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  1. I've never even given any thought to that. The ME is difficult to use. If the mission is set up as a dogfight rather than a coop would it be easier?
  2. Does this only affect reflective skins? I tend to keep the shine relatively low on my skins so how would it affect them?
  3. Years ago I used to fly in Air Racing servers on Hyper Lobby and the squadron I was in held racing events from time to time. Just wondering how alive the Air Racing community is now, especially with the newer Bodenplatte and Normandy planes coming into the sim.
  4. Highly doubtful there is a maximum number, I have 121 skin files in my Tempest folder.
  5. See the link for the following squadron packs: 3 Sqn 1944 pack (A-Z) 3 Sqn post invasion 1944 pack (A-Z) 3 Sqn 1945 pack (A-Z) 56 Sqn 1945 pack (A-Z) I will add more over time.
  6. A brief bit of constructive criticism, if I may, @aminx504, I don't know if your intention is historical accuracy, however if it is, then: All 2nd TAF aircraft on the continent got the order to change their markings on 3 January 1945. The order stipulated that all tail bands were to be deleted and that markings on all surfaces were to be changed to C1 type. Your skin has the pre-1945 B/C/C1 arrangement. C1 are the red/white/blue roundels with the yellow border. 2nd, there never was an NV784 that wore JF-E. There was only NV724 and NV994, and were the only JF-Es flown by Clostermann.
  7. Tempest is 3150 RPM for continuous flight. 3700 for all other ranges of flight. I recommend you give this download a try. All the info is on the cockpit in front of you when you fly.
  8. There seems to be a demand for these, so I've started making complete squadron packs for mission makers and campaign players. Complete packs of aircraft without serial numbers, individually marked from A-Z. 3 Squadron (JF), 1945 Scheme HERE 56 Squadron (US), 1945 Scheme HERE 3 Squadron (JF), Invasion 1944 Scheme HERE 3 Squadron (JF), post-invasion Autumn 1944 Scheme HERE (added 25/02/2020) 486 Squadron (SA), Invasion 1944 Scheme HERE (added 29/02/2020) 486 Squadron (SA), 1945 Scheme HERE (added 29/02/2020) I will update with more as I make them.
  9. Clostermann has made some dubious claims and has even pointed himself out in pictures where he couldn't have been. The most famous one is where he points himself out in a picture with JF-M in full invasion stripes, but when 3 Sqn was in full invasion stripes, he was still flying Spitfires. While his account is a great story, either his memory failed him when he compiled his writings and photos or he was just trying to pull a fast one. Like anything there are exceptions, but knowing that the 2nd TAF strictly enforced and observed marking orders it is quite simple to date a photograph when you know when certain things like invasion stripes, tail bands and roundels were changed or removed.
  10. Negative, the squadron badges are for sure a post war addition. This is NV994 on 18 April 1945. Note the absence of the squadron badge.
  11. April 1945 June 1945 Autumn 1945, caption says November.
  12. The 3 Sqn Emblem here while in b&w is clearly more colours than just yellow and red.
  13. Real prop driven planes do not act this way. As soon as you let go of the brakes they start creeping forward, even at idle. This is on pavement mind you, I've never taxied a plane on grass. This is something I feel they have gotten wrong, especially when on paved surfaces.
  14. This profile is so historically incorrect it's not even funny. I have 3 Sqn skins from letters A-Z but with no serial numbers, and fit for operations after 3 January 1945 HERE.
  15. I was browsing through some files and found these, dont know if they would be useful to the devs: HERE
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