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  1. ? All those assets in bigger or equal quantity are used in TAW server (84 players) without problems .... especialy statement about smokes and bonfires is not that significant performance waise to the server side.
  2. Type of improvement: multiplayer Explanation of proposals : do not display destroy ground targets to everyone Displaying destroy ground targets in open message in expert realism multiplayer server for everyone to see is not good choice: -it gives away enemy position; -floods message channel and unnecessarily utilize network (this also is appiled to own team - sometiomes several dozen of messages, if frendly drops big bomb on concentrated ground targets) Benefits: fairplay, more realism, better network utilization
  3. Great mission and nice visual environment set to make ground objects and elevation more visible - autumn map with winter template. I enjoyed Stalingrad far more than cramped Lapino.
  4. @US103_Larner you earn Blue Max (ACE) in one sortie ,good job !
  5. Today game industry AAA graphics standards in flight sim, great !
  6. Ok if it is working now. You can update mission txt format but binary (msbin) format could be old and the game start to load in first place the binary mission format if it finds it and fail at that .
  7. To late , but after resaving delete old msbin.
  8. What you would report , there is no dedicated map, objective logic/ mission types and AI (think about ww2 only AAA) units build for ww1 era ? I don't discourage nobody, I will be there and pass feedback directly through beta channel of existing ww1 assets. I know it will be splendid fun as all pass events was .
  9. I think that for infantry to work in this game, the game engine needs new run-time routine because as we know placing to many AI objects can make any mission unplayable do to frame rates drop. I don't like idea of block and all units in the group behaved as one - moving always in one direction, global destruction etc...
  10. Without FC map and proper ww1 AI units it could be hard , and I think that assets will not be available before release in December. Definitively it we be hard work for organizers to make it work. They know what they sign for .
  11. Do to edge distortion , contacts are artificially magnified on the peripheral side of screen - you can spot /id targets better. User of 34 inch curved screen (Acer predator 3440x1440 , G-sync, 100hz) . Recommend it for sure .
  12. WW1 and TC is another story many times attacking infranty was the mission objective.
  13. I wish that bullet could damage the propeller, now it is impossible to damage it that way.
  14. I recently updated Clod to the Blitz and saw that they changed gfx of smoke traces from more straight to the spiraling ones, I find it nice for view, but do they more truly represent real ones compared to what we have in Il2 GB ?
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