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  1. Campaign night missions have flares, spotlights on the ends of the runways and smudge pots down the sides. Coming back from a mission and searching for your field, you just have to look for the flares shooting up to guide you in.
  2. Got my Rift the day before 3.001 launched. Running an i7 5820 at stock 3.30 ghz. with a GTX 980 ti. Game runs very well at medium to high settings, still tweaking for eye candy/performance but think I am close to the sweet spot for my rig. Will never go back to flat screen! Cheers.
  3. Perfect timing, expecting my new rift before the end of the workday today.
  4. Would it not be possible to set up the controls for a particular aircraft, save a copy of the input file under that aircraft name on the desktop then repeat for each aircraft. Just insert the file for the aircraft of your choice when you want to fly. Cheers, Shakey
  5. Great news! This is shaping up to be the sim both single player and multi player was hoping for. S.
  6. Looking forward to all the upcoming features. Great work team!
  7. Looking forward to the new campaign. Lots to look forward to. Keep up the good work.
  8. Continued my F2 campaign, mission 9, no problem.
  9. Ok. I noticed awhile ago that there were very few VVS pics. to choose from compared to when this first came out. Will stick with LW. until it gets sorted. S.
  10. Trying to start a VVS campaign but there is no pilot picture to choose from so it won't save. Can play Luftwaffe no problem. Any suggestions?
  11. I think when my vision starts to red out It'll be time to jump but with my luck the bird will explode before then .
  12. Tks. BraveSirRobin. Will keep this in mind next time things get a little hot. S.
  13. Any known time limit before I should bail ?
  14. Got hit in a Stuka, flames all around the cockpit so I bailed at about 2,000m. Watched my kite spiraling down in a ball of flames which suddenly went out at about 500m then trailed smoke the rest of the way in. Maybe I could have saved it if I stayed with it. Does the pilot sustain injury if he stays in the burning cockpit for too long ?
  15. HerrMurf, you're right about the objects. perhaps it's the way the sunlight is reflecting off them. I was referring more to the runway, taxiways and the whole airfield in general. From a distance they look like they'll be easy to pick out from the general terrain. Cheers.
  16. Looks good. Judging by that middle pic. the airfields should be much easier to spot.
  17. No hub here, but all peripherals ie; warthog joy/throttle, Saitek combat rudder pedals, Thrustmaster MFD's left/right show as O.K. in the control panel, they are just assigned different "JOY" numbers. Perhaps I'll buy a hub and see if this fixes it. Am getting a new rig this fall anyway as mine is pretty old. Thanks for the suggestion Winger S.
  18. Since win 10 upgrade, I've had to remap several times now. Things were good for the last week or so, after remapping twice right after the win10 update. Now last night I turned the computer on and all the joy assignments: JOY1, JOY2, etc. were in different orders. So, remap again, boot up this morning and assignments are different again. Win10 also did an update this morning so this may be the cause. Very frustrating!
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