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  1. The Welly, (all versions) are in the game, but the animations for all the moving parts are still be worked on.
  2. @No.54_Reddog The mines will work like the sea-based mines in game now. Place them individually in the FMB. Damage to vehicles will depend on what type of vehicle and how much explosives are put in the mine. As for MP, we will be testing this to see what impact it will have. Besides the obvious, I can see these as being an interesting addition for mission builders who want to protect certain airfields or objects from human controlled ground objects that have some type of mission importance with triggers.
  3. Always been there. The object has nothing to do with the engine being on. You can place an aircraft in the FMB, make it "player". Then add other objects you want. If you want a portion of the aircraft to be removed, then place another object touching it and it will trigger the DM. So the cowling is removed in this particular instance. Each plane will be different depending on how their DM works, sometimes it works great, sometime not so much.
  4. Maintenance is checking that engine out. If you want to create photos like that, you can place small objects close enough to parts of the aircraft and you'll trigger the DM. So then it looks like the groundcrew is performing work on that engine. I'd guess it is human controlled, started just the left engine.
  5. I'm not sure people know how much work is involved in getting CloD to VR standards. If there isn't much interest in 5.0 CloD, then there is no point in doing the massive amount of work involved. If 5.0 is a success and we move to 6.0, then yes, we will do the work necessary. It is a catch 22 for everyone involved.
  6. At what resolution? I can't see any difference on my Ipad or phone but on my monitor and putting the youtube resolution at 4k it is obvious.
  7. No AA improvements in this alpha build.
  8. There has been plenty of announcements regarding NA and 5.0. They will always be in the Cliffs of Dover section of this forum.
  9. No, 190 will be the number one priority aircraft for 6.0 if it happens.
  10. I see. Undercarriage to me is the landing gear and and their mechanisms. Yes, the belts and bombs have customization but it isn't easy. Check these out, there are many more threads about it. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11427&highlight=ammo+belt https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26915&highlight=ammo+belt https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29793&p=322400&viewfull=1#post322400
  11. @DN308 What do you mean modify the ammo belts and undercarriage? You can modify your ammo belts and residual belts. As for the undercarriage, not sure what you mean. @Mysticpuma Can you add that gear issue in the trk file to the bug tracker please? As for the grass, there is more of an issue with that and the code, right now all our efforts in that department is on Tobruk. We are still aware of it though.
  12. Attached are the release notes for Blitz 4.57. Steam should automatically update. Also, we have revised the AI order and command menu. These are functional for the most part, it is still a work in progress. These are not yet perfected and there are still anomalies that haven't been looked at. We will continue to improve the AI and the commands while we work towards the release of 5.0. Bugs that were fixed: https://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/842 https://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/479 https://www.tfbt.nuvturais.de/issues/817 RELEASE NOTES: While creating the upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk of the CLIFFS OF DOVER series, we also improve many things that also benefit CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ, so we're very happy to release this new patch 4.57 with the following improvements: - Fixed: Bomb defuse message shows when rearming non-bomb-carrying aircraft. - Fixed: Individual magneto keybindings (e.g. Magneto #1 on #1 Engine - Toggle) not effective on single engined aircraft. - Fixed: Fiat G.50, mouse clicks on magnetos in cockpit not effective. - Fixed: Static Objects loosing underground portions when seen from more that 499m. - Fixed: Artillery cannot be manned by players. - Fixed: Naval and Artillery will fire at targets in range even when not having a line of sight. - Fixed: Spitfire amp meter shows incorrect values. - Fixed: In patch 4.56 the autumn trees on the Channel Autumn Map were erroneously replaced with the summer trees. This has been corrected - Revised AI: Order Menu (aka TAB Menu) commands for AI now are functional. This is a further step in a series of AI improvements we hope to make for CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ as well as our upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk release. ATAG_Pattle will be back in the next few hours to hopefully give you a little bit more info and perhaps a more elegant guide about the AI menu/commands. Regarding the menu, the options will vary depending on which side you are flying and which position (hierarchy) you are in your squadron. The order menu has seven first level entries, being Recipient, Help me, Maintain Radio Silence, Mission, Air Targets, Navigation, and Ground Control. Every one of the above besides Mission and Ground Control are relevant for commanding the AI. Dark red options are not available, red options are available, and orange options have sub-entries (Colors may change in future updates to be more user friendly). The Order Menu is navigated with keys 1-9, and 0 to go back one entry. When holding down Alt or Ctrl keys, you will have additional options. With 1. Recipients, you enter into the recipients menu which allows for two additional command modifiers (Alt and Ctrl). You may press any number and select one of the recipients for the message. You may hold Ctrl and press any number, and you expand certain menu items. Holding Alt and pressing any number you can select as many Flights as you want as long as they are under your command. Like I said, hopefully Pattle can get something more elegant together when he returns. Our Beta testers, most notably Bonditaria and DerDa may post here if they would like to give you more detail since they have more knowledge in this area. Bonditaria also has a quick youtube video showing the workings of the Alt and Ctrl modifiers. Thank you and enjoy! Oh, and why not:
  13. Like Buzz said, hopefully we can give you an updated first post sometime soon. But I just glanced at it and as for aircraft, most of those are done and in game and are now getting texture tweaks and some 3d tweaks. There are a few planes on that list still awaiting import and a couple still finishing small 3d elements. Remember, there are only a handful of 3d artist doing all these models in our spare time. AI continues to get improvements, along with the map and code works, bug fixes, etc.. Things are looking up. 👍
  14. We are looking into it. The Welly can also hold torpedoes. The Beau can as well but not until after 5.0 for time period.
  15. They are revised sounds Onebad. In the release notes those appear under the sound fixes/improvements. The other time revised is used is when talking about the AI. The info below the first statement about the revised AI behavior has the details. I should have been more clear with the outline dots. Filled in ones are like titles, the empty ones have more detail on the topic. Hope you enjoy the changes. ~S
  16. Release Notes IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs Of Dover Blitz 4.56 While creating the upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk of the CLIFFS OF DOVER series, we also improve many things that also benefit CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ, so we're very happy to release this new patch 4.56 with the following improvements:• Revised AI behaviour◦ We've generally improved the AI's behaviour in many situations.◦ The default skill settings are now more granular and the the particular skills (Basic Flying, Advanced Flying, Awareness, Aerial Gunnery, Tactics, Vision, Bravery) now better match the proficiency levels (Rookie, Average, Vetaren, Ace). All missions delivered with CloD were updated with the new default skill levels.◦ A bug in the airfield tower communications (tower's "clear to land" order) has been fixed and AI aircraft now correctly land at airfields when landing waypoint is specified by mission builder.These are the first steps in a series of AI improvements we hope to make for CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ as well as our upcoming TF 5.0 Tobruk release.• Rearm and Refuel: Mission builders can now allow rearm and refuel functionality in their missions.◦ Refuel is in percent. The mission builder can implement whatever he needs.◦ Rearm is available as "Rearm all", meaning guns and bombs, or as "Rearm only guns".All this is only available if the mission builder implements it. The game checks no requirements and the rearm and refuel is immediate. The mission builder can impose requirements ("landed at airfield, parked, magnetos off, fuel cocks closed, no damages") and show the messages reminding the pilot about it. He also can implement waiting times (e.g. longer time for bigger planes) and messages about it. Also, a truck driving up to the plane could be coded by the mission builder.Example mission scripts are available here:◦ Rearm Refuel Example Very Basic SinglePlayer:https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...downloadid=208◦ Rearm/Refuel Example with Requirements and Delay for Singleplayerhttps://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...downloadid=209◦ Rearm/Refuel Example with Requirements and Delay for Multiplayerhttps://theairtacticalassaultgroup.c...downloadid=210• The Lorenz blind landing system has been implemented. The Transmitter and cockpit instruments have been fixed.• Longer range non-directional radio beacons and long range beacons are now functional.• Transition between different land textures has been improved.• OnBuildingDestroyed() is now correctly called in multiplayer when a building is destroyed.• A static Dictionary<string, object> has been added to the AMission object so mission builders can modularize code.• The propellor pitch control animation for He-111 has been fixed.• The propellor pitch control animation for He-111 and Ju-88 is now correct (it was reversed).• New Sounds and Sound Fixes:◦ Fixed issue rendering 75% of land vehicle sounds (armored car, trucks, etc..) being inaudible.◦ Fixed distance dropoff for above land vehicles.◦ Fixed dynamic blasts (added to explosions and cannons).◦ Revised Overstress SFX (Restricted to Spitfires and BF109s only for testing).◦ Revised aircraft buffeting SFX (Restricted to Spitfires and BF109s only for testing).◦ Added new supercharger whistle.◦ Added dynamic panning to aircraft exterior view.◦ Implemented basic 3D positional audio (It should now be easier to locate a sound source.)◦ Revised Fiat A-74◦ Revised Fiat A-80◦ Revised DB601 series◦ Revised Jumo211 series◦ Revised Merlin Series.◦ Added Merlin XII Coffman Starter.◦ Fixed Merlin sounding idle if throttle was moved under 20%-30%◦ Revised MG 17◦ Revised Hispano◦ Revised Browning .303s◦ Native bird calls◦ New engine sounds for the Tiger Moth◦ Relevant Bugtracker entries:▪ #850 (Resolved): Fiat G.50 engine sound cut out at high rpm when listening from outside▪ #1099 (Resolved): Bad engine sound above idle in Blitz on He 111 and Ju 88 Aircraft▪ #952 (Resolved): Merlin engine sounds louder at low revs than at high power▪ #736 (Resolved): Bf 109: /B variants sound bug▪ #1062 (Resolved): Beaufighter engine sounds periodic bass pulsing▪ #547 (Resolved): Fighter 303 sounds cut out --------------- Edit: For Mission Builders who are interested in implementing Re-arm and Refuel in their missions, please see this link for a sample explanation: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31327 ------ Please note: We recommend players delete their 'cache' file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/ after updating and prior to starting the game.
  17. Yes but the night environment is severely bugged in CloD right now. We hope to address it though, because low light and night flying are another element to this sim that should be utilized.
  18. Just bumping this response in case it gets lost.
  19. Just tried this stick, works fine. Instead of your above post, just ask for help, you'll get it.
  20. Are you looking for info on BoX or CloD? For manuals on CloD, check here: https://www.theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/wiki/doku.php?id=start
  21. You can make a specific aircraft only trigger events through scripting. Steamworks on ATAG has the agent pickup up and I have it to only work if a twin engine aircraft lands. The downside is this involves scripting, and lots of it, so not user friendly at all.
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