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  1. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    Blue where we meeting on comms? I aint doin this bush league chat only for the whole campaign, TS, Discord youall pick but we need to coordinate. TAW has a TS and discord, both essentially dead.
  2. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    Devil's advocate, scrambling fighters from an airfield is a realistic IRL expectation, so yes not smart from a score POV, but definitely within reason
  3. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    @xJammer We had a discussion about this a month ago, its a game, but if you treat it like the way you do, you will always get this response...youve shown me a trend here and on coco expert and it seems you like to either troll or ruin peoples fun......only way to halt this is agressive server mods imo, throw him out. Server admins be the leaders the community desperatly needs ! ~jarhead
  4. Banzaii

    348th Fighter Group

    jump on voice at some point, talk to the bros we will vette you.
  5. Banzaii

    348th Fighter Group

    You didn't have a discord name of jarhead did you?
  6. look at your profile on the taw website, it will show what aircraft you have available in your hanger.
  7. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    Will blue crack because the predicted red route, only time will tell. Red rules, blue druels! Oh BTW, English speakers please use TAW TS for coord at a minimum. Example I'd use TAW TS to coord with other flights, but squad discord for interflight. Cheers!
  8. Banzaii

    348th Fighter Group

    Squadron name and description updated for BoBo.
  9. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    TBH if red had a central location and a fairly accesable location to coord and plan, as well as pass intel, I think itd be a less scatterbrain effort and you could stay blue. My opinion is English speskers use the TAW discord for red coord at a minimum. Over to the Russians and Germans on TAW TS if they wanna send and Englisg speakin rep to coord. You can drop intel on target area from screenshots, aa locations etc. Would be cool. Not to mention build a connected community.
  10. Banzaii

    HS129 takeoff

    She's a beautiful mallard duck that requires somewhat of a rudder dance on takeoff. Requims video will show you some of the things I WASNT doing before. Behind the 47, the 129 is my jam and have zero issues after watching the vid and following his steps. Cheers.
  11. Banzaii

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    P47 wings are attached by freedom, definitly need to be indestructable.
  12. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    A cookie for you.
  13. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    Im a little concerned with the smount of dudes just sitting and hanging out in spectators. It could completly innocent, or not, either way a consistent 20 just sitting there clobbers the server. Maybe 5 min limit on idle then you kicked.
  14. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    @SCG_Riksen Check PMs.
  15. Banzaii

    Tactical Air War

    Perhaps blue will get bored. Treat it like the opening of Barbarossa, getting shwaked. Makes it much more fun and frantic. Blue will peter out and then we waffle stomp them. I would not be opposed to hard caps, and forcing your account to a side if possible. Either way I will enjoy it.