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  1. Boy, the human´s eye works like you have 100% zoom all the time and widest FOV you can in game. This compromise was done because 2D monitors. Try to imagine that you can´t zoom your eyes in real life you will not read anything that will be farer than 3 metres
  2. I read about czech Liberator, whom engines 2 and 3 died, so the pilots turned back and threw out almost everything (MGs, food...) and they activated WEP on remaining two engines. The limit was 5 minutes. They flew over 3 hours back to the airfield. After they landed, their engines were send to Ford for inspection. Ford technics said, that this two engines are like new, without any damage and they installed them back.
  3. Tank you, but I am talking about old IL-2 1946, not BoS
  4. Hi, I have a problem with my MS FFB 2. When I stall a plane or shoot with guns, the shaking force in joystick is so strong, that i can´t handle it. The resist force in joytick is fine, I have only problem with the shaking. I tried to edit files in ForceFeedback folder, but i can´t open them. Any advices?
  5. I can speak numbers from one to ten. And a name of breathing practice "Kimusobinotekokyu" 😁
  6. I think that early Cobra model had cooling problems that were solved since Q model, but I´m not 100% sure
  7. Czech Republic - Česko(Č is reading like "TSCH" in German), Kanada
  8. Hello, I`ve got a problem. IL-2 crashes if I have TS on. Other programmes I use is Opentrack and Target. When I want to play IL-2, I start Target opentrack and TS, after that all is ready, I start IL-2. Normally, before this problem I had about 30-60 fps in loading screen. Now, I have 0-10, and when IL-2 is loaded it goes down to 0-3 fps. When I close the TS, the fps go high as before, to 30-60. I have the lastest Windows actualization (from yesterday, maybe?) and also TS updated. I tried to reinstall TS, but nothing changed. Sorry for my bad English and please help, Rannisokol
  9. What about the night raids to Germany scenario? I think, the hardest thing would be the radar model, but if it was in IL-2 1946, it couldn´t be that hard. Also, some of the planes can be flown without radar as a normal day planes (Mossie, Me 410). Map would be good for the night operations from 42-44 and also for the Battle of Berlin (45) scenario, if it is created. There is also a Ruzyne airport in Prague, one of the latest Me-262 bases. These are possible planes (the years are the combat debut times): Battle of Germany (42-44) Axis Bf-110 G-4 (January 43) Do-217 N-2 (Early 42) He 219 A-6 (Early 44) Me 410 A-1/U-2 (February 44) Ju 88 G-6 (middle 44) Allies D.H. Mosquito NF Mk. XVII (January 44) P-61 A-1 Black Widow (early 44) Lancaster III (middle 42) Halifax III (Early 43) Stirling III (Late 42) Sources: http://www.historyofwar.org/ Wikipedia I know there was a FW-190 with a radar, but I think it would be not good compare to other aircrafts (bad durability). And the map looks somethings like this: So, what do you think? I´m not a historian, so if someone know more than me, I´m open to your suggestions😉
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