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  1. Those thing are too obvious to left alike.
  2. He should not worry too much 🙂
  3. You must understand that FC is Work In Progress - anyone can see that things (I hope except ridiculous and unrealistic gun dispersion - current ROF) will change. Don't worry all will be improved. Lots of that is just placeholder for next iteration.
  4. 307_Tomcat

    Flying Circus Screenshots Thread: Post your Best Pics

    Just copy and paste? BTW i would be great because I have 16GB skins for ROF aeroplanes
  5. 307_Tomcat

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    How about it's climb rate? I could record ACM file and check it in Tacview. Which are the most reliable sources data on Dr1 climb ?
  6. 307_Tomcat

    Things to check out... (differences from RoF)!

    Ace AI spad disengage after first pass, but sometimes decide to turn fight (you are to close to his 6) instead diving out. I have impression that all Box and now FC planes are hard to accelerate stall or to easy to recover. And i would appreciate more adverse yaw.
  7. 307_Tomcat

    Things to check out... (differences from RoF)!

    If you try i16 vs dr1 you would see that current dm model of dr1 wing structure is not convincing. But as I said earlier it is work in progress at beginning, let's wait to final dm model.
  8. 307_Tomcat

    Things to check out... (differences from RoF)!

    Those things about FC are still in serious WIP. I do like new damage model more than ROF vanilla it is similar to reduced lethality mod plus improved gunnery. More metal and meat kills. Personal weapon damage is OP. I don't know how rate of fire is set. Spad is easy to kill ,I can cut wings of Spad if I concentrate fire at wing. DR1 is more durable which should be , but some improvements are welcome.
  9. 307_Tomcat

    Bullet proof canvas

    Canvas maybe bulletproof but sparas are not BTW I have nice boomstick 🙂
  10. 307_Tomcat

    [MOD] Old sky color

    32 bit for sure. Yes, banding is visible but not all time - depends on time and weather. This example is when looking at sea. I have to find one from sky. there it is (old ss, above is from yesterday TAW) Plus the sky color is not uniform thera are some regions with difrent colors, not uniform or nicely toned together which remind me of movies with black scenes and some compression artifacts(due to low bit rates) example: in game, if yo can see it Please do test - Kuban ,summer 20:30 ,6000m ,weather cloudy, AF on sea. YT Video compression just exaggerated and some time reduced this effect
  11. 307_Tomcat

    Graphics, models and maps

    Brief description: ugly color banding Detailed description, conditions: ultra setting do not help with color banding Kuban ,summer 20:30 ,6000m ,weather cloudy, AF on see Additional assets
  12. 307_Tomcat

    [MOD] Old sky color

    Off topic, but maybe someone know how to fix sky blue color banding ?
  13. 307_Tomcat

    Two weeks...

    < 3
  14. 307_Tomcat

    Jazzed about Flying Circus - Thoughts on Plane Set

    It's just air ehmm ai... map is not important only fun important , I'm only one who shot down 109 in spad )?