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  1. Happy Birthday! Are there any intentions of adding PBR to the current engine? As a skinner I would love to feel some PBR love.
  2. Just here to add a voice of support to this.
  3. Those railyards will be nice juicy targets for Typhoons.
  4. Here she is, the Mitchell in RAF Night bomber scheme: Download on HSD. Don't forget to add the B25DRAF folder to your skins directory.
  5. There were no exceptions for any squadrons in the 2nd TAF. The RAF was very strict when it came to markings and camouflage and all orders were enforced. There were some individual aircraft that slipped through the cracks, but in general all markings followed these guidelines:
  6. Its not a Tempest tail, but a Tempest tail plane, the British nomenclature for the horizontal stabilizer.
  7. What issue are you having? The links all work for me, but then I am the owner so I can't really vouch for them.
  8. Why not just save it to Gimp's native file .xcf?
  9. These weren't bare metal, they were painted with silver dope.
  10. Actually, if you take the time to look at photos of different Tempests you'll notice quite a bit of variation. They used rubber masks on the aircraft to paint them but they weren't always put on the same spot on every aircraft. The shapes are largely the same, however their placement does vary from airframe to airframe.
  11. I have been Skunk 438_Skunk and Skunkmeister on the AAA forums when mods were first beginning. Bought the whole shebang of Il2 FB AEP and Pacific Fighters in 2003 or 2004. Played for years, then skins and then maps. Retired the name after I dropped my last skin at M4T years ago.
  12. I know it's DCS, but he presents some good points.
  13. Are you altering the existing alpha, or are you altering the alpha template? As long as you have nothing that is 100% black that shouldn't be you should be fine.
  14. Pulling power and reduced take off distance.
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