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  1. Col. Fred Cherry (USAF, POW) Lt. Jesse Brown (USN?) Gen. Frank Petersen (USMC) Would all be good ones to look into (for international Il-2-fans; probably translated into several languages by now) for BHM. Also, I'll second the need for a green/blue/pink/whatever pilot skin based on Spurgeon Ellington as long as it has that mustache... Hehehe...pretty smooth; Clark Gable would be jealous of that stache!
  2. Correction -- best US war (i.e., anti-war) movie ever.... Arguably best Kubrick, too. Tight & to the point. And K. Doug hamming it up with George Macready? That's about as good as it gets. God bless him; he was a true Hollywood icon & will be missed. Makes me feel that I may make it to 50 if he made it to 100+
  3. I'm glad to hear that.... After idly fooling around in career & QMB for like a year, made my first couple of forays into multiplayer a couple weeks ago. Was having a blast, navigating by RRR, head on a swivel.....found the target, made too many passes.... heart's racing, heading for home at balls to the wall & rads closed (for god's sake, at least get over friendly lines & have a chance to belly in!!!) And then out of the blue -- ping-pow-bing-BOOM! from my high 6:00;!! From what I learned after I hit the ground, was some guy named after a man-portable outdoor cooking device of some sort. Hehehe..was good times Anyways, right after my initiation to multiplayer, I got the scripted campaigns on sale & they're pretty darn nice. Havoc I especially enjoyed, along with Sea Dragons. Nope, it's nowhere near as murderous. For example -- fun mission up in the kerch strait, plenty of targets but not CIWS-level AAA like QMB. Just enough to make you set up properly for a good low risk gun run or two, & then jink like crazy all the way all the way out & book it for home. So far, all of them are really nicely done.
  4. I'll take a C-6 anytime. I don't recall there being a solid-nose 88 in a sim ever (not counting mods)? That 88, plus the 410, Typhoon, and possibility of a flyable Marauder really cheered my heart & took away my hesitation over buying BoBP. I don't need to win/survive all the time to have fun; outdated Ju 88 sounds fun as hell!!
  5. Meh....I'd trade a 109 G-6 for the 47, just on general principle, really. Doubt I'd ever play much with a Skytrain, but would be nice to have a twin wasp modeled in the game, for future purposes. Sacrifice-wise, though?....I'd rip the still-beating hearts out of the G-6 and the 234, smear their warm oil all over my chest and face, and do whatever dance is needed to curry the favor of the developers & convince them to do a Do 217 instead. And I might do things to a poor, innocent little Do 217-- in exchange for a flyable B-26 -- that I can't even mention in a public forum.
  6. Now, wait just a gosh-darn minute....I hadn't looked at the forum for awhile & I see this all of a sudden? I'm far too stupid to use the mission editor, so does it merely mean "neutral country" now includes Japan? Or does it imply "JAPAN" & all my dreams come true for the next edition? Y.G.B.S.M.?
  7. If I saved a copy of the updates folder before deleting the contents, would I be able to restore my graphics & camera settings from that? I think I have the update working now, but seem to have lost those settings in all the confused monkeying-around....if anyone could inform, would be dearly appreciated. I'm not good with this sort of thing and have never had an issue with an update before.
  8. Not someone who posts often here, but always read the forum when bored (SP only for me, will buy BP when I can get away with it ) so can't resist putting in my 2 cents: 1) Mosquito? Heck yeah, would spring for that. No question. 2) I would be quite fine with historically effective rockets (that is, less accurate and not very deadly on a shot-by-shot basis) IF I was attacking historically reasonable armoured columns (i.e, not 85% tanks). If it's a game engine limitation, I totally get that...everybody wants to kill some armor and we can't have a whole division on the road. But that's me speaking of SP; not sure what you guys encounter online? For sure in career, it would get old real fast if ordnance was less effective the way the missions are set up....every other day in some careers seems to be "attack armored column" so is nice to be able to actually do something. 3) PTO? Yes, please! Dissimilar combat is the most fun and was my favorite scenario by far in old Il-2. I get that people who are online could want more or less equal-performing mounts, but in SP it gets stale due to AI. Rata vs 109 F is fun, either side. Yak vs 109, less fun. Just my opinion...much like zekes vs corsairs or oscars vs lightnings; that sort of thing always seems to be more entertaining when up against AI than fighting something that performs similarly. PTO is the epitome of such if it needs to be kept historical and fighter types, unless you get up to phantoms vs migs. Sorry if I upset anyone by mentioning it again but that's what made me log in when I saw the above; wanted to add an unheard voice. Cheers & good night to all.
  9. Hey bud! Don't know ya and haven't helped you one bit, but I always check up on the forum every few days; frankly I like your enthusiasm, and you've sparked/kept going quite a few threads! I'm not at all the type to have an internet presence, but (reluctantly) signed up for this forum because I needed to get a new computer & wanted specifically to be able to play this game...many people were surprisingly helpful & friendly with that. I have a feeling that maybe a few of them are also (quite understandably) on your down-check list. Really, don't let it harden your heart unnecessarily. Flight sim enthusiasts are few and far between nowadays, and we're all somewhere on the aviation-related autism spectrum, so best to not sweat it too much. It's just the way it is, I guess. Anyways, wanted to say "cheers" to you & glad you have some $$ coming in; you seem like an honest dude. Best of luck with your new vocation & happy flying! (aww crap, forgot to say: am in no need of free planes; just felt like sayin' something )
  10. Well... sorry, but I can't resist! Single-player type of guy here; not a forum poster, but I do always check what's going on here, as it's fun to read & often informative... I don't have a "virtual cockpit", just a chair & a computer and such. But have spent dozens, if not hundreds, of hours with a gatorade bottle at my side after surgeries while playing the legacy IL-2, and will probably be doing the same this summer now that I have BOS (take care of yourselves guys, stents suck!) Anyways; my 2 cents, and to the point of the thread: 1) Have personally never had use for an accelerometer in a sim (bobbing of reflector sight & rate of climb meter has been enough for my sloppy self); but perhaps some folks would? 2) Seems like it wouldn't hurt to have one on the "tech chat"? Why the acrimony? It looks like there's a recent influx of new people buying the game, and possibly new to flight sims (not everyone grew up in the golden age of accessible, affordable, nerdy computer games!)…. For something as involved and expensive as this sim, they'll surely be reading up on the forum before a purchase. Flight simmers are a rare breed nowadays; and the niceness & helpfulness on this forum is rarer still. The one thing I look forward to when faced with two weeks of vicodin & being stuck at the house is time to play sims, and there are fewer & fewer around every year! Sorry for the rant -- simply felt like writing something for once -- Cheers to all; and to all a good night!
  11. Hopefully we can still get Premier Kissoff on the hot-line if we need to....
  12. Man, I clearly need to get BOBP just for the T'bolt. Sounds like fun! (I've always loved -47s/-84s/-105s & sounds like they got the groundhog effect going accurately 😀)
  13. Normally this: BUT if that target has landed a snap shot on me, I'll chase him "...on both sides of land, and over all sides of earth, till he spouts black blood and rolls fin out." It always drives me nuts to let an AI get away after it's landed a blow (can usually get away with it, but am sure multiplayer would require a change of temperament)
  14. Ah, my fault. Still new to the whole forum thing -- I see it now. Anyways, really really like the S. Pacific, and figured I'd chime in where I saw an opportunity. In any case I still need to catch up with what I have, not to mention Kuban (and I believe your Havoc campaign?) & BOBP too! Didn't mean to be beating a dead horse; I'll be happy to take whatever the developers decide to come up with, no doubt! --Cheers
  15. Well, I'm late to this party, and in any case have only had the game for several weeks now (although I've read quite a bit on the forum)….so just a thought for the Pacific: that I don't believe I've seen mentioned: Are there any advocates for New Georgia/Central Solomons? Seems to me that it could be a logical place to start. Plenty of famous plane types, but you don't necessarily need to have capital ships to still have the correct feel? You could have a pretty long stretch in the middle of 1943 without needing carriers right out of the gate. Begin with staging from the Russells for Allies, Kahili/Ballale for Japanese. Opportunities for fighter sweeps, bomber intercept, CAP, CAS, barge-busting. F4Us, TBFs, SBDs, D3A, G4M, A6M3, surely some solid F4Faction still, and I would assume A6M2s but maybe not so much with B5N (am going off top of my head here, so apologies to those with eidetic memories if I'm in the wrong). And you have P-38, P-40, B-25, maybe P-39/400(?),too. But it could work with only destroyers, coastal steamers, landing craft, barges, PT boats, and the like. Smaller scale raids & good consistent air combat historically. Still a context for long range overwater navigation (with the right sort of missions) and certainly not as much landmass to model as New Guinea. Then it could go to Guadalcanal with basically just a new map, although it seems you would need at least BBs and CAs for that, if not CVs . Or at that point just go whole hog on carriers of course. Carrier functionality would obviously be awesome, and the Canal would be very cool too, but it seems like if the sticking point is the work needed on carriers & the AI struggling with capital ships AAA, then I think Central Solomons would be a good beachead for a Pacific expansion. Certainly Midway always gets a bit dull due to lack of variety in my prior sim experience; although I'm an inveterate SP person, so maybe that's the problem. Anyways, my bottom line is if the choice were between carrier ops and going to Pacific, I'd much rather fly something entirely new (anything USN/USMC or IJN/IJA would be great) off of crushed coral -- wherever it may be -- and wait a bit for carriers, than get carriers but have it be with some silly sissified Seafire or some such in the Med! Just my 2 cents. --Cheers (Also I bet a volcano would look pretty cool in Il-2. Just sayin'...Rabaul... someday, somehow)
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