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  1. I've suffered from pulled/sore muscle in the shoulder from frequent straining rotation when trying to check 6
  2. I told you what HMD I'm using. It should be enough. This happens on variety of settings for many users across many HMD. No secret. Guess I'll troubleshoot among ourselves then.
  3. This is happening on Vive but I polled people in discord and immediately i had multiple people saying it has happened to them on other headsets, HOTAS, etc... so seems to be something that is not specific to one HMD or hardware.
  4. This exact behaviour still happening in 2020 on various VR hmd
  5. bump i have this problem and its pissing me off
  6. Poorer spotting will almost always lead to a negative effect on ID. Hard to get a positive ID on something when its little more than a vague shape moving against terrain.
  7. Still waiting for VR to come back on the competitive scene again. Hows the server population been holding up? Any other VR users in the same boat?
  8. Man, I really hope devs take a good, hard, look at the shit storm caused by mainly one angry moron troll, and give their heads a good shake. Just look how he reacts to you doing exactly what you wanted to do... he makes videos mocking the other side of the argument and fellating himself for being victorious. And at what gain... other than alienating and losing faith from your VR community???
  9. Would love to play but moving mud is only fun for so long, and would like to be able to see when people are coming at me before they're in near pilot sniping distance... and I can't request the features I want without the devs locking thread. I will say this server had me hooked right on the IL2 MP community scene as good as I could have been, that is, until my level competitive playing field was deemed to be "cheat" and against the license agreement 🙄 Glad to see the numbers in the server are still good though.
  10. Haven't tested it yet but the general consensus is the mod breaks every update, and now we don't have a forum to receive the new update so I'm thinking migoto is kaput?
  11. Native 5x VR zoom is the minimum required for older headsets to make positive visual contact with the current spotting/rendering situation. Without this, you can barely see dots passing below you, let alone hope to have a chance to identify them. Without this VR zoom, I won't be able to have an enjoyable experience on multiplayer servers that do not have enhanced spotting or aircraft labels enabled. I may as well be a flying target drone, that occasionally shoots his teammates.
  12. what would be even more helpful is if one of you posted how to do it for those who have no idea and are just coming across this, rather than pointing to a patch note i have to hunt down... 🙄 set vr zoom speed in startup.cfg to 1 !! seems to be the way she goes in these communities, all we want is the best features from both games to bleed into the other one and make excellent sims.. but often times even mentioning the competing simulator gets you a lashing. I think its a rule in Eagle Dynamics discord that you can't say any other simulator name without getting message deleted and warned.. probably same for their forums. You have to speak like you're talking about the "sim that shall not be named" or something like that
  13. Type of improvement: Quality of Life - Binding Explanation of proposals: Let us combine two buttons on the HOTAS to a single functionBenefits: Right now, the player only has the option to combing HOTAS button with a keyboard key, not another HOTAS button. This allows you to make combined binds like Left Shift + Button 1, but not the ability to have a "modifier" switch. My pinky switch on my joystick is used as a "modifier" for other simulators. I.E. if I am holding down the pinky switch, it allows me to effectively double the amount of buttons on my joystick by combining it with another button to make a new bind. Currently it is impossible to do this without a software to convert the modifier input to a keyboard input. I currently use Joy2Key to change my modifier button to "shift" key so I can have this desired effect. The benefit to having this behaviour out of the box would mean that users that are used to being able to use a modifier will have expected behaviour without having to search down a solution on the forum using third party software. This feature is already included in your competitors simulators and makes setting up controls a breeze. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Type of improvement: Quality of Life - Binding Explanation of proposals: Let us have separate sets of bindings for each plane/type of plane. Benefits: Right now, the player only has the option to have one "set" of bindings. This creates complication when a user wants to switch to another type of plane that has more axis or different assignments for the buttons. The player is forced to go through the annoying process of creating a new set of bindings for a different plane. The benefit of this would mean players can get accustomed to more airframes with less time spent in the menus and more time spent flying. Once you have your preferred setup for each airframe, it would ideally never need to be edited unless a new hardware solution was found. For instance users that have a dual throttle, but if want to use it for 2-engine plane need to rebind each time. (because they use the second lever as a propeller pitch axis on RU&UK&US planes). Your competitor simulators already have this feature and makes for a more enjoyable experience when switching airframes "on the fly". I'm afraid that I fly the 109 almost exclusively because I can't be bothered to rebind my controls every time I want to try something new.
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