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  1. Czech Republic - Česko(Č is reading like "TSCH" in German), Kanada
  2. Hello, I`ve got a problem. IL-2 crashes if I have TS on. Other programmes I use is Opentrack and Target. When I want to play IL-2, I start Target opentrack and TS, after that all is ready, I start IL-2. Normally, before this problem I had about 30-60 fps in loading screen. Now, I have 0-10, and when IL-2 is loaded it goes down to 0-3 fps. When I close the TS, the fps go high as before, to 30-60. I have the lastest Windows actualization (from yesterday, maybe?) and also TS updated. I tried to reinstall TS, but nothing changed. Sorry for my bad English and please help, Rannisokol
  3. What about the night raids to Germany scenario? I think, the hardest thing would be the radar model, but if it was in IL-2 1946, it couldn´t be that hard. Also, some of the planes can be flown without radar as a normal day planes (Mossie, Me 410). Map would be good for the night operations from 42-44 and also for the Battle of Berlin (45) scenario, if it is created. There is also a Ruzyne airport in Prague, one of the latest Me-262 bases. These are possible planes (the years are the combat debut times): Battle of Germany (42-44) Axis Bf-110 G-4 (January 43) Do-217 N-2 (Early 42) He 219 A-6 (Early 44) Me 410 A-1/U-2 (February 44) Ju 88 G-6 (middle 44) Allies D.H. Mosquito NF Mk. XVII (January 44) P-61 A-1 Black Widow (early 44) Lancaster III (middle 42) Halifax III (Early 43) Stirling III (Late 42) Sources: http://www.historyofwar.org/ Wikipedia I know there was a FW-190 with a radar, but I think it would be not good compare to other aircrafts (bad durability). And the map looks somethings like this: So, what do you think? I´m not a historian, so if someone know more than me, I´m open to your suggestions😉
  4. Thank you guys, switching to the port 2 is working😁
  5. Hello, I have some problems with my MS FFB 2 joystick. 1) When I play multiplayer and later I go into singleplayer, the force in joystick is stronger and it is not FFB, It is same at every joystick position. 2) When I am in mission and go into controls menu, I have the same problem as before. 3) Sometimes the FFB on elevator turn of. It happens only when I start new mission, not in half of the mission. I have this problems only in BoS and RoF, DCS and IL-2 1946 works good. Thank you for your answers, Rannisokol
  6. Hello, when I want to join Taw and I click Multiplayer, I see only 7 servers. Before this, there was an actualization. Before actualization it worked perfectly. I tried to restart the game, but it is same. My friend told that he also see only these servers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1674906367
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