = 0.44 x7 = -0.0 y7 = -0.30 [Key2] ; medium zoom Key = NO_MODIFIERS VK_UP type = toggle ; zoom increase w = 5.0 ; HTC VIVE Settings by squid y6 = 0.22 x7 = 0.0 y7 = -0.15 thanks, and happy hunting.
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