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  1. Hi. Great initiative ! I think about joining in , was flying TIPs FNBF and enjoyed it very much. EU friendly time ?
  2. I would open for reshade , I use it to enhance in game washout colour palette.
  3. Yes , why not 😄 I don't mind lighter or heavier than air, give it please.
  4. They need to hire special FX employee ASP 💥💥💥💥
  5. AI damaged or not always is flying unloaded turn which human woud never do - Ace or rookie. Who in the world would want to stay on enemy gun lead without trying to use max G avalible to spoil enemy shooting solution? Rookie would spin (exluding Alb;-) ) and ace woud ride on the edge. Somtimes you can shoot dozens of rounds when enemy is doing slow unlaoded trun without imediate result and this also feels unrealistic. More hit boxes and visual representaton, less under the hood propablistic theory please, spars can be broken not only becouse of G. AI defensive circle turn is crap and leads only to one end results.
  6. If I don't have broken spars / torn fabric or missing wires on my Camel, my wings shouldn't break so easily under moderate G load , but how I can know if my next manuver will be fatal if what I see is just few black dots on the wings and how those little things can shake my plane so much...
  7. You are right , I'm sorry if I was too offensive. We have similar goal after all. Peace.
  8. Not . Sure everyone has right to opinion, I have mine about guy who never played multiplayer and says to other multiplayer guys that everything is ok and they have just fillings. Anyways those issue are for multiplayer guys and this topic was started by devs because multiplayer guys were complaining. Where were you as I remember you dislike week wings as I can recollect.
  9. Hahaha now I'm sure you don't know what you are talking about, this is about FC , talk of multiplayer ppl mostly for game made for Tmultiplayer, not like other series of Il2GB like BOS, BOM etc which were rich with sp content from beginning. Btw I'm sure that majority of all threads on FC part forum of il2GB forum were made by multiplayer guys. How I can take serious guy who never flown multiplayer game and talk about multiplayer DM on multiplayer thread ?
  10. Show me the data. Btw this and other /most topics were put by multiplayer guys. You don't know what you are talking about . This game was made without any significant single player content . Who bought it for 80 dollars to enjoy only quick missions ??? The sp content were made after release , but all this is not important as multiplayer guys are making this game and forum alive .
  11. @kendo do you log some hours in multiplayer environment or you just practicing theoretical retoric? Anyways what is important to us , lab test or field test , for sure not in mind test 😂
  12. I disagree , one to make my point. Others which are suspicious to from top of my head: Bristols ,Fokers D7
  13. Engine cooling is so efficient that I would think is too good in many examples.
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