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  1. Did you try this https://www.wtfast.com/ ? It presumably helps gamers form Australia. read https://wtfast.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210169923-How-Proxys-and-or-VPNs-Can-Reroute-Your-Data-and-Improve-It- BTW long ago I was using rerouting proxies to reduce my ping while playing at foreign servers - sometimes it was reduced by 10-20 ms :-)
  2. I do have, with Bos I use virpil and I don't miss MSFF2 because of precision and more buttons but in Rise of flight I prefer using MSFF2 because lack of trimms in that old crates and feel of air around control surfaces. I don't see how without adjustable axis curves you can tame those aeroplanes which are constantly pitching up... Other hand with FF they do not pitch up like crazy and you can use linear 1:1 translation.
  3. Well, after release of 3.001 I was searching for topics similar in name to "finally I can shoot down Pe2 wing off " or "109 20mm seems stronger" in multiplayer scenarios. but there wasn't any... I do had same impression when I was testing the career in singleplayer mode but I know that there is significant diffrence bettewn two worlds, one which is absence of network inherent problems. Unfortentently after release I didn't have the time to play recently so can't say more about it. BTW game code is comlex so there could be some unplanned change or bug.
  4. Career Mode: Quick Look and First Impressions

    Strange. This new option is in graphics settings ,I use 125% because with my monitor native 3440x1440 resolution all characters were to small for me . BTW you can edit this option manually just open game config file with notepad.
  5. FIX - Cloud issue 95% fixed and microstutters gone

    Caping max FPS to 60 with windowed mode and vsync off worked for me to get rid of microstutters on overcast weather in alpha builds on my rig. I'm using 3440x1440@100hz.
  6. Career Mode: Quick Look and First Impressions

    Ch Set ui scaling to more than 100%
  7. Caping max FPS to 60 with windowed mode and vsync off worked for me to get rid of microstutters on overcast weather in alpha builds on my rig.
  8. No issue with opentrack in my setup. I use very old build.
  9. You need to close the "inlet" cowls on top of the engines before takeoff.
  10. Old theme?

    If I find "new content" future (for mobile version) similar to the one from old forum I finally get use to it.
  11. Yes Amazon https://gizmodo.com/5317180/big-brother-amazon-remotely-deletes-purchased-copies-of-1984-and-animal-farm-from-thousands-of-kindles
  12. 1) only in close source - proprietary softwares in that kind you must trust is secure (can't audit the source code)2) most of IT industry (LAMP, WordPress) and Big companies like Google relay on open source and free software as free - no charge and free as respectfully for user rights.
  13. Only open source software can be free (not free as free beer) but not all open source software is free (one who respect you freedom). Only when you can yourself audit the code or hire someone for that job) you can be sure it's save software and respect your freedoms. Are Sony, Amazon reputable company's??