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  1. Very happy for a FC2. I'm OK with whatever is included as long as the FC series continues. Hopefully some day in the future I'll be flying DH2's and E3's.
  2. How did you "reset" the conf.ini? Just delete it and let it be re-created?
  3. I expect to see overflowing servers tonight and this weekend
  4. @Buzzsaw or any other Moderators / CLoD staff able to comment? I'm still patiently waiting to play the single player aspect without all the ridiculousness it entails, AI wise.
  5. You said it, not me. I'm just now realizing my full potential thanks to you.
  6. I counted to 5 while playing a WW2 Simulator today. I'm finally skilled.
  7. So are these campaigns going to be updated for the rest of the player base, or is it expected that everyone who paid $80 for this product bugfix the campaigns on their own? Just wondering, as I do not intend to learn anything related to the FMB. Every campaign I've tried has odd issues that need some type of edit or tweak.
  8. Late to this party, but I'd take FC v2 first, Finland second, Spanish Civil War 3rd, and France last. Finland for that I-15/153 sexy airframe and all around ww2 biplane awesomeness. It's like the perfect blend of WW1/WW2. Along with a pretty unique map. Also you'd potentially get the Buffalo. How can you not love that plane? Spanish CW for more biplane action with a different map, and France just to have the d.520 in the IL-2GB engine. Honestly though a lot of those French monoplanes just look wicked. I'm really a sucker for the early war stuff. Late war from any area is cool and all, but
  9. So wait... No Battle of France? No Spanish Civil War? Can we at least get enhanced binocs for the AAA?
  10. This was always my assumption (i have not run extensive tests). Within the last week I upped my resolution from native 3440x1440 to 5120x2160 (Ultrawide Resolutions), just to see how IL-2 would run on my PC and what the up-scaling would look like. I was rather surprised when I first spotted contacts, how distinct they looked compared to what I was used to, to the point that I am/was convinced it increased my ability to spot. Have you tried anything like that? Do any other 4k or 1440p players have a comment on spotting between the 2 resolutions?
  11. Would you possibly humor us and release a 1440p or higher video using "good" settings so that we have something a little bit more in line with how the other half of the player base is running the game? I can definitely see the differences you speak of, in a way. But the whole thing looks like it was smeared with Vaseline and then recorded. Even for 1080p, and accounting for YouTube compression, it's really bad. Thank you guys for looking in to this. I can't wait to have addition spotting options available in the near future.
  12. +1, would buy. Would probably buy 3-4 more for friends, too.
  13. You said that over a month ago when your DR1 got shot down by an invisible plane or something. Go take a break. Everything will still be here if and when you decide to come back. Have fun!
  14. Looking forward to participating. Great idea!
  15. Last night in QMB I purposely put my Camels prop into the tail of a Halb. It completely disintegrated. It was quite the experience.
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