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  1. Damn it I was hoping for Sopwith Snipe 😉 Just joking, good to see them onboard.
  2. Flaying with alternative view on is for me to easy , one can say arcadish. I if you don't like have icons on and care about realism why you would like to be able spot all contacts so easy and effortless...
  3. I like how one can fully deflect Albatross elevator and fly that all day long
  4. Crossing no-man's-land at low altitude without consequences is what would mission designer change when dedicated ww2 units will be realsed.
  5. Exiting time for us to see and hear the comparison between the real and virtual. Personally I'm interested in how the gyroscopic precession and adverse yaw impact real aeroplane in sorts of different circumstances. Good to have you sir ,you are one of the kind who has opportunity to fly real vintage plans, enjoy the sim and pass comments or data to make this ever better, it's now one kind in the world but with this could be even more special . I really hope that this project or interest of yours could someday bring our community even better approximation of combat dynamics to our virtual fights Thanks and Kind Regards.
  6. No compromise from realisms seeking group, but unfortunately or not this company have customers which deviate from that group. How much one group are able to take before quit is something given by option to choose sometime is not .I tested server with new AV and I don't like it , now I need to see how it is with off. Those are my options given by the game server operators.
  7. I think that barge 1 or 2 (don't remember) blow up by itself . Lucas was attacking in Bristol I was in Camel escort we saw AA fire at us but then barge blow up before Lucas dropped the eggs.
  8. I hope this cooperation between vintage aeroplane Aviator and Mr P. Will bring us in the end lots of fun ,for example learning how do proper turns to counter centrifugal force which we heard /read/ were lectured plenty about in case of rotary engines.
  9. He build The Sopwith Snipe for Kermit Weeks , make copy of the bentley engine from one original.
  10. No , it can take away surprise, I know one squad which use icons because this force use of tactics (and they are very serious about it) . But as visibility goes I choose alternative view off.
  11. Performance of and new clouds is great addition. What would be even greater is to give mission creators abality to create and shape clouds in free way in their missions.
  12. Had stutters after patch, my res 3440x1440, after fiew adjustment (reducing draw distance) capping fps @80 whit full screen I have again smooth gameplay
  13. Yes ,when I fire up ROF I do notice that sky as background is much more clearer that in Il2 (no colors bandings and image posterization ). Aeroplanes colors do not blend so easy with the sky.
  14. I was testing spotting on weekend ,when AV was enabled , distant contacts were white and so easy to spot (can't be missed if you just pan view from left to right) . I saw them right after my take off and they were far behind no-man's-land . This is to easy and I did not like how it was. I hope I can test and compare alternative view in coming weekend.
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