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  1. Isn't steel fury a tank sim only? The tactics when needing to deal with player's in stukas, IL-2s and ducks attacking you is unparalleled. The strategy and tactics involved. The coordination with other players on comms who are airborne and providing cap and cas is great.
  2. Been crushing mostly tanks vice planes since I actually took the time to bind tank crew. The combined arms aspect on Finnish Virtual War is hella fun. If youre on the fence dont be. That is all
  3. If youre looking to tank platoon up evening pacific with 4-5 other tanks on Finnish, pm me.
  4. ......or just look at the map before spawning and tell your bros in chat not to spawn at temporary. Spawn camping is the same as vulching at temp which is undefended.
  5. MobileBBQ Salty? Go look at the stats on il2 stats and see the damage we inflicted with timestamps, why dont YOU do the ground work and prove it by backing that up with a TacView recording. We need prove nothing. Move on. Oh ya, it shows a tank icon anywhere near your objective, attention to detail prior to spawning in.
  6. I'm not wearing pants, so........ how do I blackmail them to start the next round?
  7. We just added a fantastic new squadron pilot, still six available slots.
  8. Attached are several pics showing the internal stat monitoring in the squad, and the memorial for a fallen pilot. Server stat tracking alone, doesn't suffice, as we fly the same "virtual life" on several different servers and sims. This is done all in house. Tracking also includes aircraft tracking based on historical norms for squadron strength during the period. If the squadron loses become too high, a trickle of aircraft can replenish squadron strength. If this exceedingly high lost rate continues, the members of the squad will consider the unit combat ineffective, wrap up the campaign
  9. 308 Squadron RAF is recruiting up to 7 new pilots who are serious hardcore sim enthusiasts. Warning: This group performs tactics at a very high level. This group is not for most people, know this, and read below in its entirety if your interest is peaked. Mission We're here to emulate the flyers who fought in World War 2 plain and simple. We do research on flyers from the era, take that person on as our "virtual life" while flying competitively in PVP in the various WW2 combat sims available on the market. We value: Teamwork ~ We succeed and fail
  10. You're right, its really hopping right now.
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