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  1. If you need the space, no need to keep it. If you have the space, I always keep things if possible. Regarding the ships, no this issue has always been occasionally present with online play and the ships.
  2. RAF Briefing: Operation Mirror RAF.rar Luftwaffe Briefing: Operation Mirror Luftwaffe.rar
  3. What Flare said is correct. This isn't the hardest thing to do, however when you have custom spawn points in online missions having to add another spawn area on the same field would add a lot of time and testing to the online mission builders, which is a small amount of people.
  4. Big updates for v10: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=33824&p=360715&viewfull=1#post360715
  5. Will update this one more time before moving on to make another mission. Maybe finish getting these changes in by tomorrow, so maybe this will be in the rotation in the next couple of days. Added radar for both sides, which works. Both are able to be destroyed and count as a point, so adding options to win the map (overall points to win don't change). Added more AAA defenses for all forward airfields, so between 20-30 AAA pieces. Added another Italian spawn point at Gasr el Arid with all planes, and another US spawn point at Buq Buq. Also created a "fighter command" in the tab menu, like the bomber command. Now people can call in fighter AI missions. Both sides have the same idea, one is a general patrol of their sides with 2 flights of X amount of aircraft, and the other is an airfield defense patrol, so much closer and quicker to the front airfields in case they are being vulched. Again, 2 flights of X amount of planes.
  6. NAVAIDs are working fine, not sure what the issue is on peoples end. Make sure your aircraft has the ability, right now only a few blue aircraft can (we are working on getting this to work for particular red aircraft) and you are using the primary freq increase/decrease. -
  7. Added a beacon at Almiah Alkhafia @ 312. Not sure why they aren't working. Looking into that. Also added the ability to call in AI raids. Both sides have two missions to call in, once a mission is called in, 30 minutes must elapse before another mission can be called. AI raids do not engage target objectives, just meant to create more activity around the map and give times with low numbers more things happening. Changed Gambut to "Italy" for blues, Halfaya changed to "US" for red.
  8. Updated first post. Can't upload all photos, reached max. Check this thread: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=33824&p=360715&viewfull=1#post360715 Changed the target airfields from 100% damage to "destroy" to 50%. Also changed all hard targets from 80% to 50% to "destroy" them.Moved the time back by 10 minutes. There is still about 15 minutes of decent daylight when the mission turns. Players need to be willing to try new things and while the visibility isn't perfect, it isn't bad either towards the end of the mission.Added two more spawn points for each side. Blue: Sidi Rezegh, all aircraft available. Red: Gasr el Abid, all aircraft available.Changed the ship skill levels to average and rookie for both sides.Added two trucking convoys for both sides which are now counted as mission objectives. See updated briefing on rough location and direction of travel.Changed how the mission can be won. Each side needs to accumulate 5 points to win the map, each target is worth a point with the exception of the Axis's shipping convoy, if the Allied side sinks those ships it is worth two points.So not all targets need to be destroyed now, the two trucking convoys that have been added to both sides play a role now, so each side has 7 targets and only 5 need to be destroyed to win.Also added some NAVAIDs.
  9. Added more flak/AAA. Added Halfaya as another airbase with all Allied aircraft available. Made Amseat No2 an emergency field, only Allied fighters/attack aircraft are available there. Axis now have Gambut No3 as another airbase with all Axis aircraft available. Menastir No2 is an emergency field, only fighter/attack aircraft are available there. Also added AAA encampments for both sides along the northern front line. Not sure when the new version will go live, hopefully in the next 24 hours. Briefing is like 8 sentences for each side, not sure how to make that more concise than it already is. There are truck columns that spawn in every 30 minutes. Nothing to do with the mission but they are there if you want to attack them.
  10. I've doubled the amount of flak and Bofors around the closest airfields. People vulch regardless of what mission makers do. I could look into making another spawn point when I have time.
  11. You need to see which map it is, I've checked the airfields, they turn at 100%. There are a couple of other missions whrere the airfields aren't turning and need adjustments.
  12. The ships can sometimes do that, believe that is a netcode issue. Regarding the re-supply, I think that target is set to 80%, so you'll need to destroy a good chunk of both areas for it to turn. Could be as simple as missing one truck or cargo box.
  13. The airfields for both are pretty evenly spaced, with the two near the invasion force being the close ones for each side.
  14. Photos with swastikas continue to get posted, personal attacks against members and companies, and a basic disregard to what this thread was created for.
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