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  1. JF-K JN765. Download HERE W2-X EJ705. Download HERE
  2. Other places to look for stuff is in Warbird groups on Facebook. There are a lot of people in those that have access to a lot of documentation, or they have their own photographs. You can always ask there. I know I've found some artwork for some Spits I was working on in some of those groups.
  3. One of the things I do is look for decal sheets of the plane I'm skinning. Then you can import the image into Gimp/PS/P.net and try to repaint it in a larger format. Any particular nose art you are thinking of?
  4. Thanks for the tip Rap. Completely forgot.
  5. S/L "Jimmy" Sheddan 486 Sqn, 1945. Download HERE W/C Roland Beamont, 150 Wg, 1944. Download HERE JN763 of 486 Sqn, 1944. Download HERE Non-Historical Tempest skin pack. Pics in spoiler. Download HERE Default replacement Tempest V skins. Pics in Spoiler. Download HERE
  6. Both are missing the sky coloured tail band required with B type wing roundels. The tail band was deleted in January 1945, but the upper wing roundels changed to C1 or C type.
  7. I haven't skinned since 2015. This is my first skins in the BOX world. LF IXe of 421 Sqn (RCAF). http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=360 LF IXe of 443 Sqn (RCAF) http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=361
  8. Plus in the sim you dont have to worry about banging it up on landing.
  9. I feel your pain. Unlike what seems to be the majority of WW2 sim enthusiasts and developers, I dont like Eastern Front at all. But to get around that and still enjoy it, my solution is to fly with the Luftwaffles until the game shifts to the Western front or the PTO. That way I can figure out all the weaknesses of the 109's and 190's until I can climb into a Tempest. I have an affinity for the Typhoon, so the Tempest will have to do until one (if it ever!) comes to the sim. The only reason I got BOM was for the P-40, and BOK I got for the 190A-5 and Spitfire. I have no interest in the Soviet planes at all. I bought Bodenplatte last week at the announcement of the Dora and the model shots of the Tempest. That alone justified the $93 that I told my wife was for car parts.
  10. The only thing you'll get out of buying Bodenplatte now is the planes. The map isnt ready yet. Canadian here as well. I too feel your pain with the exchange rate, which is why I have dropped all the other sims I play(ed) in favour of this one. DCS is fun, but damn it's expensive, and time consuming because of its intensity. I love Il2 because I jump into any plane without having to rebind or remap my keys to every new plane I try to fly. I bought Stalingrad first to be able to fly with some buddies, as like you, I've rediscovered my love for sims. After flying BOS for a few weeks I bought Moscow and Kuban during the winter sales.
  11. I'd like to see a buddy list system implemented if possible, so you can see where your squadmates are when you hop on to MP. I know most squadrons probably get together on comms prior to flying online, but I'm only flying with a few friends right now and it would be a nice addition to be able to see if they're online and in what servers they are flying in.
  12. You have to apply the alpha channel as a layer mask over your skin. I work my skin template until I get what I want then I use shft+ctl+C and then shft+ctl+V (instead of flattening layers, that just opens the door for losing your template altogether) and then I add a layer mask. I then copy and paste the alpha channel layer into the layer mask and save as .dds.
  13. I've tried this with Gimp 2.10...and it doesnt seem to work as the OP describes. A work around I've found is to keep the Alpha channel I want to use as a layer in my template, then I finish my skin and use copy visible (shft+trl+C) and paste as new (shft+ctrl+V), then I copy the alpha layer into the new file as a layer mask. Save as .dds and presto!
  14. So sad to read this. I've recently come back to flying sims after a near 10 year hiatus. I had the pleasure of exchanging emails, private messages and the occasional Team Speak voice chat with Monguse during the development of the Slot and New Guinea maps. I also got to fly formation with him on the Slot maps...I recall he insisted that we fly over Vella Lavella in B-25's at dusk, you know when the sky turned pink in 1946...He said he loved the atmosphere. He helped me with some P-51 skins way back then too. Stand up guy all around. Wish I could have met him in person. S! from 438_Skunk/Skunkmeister. Goodbye old friend.
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