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  1. Good riddance, [edited] weather diversity
  2. I will re-iterate, if the leaders in the community had backbone and banned him, forcing him to spend some more money to get alt accounts, one he'd either stop, or two, he'd go broke. He's ruined the taw experience for me, and its the best experience in IL-2. BTW he was on my team last taw too.
  3. Gamer: Driving a P-39 to tank column on a PVP server and shooting up the column in a flight sim no less. No care of pilot lives, no care of intent of server. Simmer: More historically focused....might even go a little overboard on simulating pilot life, fear of death etc. Cares about historical accuracy to some degree all the way to militantly. The top group will want the best plane they can to win quickly....the simmer will enjoy the crappy aircraft, learn it, and beat the good aircraft in the crappy one with tactical prowess. That wasn't super eloquent because it should be obvious in this game you have loads of both types of player.
  4. You missed the point completly on my post...people treat this genre in two ways, game and simulation....those attitudes/preference affect how you enjoy your gameplay. Only the others who know me personally will chuckle at the rest of your response, cheers.
  5. I most definitely am not a "gamer" and I want to have the Buffalo and fly it extensively. History and Aviation aficionados would enjoy it thoroughly more than a gamer would. I would say the truth behind your statement is reversed, gamers would like the high end aircraft.
  6. Honestly I think you'll get a IL-2 2.0 engine next to increase the size of maps etc. Then Pacific.
  7. Korea worked in 46' ....it can most definitly work here. You dont need the whole penninsula. Japan to North of Busan....call that the Pusan map.....one seoul to pyonyang....then another up on the yalu river. A mig vs sabre matchup alone eould be popular enough, not to mention the asset sharing across future Pacific expansions. 1C needs to bring the American customer to the table to expand the game...New Guinea is a bad business move, you need a Midway first.
  8. None of your choices help the problem with getting carriers in game. Korea helps bridge that. Battle of Korea should help bridge the Pacific Gap..ME262 brings jet tech to the game. Carriers were integral in Korea's survival with British and US carriers being involved. The documentation is much easier to come by too. Carriers: Intrepid Class CV, and HMS Triumph USN/USAF F9F Panther F4U Corsair A-1 Skyraider F-51D Mustang F86 Sabre Lockheed F80 Shooting Star F-84E Hawker Sea Fury Korea/VVS Mig 15 La-9 La-7 IL-10 Sturmovik Yak-3 Yak-7
  9. We've decided to put our lot in with ACG for dedicated missions, for jackin around on your normal weekday, best place to look would be the 69th boys on the official BOS teamspeak, best option for consistent Pacific action. Redhawk and his boys are a class act, a little old but great guys nonetheless.
  10. Hows this for ya...landing on an enemy airfield where aaa can either not hit you, or its down, then, anytime someone spawns in, shoot them with your gunner.......second transgression on another server.....land a tank busting aircraft on a road, and taxi to the tank column, and use the cannon while taxi'ing around to destroy it, ala P-39 action....then there's the action in question several pages ago in which there are several theories about what he did, but who cares, hopefully he's gone or if another alt pops up it'll be instantly recognizable. This is a flight simulation game, dont expect to treat a competitive campaign like this like your playing GTA V.
  11. Lagg 3 is the oldest aircraft in BOS, many of us have flown it since early Beta back in 13 or 14. She's gud with some practice, good deflection shooting,and cool sunglasses, fact. Don't discount her, cuz I won't dogfighting in my Ju52.
  12. Can Depot buildings be destroyed by Canons and MG's?
  13. Lack of backbone and leadership across the board @SeaSerpent imo on banning him.
  14. @=L/R=Maurox you shouldn't have to spend valuable time going through code over and dealing with this guy. If it can be verified via the server logs with what he did, get rid of him. Once again, server admins need to take leadership and get rid of him, he uses contacting the server admins like coconut and here to prevent himself from getting banned. Using that whole human aspect when you know the guy.
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