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  1. What is wrong with G , do FC pilots have different threshold sensitivity for pulling or pushing Gs? You can measure G in tacview and compare if same amount of G in ww2 crate make you start feeling the G effect in ww1 kite. For sure you can't pull same instantaneous Gs in old crate because you will break plane structure but prolonged 4Gs should make you start loosing vision in both planes.
  2. Yes it is nose heavy. It's not right IMHO. But before fix there was much worst thing with Se5 - you wouldn't be able to use stabilizer to make it level flight hands off . Now you can fly it hands off as real airplane.
  3. Exactly Well I also should change my ageing i7 7600k@5Ghz with motherboard.
  4. Newbies are finding the page with servers listing ? This is done by us, no much newbies will be going to mp before they do sp and will eventual read where to find mp community. BTW you can list mods on mode servers on that same page .
  5. @SeaW0lfOfc I do tested it years ago and with lethality mod and improved gunnery enabled you do not saw wings off. Now as FC or ROF MP community is so small that can only gather 60 players per one or two days a week ,going mods on mode would do not harm because there is no were to be. So if official Sunday event would be announced as mods mode on in ROF players would show up. Those other stuff are not so important for good immersion or fun and ROF more airplanes and better maps and missions would outweigh it easy. FC vol1 alone is weak in that kind of content.
  6. Not true try use improved gunnery in ROF - it was changed based on Il2 BOS research. Facts ? If you are writing about plans in 2020 and you saying that you do this and that , but saying nothing about FC vol2 . This true, that you be doing FC vol2 in one year or not and can it be a fact? It's is all in future so they always deside otherwise and in 2021 can be seen as fact , anyways they have plans to do something else.
  7. You could have similar experience in ROF as in FC , except psychology (unconscious) and VR. AI in multiplayer is not significant. How to do it you might ask , it's simple as use mods on serves and use mods on by default in your game client. This can work only if servers owners will install server side mods like : no ambient AA mod - as default in FC; lethality mod - make wings strong as in FC in the spirit of hit metal or meet ; gunner and pilot hit box mod - as default in FC (for better body hitbox); reduced rate of fire - for more period fit; Plus if you want gun dispersion similar to FC in ROF - server can use improved gunnery option. Those mods do not reduce performance at all but mods that can bring ROF to new standards in multiplayer !, very close what we have in FC IMHO but more maps and airplanes (early fun and more two-seaters for the job) and missions (not host two like present).
  8. Ok , but the facts are that for ww1 CFS genre there will be no more stuff this year, doing same over and over for 2 years can be boring in long run. Maybe fact that for most FC is active one or two times a week can extend it life , but for more fun with early planes and great maps plus lots of great missions already there we should go back to ROF sometimes too. So questions was if ROF is still worth - IMHO yes , and for SP experience was never otherwise.
  9. What I read from Jason there are no plans for FC Vol-2 in 2020
  10. No plans for FC vol -2 in 2020 ,so I like the idea for limiting the planes types. This could make FIF last in FC bit longer and do not be boring so fast. Anyway IMHO we should go back to ROF sometime in the future because there are great maps and planes which could be never ported to Il- 2 GB.
  11. This game engine was custom build for sim , I think the roots of it precides RoF (2009) but since then it had been in evolution but there were never a revolution as someones would like to see or pay. For sure there are newer technical solution and eye candy stuff making graphics, physics degree better but who would build that from scratch for CFS ? Maybe as for civil flight MS who has huge resources compared to this company
  12. In game score they count as air kill in parser as ground object. BTW they do disappear sometimes if there is cloud in foreground. Same as planes, not a bug just future hehe , seriously just tech limitations as we know for excuse
  13. We have TIR limit in game , you can't move virtual head beyond 180 degree , I don't mind if someday devs would do proper research and impose realistic limits. They had plans to implement head movement based on spine model , with already implement physical body restrictions do to acceleration this can be seen as next step in evolution of CFS.
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