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  1. Such generosity doesn't go unnoticed! I'd be extremely grateful to receive the Po2, even the campaign though I feel the plane would receive more use
  2. Thanks! I joined in anticipation of trying out the MP servers!
  3. Adding myself to the roll call! Hello! I'm Orion, I'm from the Pacific Northwest of the US, Washington State specifically. I've yet to buy Flying Circus due to financial struggles, being a college-aged poor man, but I do plan to get it hopefully beginning of January! Il-2 has been a blast so far for me however I am much bigger into WWI aircraft, so FC will end up being a huge time-sink for me. I'd love to get into a Discord chat possibly, and learn a few new things about the game. I'd call myself very very newb right now, so any help is appreciated! Currently (trying to) fly the bf-109 F-4
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