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  1. Tactical Air War

    what time sunday does this kick off? 0001 GMT?
  2. Tactical Air War

    Any thought to creating a Tactical Air War internal forum? Pretty big at 202 pages.
  3. Tactical Air War

    weekend has begun, we kicken this thing off or what?
  4. Tactical Air War

    [BD] squad is registered on TAW with 5-6 members Red Evening Pacific Standard. We expecting this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Registration on the TAW page has been light, maybe word aint out.
  5. Tactical Air War

    We have any idea how far out this campaign is?
  6. Fearless Prediction

    if you knew the broader us flight sim community, it would be obvious, majority i know, which is alot wanted BOP. They undeestand why not now, but still are bummed.
  7. Fearless Prediction

    Pacific is where the money is at, and where they should go, plus it is the best theatre obviously.
  8. Dserver account request

    request sent, thanx jim
  9. Tactical Air War

    we expecting a new campaign by the end of the month or farther out.
  10. Dserver account request

    im assuming the request for dserver goes thru customer support?
  11. PWCG 3.4.1 Released

    Pat, my squad is having a blast, thanks for the hard work. Only issue we're having is pilot death in a coop campain, we have max injury set to 4, why aernt pilots dying when they auger in with a huge explosion?
  12. Co Op Missions // cannot establish connection

    if it isnt working contact your isp. I had everything setup correctly for months and was pulling my hair out, called the isp and those dingleberries were blocking port forwarding. Rural America ISPs, terrible.
  13. Is Cliffs of Dover Blitz worth buying

    CLOD community is top notch, if you buy it for that reason Id say its a wise purchase, if its for the broken game itself which has plenty of other sims which do it better, stay away. 800 hrs in cliffs,after new update.... start game and aircraft starts rotating on deck into the wind, oh guess they didnt care sbout the basics, uninstall. Like I said, the community over there is the best, more mature typically than this one.
  14. Tactical Air War

    LG, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "no chance in hell" and 10 being "a sure thing" what are the chances of campaign kicking off before vacation is over in early Jan. Bypassing tweaks to get a campaign running with all interested, home and on vacation, IMO will do more than a few tweaks that prob will have little to no affect.
  15. Blitz Quality

    Nothing like spawning in on the field, and watching plane crab into wind on deck, sooooo imersive. 700 hrs in CLOD, cant fix basic physics, luckily ive got this great sim to play.