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  1. Thanks for reading my esse. Ok, i accept this ban, and have nothing to add to my previous post, exept pinpoint you at difference between terms - "deliberately" and "unintentionally" or "by mistake". For which episode i was baned? And for how long time?
  2. So, i was banned for friendly fire. I do not want to discuss this decision. It is your server and your judgment. BUT situation in overall.... You made rightful decision, but NOT legitimate. ADMINS, in this forum you explain bans, just your wishes (internal feelings, maybe): It's looks like: "Ersterday i had good mood, so i'd let people do what they want to, today my mud changes, so you all be punished....." Such situation made bad feelings about organisation on server, cause you start ban company against friendlyfire without clear rules for this aspect of game, and without announce of changing ban policy. No clear rules, hard penaltys (bans) by wishes of some persons (even with powers), using retroactive force of laws, if you ask sorry in good way - you wil not baned (but this isn't exactly)..... Guys, it's a medeval orders. In my opinion to solve this situation civilized, not totalitary (powerful, but softly) you should act in next style: 1. Made clear rules about friendlyfire. 2. Announce this new situation whith penalty for FF on forum, and "manual" only AFTER this start to ban. If you want to improove your project, and use this sadly side of game (and real live by the way) as part of gameplay and element which increase interrest to the server: 1. Made table of penaltys (FOR EXAMPLE): - 2 friendly KILLS in 2 days - minus 2 in rank + only bombers and attackers for 10 combat missions with no adding expirience, planes and medals - 2 additional KILL in 1 week after - ban + lowlest rank and only Ju87/Il2 1942/po-2 for flights for 15 combat missions after unban. - etc 2. Keep possibility to explain incidents with proofs (ingame tracks whith time mark in name of track). 3. Made consideration of appeals by admins util penalty ends. (IMHO zerotolerance to friendlyfire - not good because with ban for MISTAKE you block my possibilitys to became better and made profit to my team. Ban - good for intentional and repeately brakers of server laws as signal -you are not welkome here) And...... If you want to keep title "Best il2 dogfight server", you should do: 1. Made this bans automatic and free your time only for consideration of appeals 1. Made possibility for gamers to see pilot status (active/shtrafbat member (kämpfer der feldstrafgefangenabteilungen)/baned) in pilot status page. 2. Made possibility to see reasons for ban/penalty in pilot status page. 2. Easy way to send ingame tracks for appeal. Whith wishes to be best
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