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  1. That's where the P-40 shines in my opinion. North Africa camouflage looks so good
  2. I would like it to end up over Europe in 1945 but I get MP's point for sure.
  3. Silent Hunter III is awesome..Once and a while someone comes out with some thng that's great..IL-2 for example 2001 and still going
  4. Water in Cliffs of Dover has always been nice. The Mediterranean Sea is a totally different colour than the channel though. The channel is dark and drabber. Sure looks like water though
  5. Everything looks really nice...Blue blue Mediterranean, trucks and palm trees too 🤗
  6. I just wonder if there is an age poll for every sim in it's forum. I think Cliffs of Dover's largest grouping is 30-40 year olds then 40 50 year olds
  7. I wonder what the EMF level is coming out of those things.
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