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  1. Donik

    looking for a mentor

    I'd be happy to fly 1 on 1 with you if our schedules match. I am no pro in the least. Many guys here will shoot me down with no problem. But I'm familiar with the game, controls, and general air combat. 😄 Jump on GCF's discord for Flying Circus - there's usually a few of us hanging about, waiting for some action. https://discord.gg/W9RV46p.
  2. Donik

    How is the AI?

    did another fight against 8 pfalz at altitude. 4 fought, 4 ran.. chased the 4 that ran, 2 fought, 2 continued to run. hopefully this gets corrected at some point
  3. Donik

    How is the AI?

    Oh wow, that's wild. I honestly can't say I've seen that behavior yet. They all fight to the death. So, last night I was flying on Moscow map at dusk. I set my flight(s) up on the runway and set the AI for Scramble at (if I remember) about 1000m away. Upon start, I could see dots of the two enemy flights headed my way off my 10 O'Clock. My flight proceeded to take off and attack the enemy flight from anywhere between 0-700 meters, I'd say. Of the 8 enemy, I got 5 kills. That doesn't speak very well to the AI when they're all set to ACE, but it is what it is. Kinda the same as the WW2 AI in that regard. But nobody hit the deck and ran away, as far as I could tell. I would say maybe try setting up a similar scenario on your end and see what kind of results you get.
  4. Donik

    How is the AI?

    Did a handful of 8 v 8 fights last night and didn't "wing" anyone, strange enough. Though I can now flame a Pfalz pretty quickly given the right angle! I will try more tonight and see what I come up with. Side note - I flew a big furball in RoF after flying FC and I have to say, I feel like the AI is much improved over RoF, which just resulted in a mass circling "fight" down at treetop level... Rather quickly.
  5. It's pretty darn impairing, in my opinion. Depending on how wounded you are, of course. I'm not a big fan of the more heavily wounded effects.
  6. I had tons of fun flying around in the Spad this afternoon. Took the Camel out once... Gonna need more practice in that one. heh. I think my favorite map was the Kuban one. The landscape is just really nice with the greenery, mountains and water.
  7. Donik

    How is the AI?

    Sadly, I haven't flown for a while. Did a 16 plane furball last night, to check my gear settings. Roughly 25 minutes flying time and watched 2-3 enemy wings fold. Maybe you're not shooting at the right spot?
  8. I'm in central time. Granted I'm not a regular on the forums but I do appreciate that my time zone was represented.
  9. I'm sure I'll pick it up eventually. Though I don't have a huge interest in it like I do planes. I am still more than willing to put my money where my mouth is though, for the AI expansion.
  10. Yeah you are correct about still needing the CPU related things on the CPU - I just tried to word things in a way that would be easy to understand for everyone of all technology levels My advice may work incredibly well for a "GPU Heavy" game and maybe low to moderately well for a "CPU Heavy" game. Either way, you should see some benefit by making the changes to resolution as described above. And when you're rocking older hardware, every little tweak certainly can help make a difference in the play-ability. I quoted below a reasonable answer about Low Resolution being CPU bound from a user at Tom's Hardware:
  11. What resolution are you playing at? You can compensate for that CPU somewhat by playing at a higher resolution. If you play at 2560x1440 or above, you can transfer a lot of the workload from the CPU to your GPU. Yes, you have an old CPU and should think about upgrading it soon-ish.. Newer hardware is always going to run things smoother and give you less headaches on new software. But that i7 you've got shouldn't stop you from getting at least 60fps without stutters, in my opinion. Here's a Retro Review on the 2600k chip that Guru3D did back in March of this year. I've linked specifically to a page with benchmark on it to get right to the point. At a lower resolution like 1920x1080 you are using your CPU a lot more. The differences in FPS between the old i7 2600k and a new i7 are pretty large. But scroll down to the next benchmark shown at 1440p. You up the resolution, transfer that work to your powerhouse GPU and suddenly it doesn't matter (so much) what CPU you are running. Now granted you may not have a 1440p monitor to use.. But with that 1080 Ti you can set up Dynamic Super Resolution and still play in 1440p on your 1080p monitor and hopefully reap the benefits of transferring the workload to your GPU instead of your old CPU.
  12. Always excited for and happy to see AI improvements. Please keep them (and all other improvements) coming!!
  13. I spent majority of my evening playing around with the Pfalz and Camel. Loads of fun there. I can't wait for a proper map and I'm super excited to see flying circus get fleshed out in the future. WWI air combat has always been my first love. I checked out the P-47 for an hour or so and liked it well enough for the mud moving. Dogfighting I did less than stellar against AI and had a hard time handling the machine. It's going to take lots of practice but I think P-47 pilots will do OK against other guys who are not quite ace pilots. I never fly Axis, like ever. Mainly because whenever I fly online it's always stacked with Germans. Despite that, I prefer Allied planes anyway. With that said, the 109K4 is a monster. I felt like I was playing in cheat mode. I was shooting down AI like it was nothing. That thing can just climb for days. Mind totally blown after struggling with the P-47 for an hour or so.
  14. Donik

    Single player Campaigns translated

    So Paint Schemes ARE needed in that location. Interesting. Clear now. Thanks @Sokol1!!
  15. Donik

    Single player Campaigns translated

    Maybe I'm an idiot... Part 2.7z contains: \CoD Campaigns Part 2\ then two folders inside of it: \campaign\ and \PaintSchemes\ If I follow the directions as they are stated, I end up with: \documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\campaign\(all the campaign folders) And also: \documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\PaintSchemes Is this really right? My brain is telling me this isn't right. What I think should happen: The .7z contents of \CoD Campaigns Part 2\campaigns\ should get placed in to \documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\mission\campaign\ The .7z contents of \CoD Campaigns Part 2\PaintSchemes\ should get placed in to \documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\ Which allows the skins to be placed in the appropriate folders based on the existing file structure. Again, sorry if I'm being an idiot and over complicating things, but after following the directions things just didn't look right to me from a folder structure standpoint.