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  1. +1, would buy. Would probably buy 3-4 more for friends, too.
  2. You said that over a month ago when your DR1 got shot down by an invisible plane or something. Go take a break. Everything will still be here if and when you decide to come back. Have fun!
  3. Looking forward to participating. Great idea!
  4. Last night in QMB I purposely put my Camels prop into the tail of a Halb. It completely disintegrated. It was quite the experience.
  5. You can park your horse over that way and get off it -> I have no attitude, other than some genuine curiosity, as I stated. With a bit of good-natured humor at the end. Sheesh.
  6. Binoculars in the perfect location.
  7. So, who are the testers anyway? Are there dedicated testers specifically for FC? Maybe they just forgot the Flying Circus column of the regression testing spread sheet. I am genuinely curious here, and I would love for them to chime in and let us know why they thought this was the perfect setup for release, and signed off on it. "Yes, this is beautiful. Wings fluttering all over the landscape. Ship it!"
  8. No Had 3 rats follow me nearly all the way back to airfield at about 3k distance in my 109 E career.
  9. According to some discord friends who have had the opportunity to check their settings, this is the way of things. Unfortunate. I now know what I'll be hoping for and looking forward to in future patches.
  10. Hi @RedKestrel, I do have distant buildings checked and have horizon draw distance extended out.
  11. That was a great read, and the photos in there are phenomenal! Thanks for sharing.
  12. I've done various keyword searches to see if anyone else is experiencing this, but didn't find anything. The closest I found was this guys post. Basically a city will only render properly when you're looking at it. I can be flying along, have a city at my 3 o'clock. If I look at my 9 o'clock, then back at my 3, the city will have de-spawned and will re-render itself 1 second later. Even if I only look away for 5 seconds. I guess you could also call this pop in. It's extremely jarring and annoying. I've got a high end rig (i7 7700k + 2080ti + 16gb ram) and I'm using ultra settings. I'm pegged at 100fps almost always, which is my monitor hz cap. I'm willing to sacrifice performance in order to have things STAY RENDERED around my aircraft. Is there some magical combination of settings I need to use? INI tweaks? Any advice would be great! More Edits: Game is installed on my OS drive, which is an NVME SSD. It's also the Steam version, but that shouldn't matter any. Video Example (just uploaded, YT might not have made it HD quality yet):
  13. Curious, what are the typical "spotting aircraft settings" ? What are your settings?
  14. Unfortunately, no built in career mode. You can use PWCG for a campaign which works well enough. There is also an absolutely amazing campaign to fly:
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