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  1. Almost old timer here, semi retired. Long time Tir5 user and switched to a Rift over a year ago. My first hour in this sim with the Rift was worth every cent. My setup includes Warthog stick and throttle mounted (center stick, side throttle) in my pit where they feel perfect for control. I also have two F16 mfd's mounted up front which are easy to use by feel, especially the corner rocker buttons for rads, cowls etc. Just got a new 32 inch 4k monitor to replace an old 24 incher that just died. So fire up the sim with Tir to check out the graphics and the screen image and detail was awesome at high 100's fps. But after five minutes that's all it was, a screen with a beautiful picture. Back to the Rift, back in the cockpit, and i'm transported back in time. VR for me! Mostly single player and use complex engine management, no techno chat but use icons when needed.
  2. I had the same problem with my Rift. Had to disable vr in game settings, restart game, jump in the cockpit of the plane affected then use ins, del, home, end, page up, page down keys to center pilot view, save (F10) I think. Reenable vr mode, restart and that should fix it.
  3. Thanks Sokol1, will give that a try later today and report back. Cheers, Shakey60 Just did as Sokol1 suggested and it all works now. Fantastic! Never thought of the dificulty settings. Doh! Thank you Sir! Salute. Cheers, Shakey60
  4. With my Win 7 ssd running out of space, and Win 7 no longer being supported next year, I decided to bight the bullet and install Win 10 on a new 1tb ssd. I switch between drives through bios. Setting up my Warthog joystick, Saitec combat rudder pedals and f16 mfd's works fine as well as most of the switch's on my Warthog throttle. Rift works fine as well. I want to set up the throttle (right for throttle, left for prop pitch) but no matter what controls I set for throttle, both throttle and prop pitch are always bound together. And no setting for mixture control will move mixture. Unchecking the throttle, prop pitch bind cntrls at the bottom of the engine controls page makes no difference. Latest combined drivers from thrustmaster installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, no luck. Have searched online for 2 weeks now but have not found any answer or similar problem. Win 10 and target software both detect stick and throttle and all switches, buttons and axes work but in game throttle and prop pitch are always bound together. I would rather not have to use a target profile as I can set everything up fine in my Win 7 setup and it works fine when I boot to that drive. i7 5820 cpu, 64 bit, 16 gigs ram, GTX 980 ti Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers, Shakey60
  5. Campaign night missions have flares, spotlights on the ends of the runways and smudge pots down the sides. Coming back from a mission and searching for your field, you just have to look for the flares shooting up to guide you in.
  6. Got my Rift the day before 3.001 launched. Running an i7 5820 at stock 3.30 ghz. with a GTX 980 ti. Game runs very well at medium to high settings, still tweaking for eye candy/performance but think I am close to the sweet spot for my rig. Will never go back to flat screen! Cheers.
  7. Perfect timing, expecting my new rift before the end of the workday today.
  8. Would it not be possible to set up the controls for a particular aircraft, save a copy of the input file under that aircraft name on the desktop then repeat for each aircraft. Just insert the file for the aircraft of your choice when you want to fly. Cheers, Shakey
  9. Great news! This is shaping up to be the sim both single player and multi player was hoping for. S.
  10. Looking forward to all the upcoming features. Great work team!
  11. Looking forward to the new campaign. Lots to look forward to. Keep up the good work.
  12. Continued my F2 campaign, mission 9, no problem.
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