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  1. Vorpx could be used , I manage to run Star Citizen in VR using that soft.
  2. We actually do recognize some Jastas because pilots use skis from last Black September event .
  3. I really don't like current clouds - they alias planes , make them invisible sometimes yet they are mostly flat pancakes, would like to see more height and volume in theirs shapes and more variety of colours. Imagine fly around big massive cloud and meet enemies waiting to ambush you , something it was possible in ROF but not practical in Il2 GB. Flying down through canyons made of clouds... Imagine 😄 BTW I have issue with sky too , how to get rid of sky colours banding and sky dome image posterization , I miss ROF sky and clouds they do not have those issues despite old tech...
  4. Only lunatics are trying to shot down Pe2 in ww2 and two-seaters in FC, we all should avoid them and let them do their job, enjoy the dogfight with fellow scouts pilot and runaway from enemy two-seaters
  5. Was jumped by D7 , I scanned the sky ,then suddenly I saw tracers, I was wondering how blind I become. Might be it but do not have any evidence. BTW Lucas has data missing message and his plane disappeared in front of me and Sahaj for 2 seconds , then reappeared , then second message about his data lost and he was disconnected from the server. BTW I can reproduce similar but not exactly same invisible plane bug in the multiplayer when I try to host the game, peers who connect , we can use chat, I see them destroying buildings etc but we can't see each other planes, same with AI , only I can see them. Posted this bug , all port were opened and forwarded etc , this is something with UDP packed but Dev fix didn't work for me.
  6. This definitely will add more realism to the IL2 GB which is combat flight simulator . Next thing that I would like to add is local air shock waves coused by nearby explosion of AA shell. There are even an accounts of passing shell above aeroplane can push it down, and vice versa when below. I the end thermals and real turbulences.
  7. Do you guys have big smokes and destroyed buildings near NML ?
  8. Current mud texture is to repetitive IMHO. I can't assume they have technology to use mega textures but those tiles are not good enough. I wander why not use tech used for steppe in Stalingrad which replaced repetitive tiles.
  9. Water ponds on those colored photos have to clear water IMHO , for color I would suggest muddy At last mud would fell to bottom but still it have no peace time to do it because neverending barage and Lost of ground , dust and mud falling into them from near by explosion.
  10. We pretend to fight I combat sim without need to be immersed by the real background. More early airplanes please that would have significant impact to the gameplay , because there will be never 3d trenches and individual soldiers to blow up.... Points and in-game mechanics for use camera and radio please!
  11. I spite not mentioned in current DD there will be fixes for FC before new year too.
  12. Not all shot should get pilot unconscious that for sure , jet is very easy to aim and in that torrent of bullets it's easy to injure head or other vital part one after another. I don't know unfortunately how it was programed (plus if there any difference which part of body was hit - in ROF was not) and if bullet in the leg would KO.
  13. I like the idea ,just 2-3 planes for side would be great.
  14. Look how fields textures are put around rivers , roads etc. What can be done ?? - If you have tech to draw 10000 trees why not draw telegraph poles etc . Il2 BOS colors are wash out , that why so many use reshade . Those images for comparison has what HDR off , Gamma lowered ? I agree about more detailed cites but visibility up to 30 km are not to be compared because it's game engin evolution. Without it BOS cites were looking worst seen from distance that ROF 4 sure! Just constructive criticism but I like it overall , and have fun
  15. I have eyes and huge is not proper word IMHO. Personally I like pastel colors palette and RoF visuals which looks more like art painting. Sky is clear without ugly color banding and posterization . Clouds are old tech but much better that those flat pancakes and without know limitations... I'm not disappointed , I'm sure it will change ,devs are constantly working on making it better and it's glued to ww2 so it can only benefit from it.
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