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  1. Just wondering why skins for BOS are never created with just nothing at all on the tail like so. Once and a while you would actually see a late war 109 or 190 actually like this although I did this to an F
  2. In IL-2 Cliffs of Dover you have to jettison the canopy first before you can bail out, just like a real 109 witch I love but the pilot kind of needs work still. I shot down a Spitfire a while ago and it's pilot's bailout looked great this one however not so good but I imagine it will be worked on in the future and made better. Go to 45 seconds in this video to see the canopy jettison..
  3. I like how the old 109 comes out of the stall so nicely. The prop starts to spinner faster and faster as she gains speed again. It flies better without me in it LOL😁
  4. It's from the big event on the TF Tobruk server November 14 80 plus players.
  5. So this is the Nov/Dec edition of the magazine?
  6. I just rooted around in my cache... found the default skin that I really liked and made it historical ...simple
  7. Put a flower over the swastika and then link to the historically correct one or go over to ATAG where there is no censorship https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=44
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