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  1. The rule is to not post them on the forum, due to it's international nature. If you want to have them on your skins, go ahead and put them on, but if you want to display your skin you have to have it in spoiler.
  2. The infrequently photographed RP-3 60lb Fragmentation projectile; correctly named "Shell, H.E. 60 lb, "F" No. 1 Mk I" on MK.III lightweight rails. http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/typhoonpropsf_1.htm The link above has transcripts from Air Ministry Meeting Minutes of Problems with Aircraft Production regarding the modification of Typhoons with Tempest tailplanes and 4 blade prop. Of interest is the following quote: Could the 3 and 4 blade propeller be made a modification?
  3. He's also a stand up guy. He's answered more than one of my questions on the Facebook Typhoon/Tempest group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tempesttyphoon/?ref=group_header
  4. I also plan to do Typhoons once BON is out. Mostly the RCAF squadrons at first but I can certainly expand. I already have a bunch of artwork ready and waiting.
  5. Just bumping this to the top, we have a great bunch of folks who've come in and joined. Tons of friendly help and WIP sharing.
  6. Thing is, you need engine oil pressure to move the blades at all in most CS Props. Unless there are safety features built in like a DHC Beaver prop that has springs that move the blades to near feather when the oil pressure cuts out, then where ever your blades are when the engine cuts out is where they will be staying.
  7. I think you got your answer, but I'm going to say that NO, it doesn't. The viewer is good at checking where you line stuff up on your skin, but as far as lighting goes and how the game treats reflections and such, the view does not. Often times I've had nice reflections in the viewer, only to see them as way overdone in game. The two are not exactly to the same in my experience.
  8. It's not meant to be a voice only server. There are voice servers, but most use the text channels. Une bonne partie des utilisateurs ne sont pas des anglophones, alors pas de raison de ne pas venir @PatCartier I also have to add, that in the 24 hours this has been up there have been 21 people that have joined. I wasn't sure this was going to be popular but the support keeps coming in.
  9. No idea if this has been done before or if one already exists, but I created a Discord server for skinning. Everyone is free to join, but it's main purpose is for veteran skinners and new skinners alike to join and share ideas and content. I know how alive this community is, and not trying to take anything away from the forum, this is just to try to create a lively hangout for everyone. There are both text and voice channels for helping Gimp and Photoshop users, a gallery channel where you can show off your work, and the general chat area. It may be a while before this thing becomes a full fire breathing dragon, so please contribute as much as you want and can. I'm also completely new to creating Discord servers, so please bare with me. Invite link: https://discord.gg/EQnz9xN
  10. Chris Thomas posts on social media in some groups I follow. I will ask him there.
  11. Alternately @Dutch2, you can simply duplicate your layer, then click the lock alpha channel in the layers tab, then drag and drop the color you want from the color picker.
  12. I've already got all my artwork set aside for them. The day it was anounced I collected everything I had into a nose art template specifically for the Tiffie.
  13. This part can be completely avoided by using 'copy visible' or shift+ctrl c and 'paste as new' or shift+ctrl v. I've flattened before, only to save the flattened image as my template and lose months worth of work. I do not recommend flatten AT ALL.
  14. Great work Jocko. Was wondering when I'd start seeing more of your work over here.
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