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  1. See, that's just the thing! The Spitfire is like the girl you bring home to meet your mother & wind up marrying. Spitfire vs. P-47 (or...F4U!!!) is like comparing, say, Julie Andrews to Mamie Van Doren. One's elegant, refined, and (likely) the better choice in real life. The other one isn't exactly as balanced or harmonious, and will get you into trouble if you aren't careful of it's obvious faults....but damn sure has it where it counts! I know which one I'd rather play with for an hour or two a week
  2. Same here! Always liked the looks of Hurricanes & Thunderbolts but disliked Spits and Mustangs. Even as a kid I had only one or two models of each of those two, and would (more or less) walk right by them at the Planes of Fame Museum every time I went. And have never much cared for them in sims, either, particularly the Spits (well, maybe in Aces over Europe or CFS 1). Too sensitive/twitchy/turn-ey for my taste, although they're certainly effective! Played a bit of Spit V in my Kuban career & it almost felt like I was cheating. I'm probably just biased because of the looks, to be honest. Much too ladylike for my tastes ( now I feel like some English simmer is gonna find me on the street & give me a lashing with his umbrella for having badmouthed the Spit )
  3. Hey bud! Don't know ya and haven't helped you one bit, but I always check up on the forum every few days; frankly I like your enthusiasm, and you've sparked/kept going quite a few threads! I'm not at all the type to have an internet presence, but (reluctantly) signed up for this forum because I needed to get a new computer & wanted specifically to be able to play this game...many people were surprisingly helpful & friendly with that. I have a feeling that maybe a few of them are also (quite understandably) on your down-check list. Really, don't let it harden your heart unnecessarily. Flight sim enthusiasts are few and far between nowadays, and we're all somewhere on the aviation-related autism spectrum, so best to not sweat it too much. It's just the way it is, I guess. Anyways, wanted to say "cheers" to you & glad you have some $$ coming in; you seem like an honest dude. Best of luck with your new vocation & happy flying! (aww crap, forgot to say: am in no need of free planes; just felt like sayin' something )
  4. Well... sorry, but I can't resist! Single-player type of guy here; not a forum poster, but I do always check what's going on here, as it's fun to read & often informative... I don't have a "virtual cockpit", just a chair & a computer and such. But have spent dozens, if not hundreds, of hours with a gatorade bottle at my side after surgeries while playing the legacy IL-2, and will probably be doing the same this summer now that I have BOS (take care of yourselves guys, stents suck!) Anyways; my 2 cents, and to the point of the thread: 1) Have personally never had use for an accelerometer in a sim (bobbing of reflector sight & rate of climb meter has been enough for my sloppy self); but perhaps some folks would? 2) Seems like it wouldn't hurt to have one on the "tech chat"? Why the acrimony? It looks like there's a recent influx of new people buying the game, and possibly new to flight sims (not everyone grew up in the golden age of accessible, affordable, nerdy computer games!)…. For something as involved and expensive as this sim, they'll surely be reading up on the forum before a purchase. Flight simmers are a rare breed nowadays; and the niceness & helpfulness on this forum is rarer still. The one thing I look forward to when faced with two weeks of vicodin & being stuck at the house is time to play sims, and there are fewer & fewer around every year! Sorry for the rant -- simply felt like writing something for once -- Cheers to all; and to all a good night!
  5. Hopefully we can still get Premier Kissoff on the hot-line if we need to....
  6. Man, I clearly need to get BOBP just for the T'bolt. Sounds like fun! (I've always loved -47s/-84s/-105s & sounds like they got the groundhog effect going accurately 😀)
  7. Normally this: BUT if that target has landed a snap shot on me, I'll chase him "...on both sides of land, and over all sides of earth, till he spouts black blood and rolls fin out." It always drives me nuts to let an AI get away after it's landed a blow (can usually get away with it, but am sure multiplayer would require a change of temperament)
  8. Ah, my fault. Still new to the whole forum thing -- I see it now. Anyways, really really like the S. Pacific, and figured I'd chime in where I saw an opportunity. In any case I still need to catch up with what I have, not to mention Kuban (and I believe your Havoc campaign?) & BOBP too! Didn't mean to be beating a dead horse; I'll be happy to take whatever the developers decide to come up with, no doubt! --Cheers
  9. Well, I'm late to this party, and in any case have only had the game for several weeks now (although I've read quite a bit on the forum)….so just a thought for the Pacific: that I don't believe I've seen mentioned: Are there any advocates for New Georgia/Central Solomons? Seems to me that it could be a logical place to start. Plenty of famous plane types, but you don't necessarily need to have capital ships to still have the correct feel? You could have a pretty long stretch in the middle of 1943 without needing carriers right out of the gate. Begin with staging from the Russells for Allies, Kahili/Ballale for Japanese. Opportunities for fighter sweeps, bomber intercept, CAP, CAS, barge-busting. F4Us, TBFs, SBDs, D3A, G4M, A6M3, surely some solid F4Faction still, and I would assume A6M2s but maybe not so much with B5N (am going off top of my head here, so apologies to those with eidetic memories if I'm in the wrong). And you have P-38, P-40, B-25, maybe P-39/400(?),too. But it could work with only destroyers, coastal steamers, landing craft, barges, PT boats, and the like. Smaller scale raids & good consistent air combat historically. Still a context for long range overwater navigation (with the right sort of missions) and certainly not as much landmass to model as New Guinea. Then it could go to Guadalcanal with basically just a new map, although it seems you would need at least BBs and CAs for that, if not CVs . Or at that point just go whole hog on carriers of course. Carrier functionality would obviously be awesome, and the Canal would be very cool too, but it seems like if the sticking point is the work needed on carriers & the AI struggling with capital ships AAA, then I think Central Solomons would be a good beachead for a Pacific expansion. Certainly Midway always gets a bit dull due to lack of variety in my prior sim experience; although I'm an inveterate SP person, so maybe that's the problem. Anyways, my bottom line is if the choice were between carrier ops and going to Pacific, I'd much rather fly something entirely new (anything USN/USMC or IJN/IJA would be great) off of crushed coral -- wherever it may be -- and wait a bit for carriers, than get carriers but have it be with some silly sissified Seafire or some such in the Med! Just my 2 cents. --Cheers (Also I bet a volcano would look pretty cool in Il-2. Just sayin'...Rabaul... someday, somehow)
  10. Wow! Such a nice community; lots of folks helped me out a couple weeks ago & am still just getting into the game. Glad I did -- it's awesome!!! Was looking at the forum while taking a break from the stove (xmas cooking takes priority over playing my new game, unfortunately!). Just saw this thread and wanted to compliment you on your generosity, busdriver! I want 'em all, but don't (quite) qualify as a charity case. So I do hope that whoever gets some freebies will also be generous, and spread the BOS! Maybe get a few console kids onto the computer for a flight, if they have young relatives over at the house during the holidays.....? Anyways, here's a good one; not obscure by any means, but better than Taylor Swift at least ..…. my favorite driving song, also good for flying & shooting (and New Year's too!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJw_XqvsSIs&index=4&list=PLA2K7Uhu9TwC7kCswhhdit-x6kM2zU1FR Hopefully I inserted the link properly. Cheers & Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!
  11. Yep, I'm a dummy! Sorry for wasting your time, guys. I had freesync off on the monitor; switched to "on" & computer recognizes it just fine now. D'oh. If you guys ever wind up in my neck of the woods, I owe you a steak I see...Well, I intend to get pedals and throttle quadrant sometime relatively soon; real estate business seems to be picking up so can hopefully I can get some new toys in a few months. I think I'll try the TM16000 and then if I don't care for it, can give it to my niece or the boys next door & buy a CH. As long as I have something with no slop in the middle, it's fine for me for now. Doubt I will use twisty rudder anyways. I'm ashamed to admit it, but have a (worn) Logitech stick defiling my new computer. Simply dreadful. Thanks again to all, and sorry for wasted effort on monitor issue!
  12. Thanks! Link for memory saved & will be my stocking stuffer request; less pricey than I thought. Good point on cable; tried two different ones (other than one that came with monitor) but they're both probably three or four years older, so maybe "new standard" of HDMI cable would do the trick. Monitor works perfectly fine coming back from sleep/power saving mode; just no signal after fresh boot-up unless I connect something to the DVI rather than HDMI on video card & then switch over. Probably some simple, Radeon-specific issue that's common knowledge to everyone & I've just loused it up! Maybe I'll order an HDMI cable along with an adapter, and see what works. Mainly ticked off that monitor came without 15-pin cable, despite printed manual clearly showing it as included, and sales-kid at Best B today says "Well, my online item lookup doesn't mention it, so ya gotta buy one separately I guess..." (per your avatar -- just imagine 'Hank Hill Deals With Teenage Retail Customer Service'...……. but the kid was really nice so I couldn't bear to give her a hard time) Will post back with results after I get stuff in the mail. Thanks again!
  13. Hehehe no worries, I appreciate the help tremendously!!! As a wise man once said -- "You can call me dumb; just don't call me an ****ole" But yeah it's plugged in at the video card. On startup, just doesn't want to send signal through HDMI, I guess. Tried drivers that came on dvd with the equipment, LG website, windows update, etc. Seems like I should be able to tell video card "prefer HDMI output" somehow, but haven't seen anything in the video card or control panel settings. Guess I'll have to order a DVI to VGA adapter off Amazon; just drove to 4 stores & not gonna pay their extortionate prices (will get T-master joystick too, since you guys all say it's built solidly). Will look in my stocking for some new RAM on Christmas morning, too... For what it's worth, fired up the game last night real quick after a twelve hour day and flew in a 4-ship of LaGGs vs 4 Ju88 & 4 He111 over Stalingrad at 500m, with all settings on highest -- didn't notice any stutters.
  14. Hey there! Sorry to pester you guys again, but got my new computer & have couple more questions, if anyone is able to help: 1) monitor doesn't work with video card HDMI output on startup? LG monitor with two HDMI and one DSUB input. RX 580 card has HDMI, DVI, and 3 displayport outputs. The monitor came with an HDMI cable, so I used that. No signal every time, so I connected old monitor (DVI), worked fine. Long story short, new monitor only works if I connect it by HDMI after booting up with old monitor & then switching. Reboot gives same "no signal" message. But after some googling, it seems that DVI is preferable to use anyways unless one is connecting a t.v.? Since the only other option on the monitor is DSUB, should I get a DVI-to-DSUB cable? I thought DSUB was outdated. (I've checked for drivers & such, only thing that seems to work is doing the ol' switcheroo after booting up). 2) This is my RAM (pic attached)....too crappy or would it be ok to add another stick of the same? 3) I gave my old CH flightstick pro to a buddie's kid (dumb move) & have some garbage Logitech stick. Is the TM16000m actually that nice? Everybody says they're good for the money, but they look suspiciously "plastic-y" for lack of a better term...$40 versus $80 for a new CH, but the CH really felt solid. Yes, I'm left-handed. Cheers, --Dan
  15. Yeah that was a concern; I figured I would open it up & pull out memory before doing anything else (seemed to be no indication on what brand) to see what it will be that I might need to buy. Will post here & maybe you guys can tell me if it's a decent enough brand to just buy more of same, or if should be replaced. Trying not to think about it too much; the anticipation is getting to me!!
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