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  1. Well I tester do point it out in beta forum , so what I have to do , make hunger strike ? All about limits.
  2. Don't think so. Please download free version on Rise Of Flight and setup server with mission with free aeroplanes and invite friends to see. We can eliminate something, then we can try setup virtual machine with older windows version than 10 or 8 and check again. Those test can be made without much IT knowed and can help to debug it.
  3. Unfortunately no solution for this problem yet. I don't have time for this but looking into the packets with some capture software might show the problem...
  4. Most planes autorecovery from accelerated stall , but if you remember times when you pull to190A3 to much it dropped 5he wing and spin valient towards the ground , many pilots complain and devs changed 190 FM and this behavior is no longer there. I think it's to easy now especially when I watch movie like this.
  5. Personally I think Korea would be great. But before new content I would like to see digital warfare engine 2 and old technical limitations long gone
  6. I wonder if fallout without blood and open possibilities to kill anybody would be such big success as it was. Personally I don't want games with only purpose is just do violence but realistic depiction of war horrors should be show to audience , they will know that wars are not fought in isolation without real drama.
  7. 307_Tomcat


    They did some small fixes and minor adjustment when porintg to FC but devs said that major is just copy from ROF. No time and resources to redo. I pointed that and more issues. I regret it to , just how it is ,take it on leave it. Any way now multiplayer FC is just occasional ones a week small dogfights, not popular at all. Hope it change with the map. IL-2 GB is lack of true events, with commanders and regualr shedule like ROF has. I hope FC will bring it here.
  8. There were listed in game menu - multiplayer and in startup.cfg.
  9. Unfortunately do to game technical limitation (similar to plane aliasing against clouds) sun filter is almost useless.
  10. 307_Tomcat


    Thanks I will post it on beta forum. BTW I think that adverse yaw is almost absent, do you agree ?
  11. 307_Tomcat


    That would be useful information .
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