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  1. Not sure what you mean by "Typhoon style tail" but just to clarify for those who may not know, the late model Typhoon had Tempest horizontal tail surfaces installed. This helped give it some more authority in the pitch axis. The Tempest tail units were also less prone to flutter. Here they are as a comparison. Original Typhoon on the left, new larger Tempest Tailplanes on the right.
  2. I haven't seen it. Was just wondering.
  3. Anyone made 'The Turtle' yet?
  4. I'm just as new here as you are Monsieur. I wasn't talking about your criticism per se, just to the fact that so many people speak of adding this map or this plane and then others come in and chime in about how it wouldn't be a good enough experience for them. Let's just say that it doesnt matter what you or anyone offers as a solution, someone else will whine about it. Speaking of the Battle of the Solomons though, obviously you couldn't choose to model a map that size just for the sake of having one airfield on it. You'd have to chose another timeframe, from late 1943 onwards, right around the time that Corsairs showed up in the island chain. You can't just say no we need carriers because 1942. That is just too limiting. However creating a map and offering a later timeframe from which to enjoy it would appease some of the ones wanting Pacific battles while allowing more time to eventually develop carrier ops for this sim. That way you'd have some Pacific action in the next year or two rather than in ten. Respects kind sir.
  5. I play this sim for fun, and my idea of fun does not include 3-4 hour return flights. You can have a lot of great battles through the Slot without Rabaul. I dealt with this kind of "constructive" criticism when I was on the build team that brought the Slot maps to 1946. "Whine whine you can't have Guadalcanal without Rabaul...whine whine you can't have Rabaul without New Guinea...whine whine you can't can't can't..." For that matter we shouldn't have a Channel map without Norway, or a Rheinland map without Berlin. Just ask for the whole world while we're here. Then we can do those smaller battles like Madagascar.
  6. They were land based, part of Coastal Command. Your link to 846 Sqn says ...so they were deployed over the Channel for the invasion, but they were based way off the map. ========================= Il2 Battle of the Solomons...but even that would be a huge map. Low on objects but still a large area. No carriers needed.
  7. Not many of either survived the War. Of all the 3300 Typhoons built, only one complete example survived, and it's only because the Americans had it in storage. Some more restored Mossies are popping up on the airshow circuits every year.
  8. True, but I was only naming the aircraft we were getting. I guess the P-51B/C will stand in great as a Mustang III.
  9. ...and the Typhoon, Tempest and Mosquito. If we were getting a Gloster Meteor I could see the V-1 as the justification for it, but the XIV has other uses than just diver patrols. Plus its going to be a collector. If you dont want it, dont get it.
  10. Can we get some early Spitfire IX love? Sure the IX with the tall rudder looks good, but the early IX's were quite prominent during the Normandy invasion, and the IXb was the most numerous version built at over 4000 units.
  11. We already have a 109G-6. They annouced the G-6 "Late", so probably the one with the tall tail, pretty much the same as the G-14 but with the regular hood. Fixed your Typhoon too:
  12. I think the left handed pilots just became Bomber captains.
  13. By default? Dont see the point, lots of squadrons had a mix of both til the wars end.
  14. It's a big issue to me. Probably other people too. As soon as I saw the screenie I felt something was off about it, and there was. Missing the 18 inch extension throws all the other elements off, makes everything look completely out of proportion. Great effort, but a fail in my books.
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