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  1. I hate that in VR , feels so artificial inside plane.
  2. Just artificial head shake as one would have from engine vibration. Do not spoil aim. I use it because otherwise I have impression that I seat in concrete plane model.
  3. If I remember correctly you can dive Camel without worrying about overreving the engine by setting the mixture full rich and zero throttle.
  4. Do not buy Vipers for ww2 or ww1 , they are mode for jets when you use them sporadically during play.
  5. Slaw devices Dora V2 with motorcycle dumper installed I can recommend especially for those old FC crates
  6. You must be kidding. It is working but far from perfection. 30 fps outside big cities with low to medium or off graphics options and settings ,undersampling to 60 % and reprojection. Perfect gameplay !
  7. D7 Invisibility is included boys , have fun
  8. I can quote myself from beta testing forum ! I did report that but unfortunately it was not addressed - main focus is on ww2. Sometimes I think that only me is testing FC . We need more guys which can focus / are intrested in ww1.
  9. I also have G2 but VR is not for me at all, tried first gen and now this but always come back to 2d and trackIR. BTW never had any motion sickness. Even this second gen VR is not enough for me unfortunately, maybe 8K, 140 fov and 120Hz will do somday 😉 . G2 clarity is noticeably better I see that and games made for VR - HF Alyx and Lone echo are great to play! As competitiveness in multiplayer, I think that 2d &Track IR has edge on situation awareness, definitively not as aiming which is great in VR 😉 What would be fun and could work great is using two seaters attack planes. But glad that you enjoy it. Have fun!
  10. Run MSFS in VR (G2) looks bad and it's to low on the fps. Can't enjoy it.
  11. For ww2 they adding external 4k and new skins made by Martin = ICDP = Catney, so I don't see why not for FC. Find a person with talent and will to work, get him speak to devs with proposition. If they would accept it, we will have new skins in comming patches. Taking existing skin without permission and random quality will not work as you see .
  12. When I'm training to fly VR , I don't like how plane feels in the air, to me is like flying a concrete model nothing is shaking it feels kind solid and not like real machine but when on 2d I can turn camera shaking and it's better to convince me that there is more than just cad model moving forward .
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