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  1. It is 6./JG27 by the way. I forgot to write it in the description
  2. Ude Falcon is backwards on the non supercharger side. As far as witch way insignias face I've seen this happen a few times with profiles and I have hundreds of them on file. I would go by photos for that specific thing. The profiles are great as far as everything else goes and that's a great looking skin.
  3. Pattle it looks like the ending is rather like some sort of cliff hanger with those Spitfires trying to catch the rest of the Stukas. If the F-4s put the throttle to the wall there's no way they'll catch them but scooting off is being a shameful coward 🤔
  4. That's where the P-40 shines in my opinion. North Africa camouflage looks so good
  5. I would like it to end up over Europe in 1945 but I get MP's point for sure.
  6. Silent Hunter III is awesome..Once and a while someone comes out with some thng that's great..IL-2 for example 2001 and still going
  7. Water in Cliffs of Dover has always been nice. The Mediterranean Sea is a totally different colour than the channel though. The channel is dark and drabber. Sure looks like water though
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