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  1. Yesterday had shoot down 5 in one sorite 2x Dr.1 and 3xAlbatri against top notch players , so FC Se5 is not bad plane , it's just different approach to fight which I'm able to switch from Camel. BTW lol happened in that sortie , after all this great time I went East and landed on enemy airfield 😂. I saw some planes landing there , but was talking and do not realise that they were enemies , flak was also not shooting... But other story is that from that day I'm flying Centrals now
  2. BTW disco player would not deny any kill , you got the kill if you just make any % of damage , it's even better and safe4 that way you don't have to worry about them anymore. Player which disconnected his sorite will not count if server admin set it that way in configuration file or he can set it that he will loose streak and even that can be adjusted, for example if disco without damage, steak is saved or if damage taken 5 minutes before disco, streak is saved also.
  3. You should not worry to much , I predict opposite .
  4. Simple answer - yes , own crate of fire can kick you do to high ping. On average I have 110 ms in Flugpark so when on fire my ping have to go above the limit, if I remember correctly the kick threshold is 350 ms on Flugpark.
  5. I asked guy from "Pilot Chat: RAF SE5A At Shuttleworth Military Pageant 2018" yt video - he said 1800 RPMs during takeoff. You guys can ask more specific question, people have now more free time to answer that kind of question. regards
  6. https://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/se-5a-reproduction/flying-se5a 180 HS - 120 mph @ 15000 ft ?
  7. Don't think so , AnPetrovich put to much work in new Se5a FM. New FM was made in 2011... https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/22802-se5a-fm-review-fixes/page-1 They do don't roll back camel they roll back all besides dr.1 which was first plane ported before they change they mind and switch to FM before December 2014. Hoping for any ww1 FM work is just unrealistic , they are busy for long time ahead, they have no time and resources to just port airplanes ....
  8. I can do B&Z with Se5a alone vs 2 enemy players if I'm able to push them further down after ich of my attack.
  9. Going below 100 mph and flying at higher AA than best rate of climb makes Se5a target practice for sure. What our champ @No56_Waggaz can say how it compares to ROF ?
  10. It's FM was rebuild by AnPetrovich in ROF and it's one plane for which they have good data measurements as you can read in ROF forum. Personally, it feels to me like car stuck on 6 gear ... I would like to compare in game Se5a to this doc. Comparative performance of various airscrews for SE5A aeroplane with Wolseley Viper engine. Available from https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ Btw Nothing to say about it adversary Albatross which FM was made very long ago and imo and should be rebuild to today's standards.
  11. Good stuff! Yea, we have heave looses, those Huns are strong opponents S!. The k/d ratio always will be on the only fighter squadrons side, 1PL s is doing jobs deep into hunland territory which is great risk but it's only way to win the month and we like it ! We all need to help two seateras doing their jobs (or suppress other side doing theirs), this is what scouts are for. Any way 1PL 3,4 K/D is not bad at all
  12. If it would be good as Lone Echo I'm in
  13. Opentrack old build , works great from ROF to Il2GB. Do not have any issue , imo not hard to set up. Delanclip and PS3 eye with removed ir filter.
  14. Help yes, but how in real world would you know that enemy will attack exactly those facilities and if destroyed has less to protect . Because no random targets are build into mission and there are small numbers of objects is better to keep that kind of fog of war. Which is in long run apparent unfortunately ..
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