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  1. I just wonder if there is an age poll for every sim in it's forum. I think Cliffs of Dover's largest grouping is 30-40 year olds then 40 50 year olds
  2. I wonder what the EMF level is coming out of those things.
  3. I knew I was going to see that 2019 if I just shut up and watched for a while
  4. I'm very anxious to see what the online player numbers will be...Higher. Waaay higher lol
  5. I posted this up in the ATAG forum so I thought I'd post it here too. This is Derna today with all of it's colour contrasts to see for real.
  6. One of those things that we don't gripe about and hope will be fixed one day
  7. I'm no expert but I would guess late 2013. I do remember the first map they showed and it looked nothing like the one we know today. I think it was with the heading "How do you feel about the Mediterranean?" I'm pretty sure that's the exact map that I saved from the forum about five years ago. Just a google map to show what they were talking about I guess.
  8. I feel another contest coming up over in the ATAG forum
  9. Spitfire Mk.IX is too new for patch 5. That's more like Italy
  10. What interim patch? What would be in that? Fast 109s to cross the channel?
  11. 1c or 777 or are they the same thing now? Back in the old days before IL-2 BOS all IL-2 was 1c
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