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  1. After several unsuccessful dives on the K4 I lost the german in the clouds. He managed to sneak back on my 6 and that's where the video starts. Enjoy! There are two links cause the original video with music is not available everywhere. Original, with music: No music version, available everywhere:
  2. Despite getting my ass whopped in the early stages of this TAW, I am slowly improving and starting to get in tune with the beast. Anyone fancy a little P-38 ballet? There are two links cause the original video with music may not be available everywhere. No music, available everywhere.
  3. Pilot by the name of "WhiteMoose" is already registered on this TAW for blue side and has flown twice already. That is you right? If you want to fly for Allies this campaign, you have to register under different name (for example "RedWhiteMoose") AND you will also have to change your IL2 name to "RedWhiteMoose".
  4. Gentlemen, tighten your harnesses and hold your hats, wild ride is about to begin 😃 (2k 60fps)
  5. I put together "Twilight Zone", first entry in TAW XIX Diaries. It captures various moments from several sorties that I and my fellow Letka pilots flew last sunday evening.
  6. I will look into it and do more testing offline and online. In-game Vsync OFF, target FPS OFF and Nvidia Fast sync ON. So far, I believe, I havent experienced what I should be experiencing with this setup configuration regarding the smoothness. There is one more thing that could interfere in this matter, my monitor has built in FreeSync. I will test turning this feature on and off but what would you suggest should work better? Thanks again
  7. Hi =TBAS=Sschatten14, Thanks a lot for your answer and specific tips. Turning Dynamic resolution to Full did indeed get rid of the glitch. To your first question. I primarily fly TAW campaigns during central european time evenings with 80+ pilots online. And while offline the 1080 can handle 4K on Ultra just fine, on TAW it is simply not the case. Just as for many others (as far as I know) heavily populated servers have significant impact on the smoothness of the game despite solid framerates. Lowering the settings helps alleviate the problem. So I fly online either 4K on Blanced or 2K on Ultra. Regarding the HDR and SSAO, for some useless, for me it creates quite a difference in how the game looks and feels (outside of the plane spotting debate) Everyone's personal preference. Regarding Vsync. Again personal preference and everyone's own perception of what the smooth and fluid gameplay is and should be like. For me, nothing beats the smoothness that the ingame V-sync creates. Nvidia Fast sync on gets me higher fps but nowhere near the overall smoothness of in-game Vsync. My monitor is only 60Hz so when the V-sync keeps the fps at that number I get butter smooth experience.
  8. Hi guys, I used to fly on TAW and WOL with 4k resolution (3840x2160) but at some point I started experiencing weird bug/glitch/phenomenon which severly hampers the smoothness and fluidity of the game on these two servers. I dont have this issue offline or on KOTA, Combat BOX or Attention server. Switching to 2k resolution gets rid of the problem on TAW and WOL. This glitch manifests in three major ways: 1. As soon as I spawn in the cockpit I notice that aprox. twice per second entire cockpit blurs a little and immediately un-blurs. It happens in a pulsating manner, blurs, unblurs, blurs, unblurs...It is most visible on the cockpit instruments. 2. Trees in the distance appear and dissapear in the same pulsating manner and at the same syncronized time/in sync. 3. With every "pulse" game stops for a frame or two so it makes the game stutter badly. My specs: i7 8700K, 32GB RAM, 1080 8GB, Win 10 Pro, game installed on Samsung Evo 960 SSD - everything runs on stock Monitor LG 27UD88 4K Nvidia driver: 431.60 I never run any programs/apps except IL, TrackIR and Team Speak when flying online. At the bottom are my graphical settings in game, this is how I used to fly on both TAW and WOL without this issue before. And most importantly short recording of the issue. Check the trees in the background and the instruments...especially the temperature gauge... Has anyone experienced this issue/glitch before? Any advice, help or suggestion highly appreciated!
  9. On behalf of Letka 13 I want say thanks to devs for creating and running TAW and thanks to all the pilots who took part in the campaign. Fights were tought, intense and merciless. All the victories and defeats, chases and escapes, landings and crashes, direct hits and close calls, We enjoyed all of it! Thanks to TAW some of our inactive pilots became active and joined online fights again with more intending to do so in the following campaing! Big win for us. We are all looking forward to the next one. Letka_13/Kami-
  10. I added the line (update_freq = 0.5) and it WORKS for me. Heavy stutter, that made the game unplayable, while looking around with FF enabled is GONE. I am new to BoS and I am still tuning the system and the game setup to get the best experience but I can confirm that the update frequency option made a radical improvement for MSWFF2 + looking around (TrackIR4 in my case). Regarding other users reporting the borked and erratic behaviour of the FF, I have been flying with MSWFF2 since 2001 and can tell that this joystick lives in a world of its own. I flew it under Win98, XP, Win7 and Win10. At first, under Win 10, FF behaved differently and unusually everytime I ran the game but then I came across Mr. 54RAF_Talisman's third post and his tips in the thread below and it helped me. I connect power first before connecting USB, and I use USB 2.0 port that is directly on the motherboard. Do not use extensions, USB 3.0 or front panel USB ports. Always use the same port. Following these three steps made the joystick's FF behave and work correctly everytime I run the game. There are still certain quirks, if I toogle FF in game the stick sometimes goes limp (no forces/centering at all) - this is fixed by restarting the game. MSWFF2 is capable of being used without FF as well, being properly centered by the motors, even though there were users in other threads claiming otherwise.
  11. I am yet another one dealing with this problem... Purchased BoS on friday, installed it, connected MSWFF2 and TrackIr4 and the first thing I got to experience is this stutter that makes the game unplayable...However, more disappointing than my first experience was the realization that this bug was reported on February 6th and it is still here in November??? Big respect for Kalthios for the work and dedication in this matter.
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