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  1. 307_Tomcat

    Tactical Air War

    Exactly, I was diving on one i16 then attacked another one but both were like not moving , I overshoot both , relative speed was not right , it never happend before. I come back and attacked another one, already pissed off and he just hang in thin air and I ram him but he was ok , I just lost the prop .Sorry. One more thing those i16 don't even try to evade , like they never noticed me on 6 hehehe.
  2. 307_Tomcat

    Tactical Air War

    Guys mission was lagging, planes were moving erratic.
  3. 307_Tomcat

    Great interview by Frooglesim

    Before that Han also said Korea.
  4. You right . btw One is sure in real life (war time ) proportion of accidents (stall,spin) to combat casualties was almost identical. This happened even to experienced pilots. Where in the game rarely ends that way. Question why ? We accumulated so many hours that never make that fatal mistakes or stall /spin are to forgiving (who remember Fw190 spin during hard full ) - meybe both
  5. There are no charts comparing angle of bank and stall speed of bomber planes ?
  6. 307_Tomcat

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    You can play multiplayer in mods on mode. Just host server with mods and enable mods in the game. Others who connect need same mods ( not all -some mods can work only server side) and enabled mode to join .
  7. 307_Tomcat

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    Not just guessing but multiplayer ,it would kill it . I think net code need to be overhauled significant.
  8. 307_Tomcat


    I'm using exactly same setting for long long time plus some specific from NVC panel and they work best for me.
  9. 307_Tomcat

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    LizLemon, what about roads, can be done? I hate when they just disappeared, lacking of continuity, not helping in navigation.
  10. 307_Tomcat

    Gunners ineffective with wind

    You right about ground to ground and ground to air (and other way around) but air to air if the wind speed is the same only speed of the objects matters. That what I think.
  11. 307_Tomcat

    Gunners ineffective with wind

    If the the speed of medium is the same for both object, it is irrelevant or in other words should not be taken into calculating shooting solution.
  12. 307_Tomcat

    Waist Gunning Physics

    When firing right or left direction from Gunner position and plane is traveling straight, you can see how tracer s "bend" - you see it's side.
  13. 307_Tomcat

    Wings falling off

    What i have seen on that guncam footage in most cases heavy caliber rounds tear up or tear out pieces of sheet metal from wings. But they don't pull much Gs afterwards. The game is missing some common hit effects seen in those videos.
  14. 307_Tomcat

    Wings falling off

    Most my kills are wing cut. Very often when enemy is pulling high G after receiving damage to the wing. Sometimes when enemy plane takes enough rounds without excessive Gs. In the past frequency of wings falling off was smaller. It look little out of proportion but that not necessarily mean is wrong, this could be that other hotboxes are not so easy to aim for or do not have high fidelity dm model. Any way I would like to see more variety of enemy fatal end. Bigger problem for me are Spad13 paper wings...
  15. 307_Tomcat

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    2 Yak1b please