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  1. According to some discord friends who have had the opportunity to check their settings, this is the way of things. Unfortunate. I now know what I'll be hoping for and looking forward to in future patches.
  2. Hi @RedKestrel, I do have distant buildings checked and have horizon draw distance extended out.
  3. That was a great read, and the photos in there are phenomenal! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I've done various keyword searches to see if anyone else is experiencing this, but didn't find anything. The closest I found was this guys post. Basically a city will only render properly when you're looking at it. I can be flying along, have a city at my 3 o'clock. If I look at my 9 o'clock, then back at my 3, the city will have de-spawned and will re-render itself 1 second later. Even if I only look away for 5 seconds. I guess you could also call this pop in. It's extremely jarring and annoying. I've got a high end rig (i7 7700k + 2080ti + 16gb ram) and I'm using ultra settings. I'm pegged at 100fps almost always, which is my monitor hz cap. I'm willing to sacrifice performance in order to have things STAY RENDERED around my aircraft. Is there some magical combination of settings I need to use? INI tweaks? Any advice would be great! More Edits: Game is installed on my OS drive, which is an NVME SSD. It's also the Steam version, but that shouldn't matter any. Video Example (just uploaded, YT might not have made it HD quality yet):
  5. Curious, what are the typical "spotting aircraft settings" ? What are your settings?
  6. Unfortunately, no built in career mode. You can use PWCG for a campaign which works well enough. There is also an absolutely amazing campaign to fly:
  7. That was amazing!!! FPS seemed a little low at times but fantastic video otherwise. You really captured a lot of great shots there.
  8. Yesterday was a very strange night for us. We really had a hard time finding the Hun! Started off with a successful recon mission, escorting Shamrock in a Bristol. Met no opposition there. Saw a little bit happening on the way back, but I don't think anything came of it.. Two of us peeled off to investigate but rejoined formation shortly afterwards. After that we all took up SE5's and went hunting. We ran into you guys with your eagle eyes, who spotted 2 CL2's down low. We moved to intercept - but lost visual. I believe you guys were able to bounce them. Had a small scrap with a DR1 who was strafing some ground targets, but he disco'd before we could shoot him down. There were some other small engagements, I was only indirectly involved and don't have a clear view of them. Shamrock ended up with a D7 on his tail and did a beautiful job evading until the rest of us got enough bullets into him and his wing came off. I ended my night in a bad position against a red nosed D7 and dove for home quite shot up. All said, definitely not a bad night. Just very different from what we've experienced in the past!
  9. The twitter updates need to be revamped a bit I think. "You" are tagging accounts that haven't tweeted or retweeted in some cases since 2011. Also some hashtags have no use, as nobody is using them. Here is my unprofessional opinion after clicking on each of the included accounts / tags. get rid of @bestwargames - 9 tweets. 9 followers. Last tweet Jan 2014. get rid of @combatsim - 4 tweets. 16 followers. Last tweet Apr 2011. get rid of @flightsimnews1 is slightly better with 166 followers, but they haven't posted since May 2019. keep @flightsimcom - ok this one is actually a good choice. and it looks like they're posting about you & they have 10k followers. It doesn't look like they're following you though, so keeping them in the loop is a good thing. Maybe follow them and try to get a follow back? keep @TheFSNetwork - also a good choice, with 3k followers. It doesn't look like they're following you though, so keeping them in the loop is a good thing. @checksix_gaming - they are following you & posting about your updates. @stormbirdsblog - they are following you & posting about your updates. tags get rid of #ww2aircraftsim - nobody uses it, you're the only one to ever post to it. get rid of #airbattles - very low post count get rid of #ww2sim - not much happening there keep #flightsimulation & #flightsim add #il2sturmovik - lowish post count, but has a history and is also relevant. Please do not take any offense. I just want you guys to do good, and get noticed by all the flight sim people out there for all the great work you're doing for Cliffs. The notes above are simply what I've taken a look at over a cup of coffee this morning. Loving all the updates, looking forward to the next one!
  10. Pretty much just the title. I'd like to utilize the thumbstick axes more as a wheel or a lever I guess rather than a return to center input. Would be nice to nudge it up or down for things like mixture, radiator, or whatever. I can't figure out how to obtain this functionality for the life of me.. Of course, the CH software doesn't work in Windows 10 very reliably these days.. So that option is kind of out of the picture.
  11. Hi RavN_Sone, If I take just the launcher.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\game, and move it into my steam installation directory of C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game, I end up with the following error: Now, if I take the associated library files from C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles\bin\game and again put them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game I get the following error: And looking deeper into that message, I just fixed it 😄 I went to \Data\updater\ folder and copied it to my steam installed directory. The launcher is working now with my steam installation. Thanks!!
  12. Hmmm.. How do I do that? I just downloaded the launcher from IL2 website and installed it, but now it's re-downloading the game. Checking settings, I don't see anywhere to point it to another location. Edit: took the launcher.exe as well as it's .dll files and put it in the same directory, but on my steam copy. Did not work Unless you are talking about Steam's ability to "add a non-steam game to your library" - in which case I wouldn't be able to utilize steam's servers for downloads.. But it would enable launching the launcher through steam. Cheers!
  13. The game, as downloaded by steam, doesn't appear to have a launcher. At least, from my looking around in what I think are the appropriate places, haven't been able to find one. Yup, I could do that if I downloaded the copy from IL2 website. But I wouldn't bother, as I don't care about Steam that much. It's just that initially I bought Battle of Stalingrad from Steam and so that's where it has remained. I've never bothered to convert myself to the non-steam version.
  14. Ok, that makes things pretty simple. Maybe I'll switch over to the non steam copy!
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