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  1. You, you have talent 👍. Would love to see devs implement yours ideas. S!
  2. Very nice footage, I like those colorful birds, you guys have a skin pack to download ?
  3. Plenty of those fire ammo in bibliographies or diaries from that era. Lets fry some more 🔥.
  4. Animation of hammering the guns, I would pick. Just extra functionality to un-jamm.
  5. @Varibraun 1) Soft center on pitch axie was mistake ,I returned to my first setup, hard center pitch axie and soft on roll axie. Springs soft. 2) no deadzone , sensitivity default, I use medium and small extension together.
  6. I think it's not amount of Wattage available but the stability of the voltage needed during severe power load, good quality components built psu with less power is far better than 1kW cheaper build, sometimes even good brands use not so good components as one would assume.
  7. I really don't like what I heard in coms about current wings and push rods damage model during yesterday operation Michael test. It never ends and I really stop enjoying flying FC , ww2 part is so much enjoyable game.
  8. Happy birthday! Sorry, might be bad question for birthday but I'm really concern about this. Q: Last patches to Flying Circus significantly reduced wings strength and introduced very frequent jamming of control surfaces rods (which ww1 aircraft seldom have) those changes in overall were bad taken by multiplayer community in the beginig and still are major couse of bad reception today plus are responsible for siginifcantly reducing numbers of players during weekdays compared to the times before patches were introduced. I'm asking if there are plans to adress those FC damage model
  9. @greybeard_52 we are playing different games I would say , but it's not the case, so practice you will be better , AI is not challenging but it's necessary to even try multiplayer and not be flustered even more .
  10. My VR headset is gathering dust, I prefer flying 2D with trackir. Love lone echo, HF alyx in VR.
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