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  1. =L/R=Rafcio, it was a well designed plane and weight has very little effect on top speed. Top speed is mostly affected by power and drag, so yes, I can imagine that 110HP more give you only 13 km/h. And if you want cooling problems and other production defects modelled, Devs would also need to chceck Luftwaffe production problems in 1945. And also, if Red side won´t have planes that are somewhat comparable to the Blue planes, most of the Red side will simply don´t play on TAW, because playing outnembered and in big technical disadvantage only to give some German easy kill is not very funny. I
  2. Yes, marginal. These improvements did 13 km/h difference in top speed and the turn performance wasn´t significantly changed (Yak-1 model 1941 did a turn in 19-20 s, while Yak-1b in 19 s). So I think that these improvements are not so great, in hard data. However, improvements between versions of Yak-1 were made not only to achieve better speed, but early Yak-1 had problems with cooling, and no, it couldn´t sustain max power all flight long. But this is theme for other discussion.
  3. Yes, I said very similar, not same. Difference between M-105PA (fitted in early Yak-1) and M-105PF is 110hp. The model what we have, flies 582 km/h at 4000m. The early Yak-1 from 1940 was flying 569 km/h at 4950m. Also, our Yak is about 220 kg lighter. But I personally don´t think that these marginal differences are the reason, why not put Yak-1 to the map 3. Also, the FW-190 was introduced in September 1942 (at eastern front), not May, like the JGr8_Leopard said.
  4. This Is what game specifications say, right? But Yak-1 and LaGG-3 were in operational state from the start of the war. The Yak-1 ser.69 only means, that this is one of the production series and it is very similar to the first series, which were already in use in 1941. Same with LaGG-3, I would only see your complain reasonable, if we had LaGG-3 with slats and we don't have this version. So, try sometimes read some books, before only rewriting the game specs.
  5. If you can send me the layers, I will be very happy🤗
  6. Hello, how can I add Invasion stripes to my Mustang skin? I can´t see them in any layer
  7. Can I download P-51 template with invasion stripes somewhere?
  8. I would like BoBP for a friend please. Thank You🙏
  9. Happy Birthday! Btw. the other people here don´t know, what art is 😁
  10. I would like it, but I don´t think that Devs will do it. Too much work and no money from it. Also, I think that if you are on fire, you don´t look to your skin and I think, that fuel supply and structural weakening are modelled, but maybe I´m wrong.
  11. Happy Birthday! If possible, I would like FC. Thank You
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