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  1. I added the line (update_freq = 0.5) and it WORKS for me. Heavy stutter, that made the game unplayable, while looking around with FF enabled is GONE. I am new to BoS and I am still tuning the system and the game setup to get the best experience but I can confirm that the update frequency option made a radical improvement for MSWFF2 + looking around (TrackIR4 in my case). Regarding other users reporting the borked and erratic behaviour of the FF, I have been flying with MSWFF2 since 2001 and can tell that this joystick lives in a world of its own. I flew it under Win98, XP, Win7 and Win10. At first, under Win 10, FF behaved differently and unusually everytime I ran the game but then I came across Mr. 54RAF_Talisman's third post and his tips in the thread below and it helped me. I connect power first before connecting USB, and I use USB 2.0 port that is directly on the motherboard. Do not use extensions, USB 3.0 or front panel USB ports. Always use the same port. Following these three steps made the joystick's FF behave and work correctly everytime I run the game. There are still certain quirks, if I toogle FF in game the stick sometimes goes limp (no forces/centering at all) - this is fixed by restarting the game. MSWFF2 is capable of being used without FF as well, being properly centered by the motors, even though there were users in other threads claiming otherwise.
  2. I am yet another one dealing with this problem... Purchased BoS on friday, installed it, connected MSWFF2 and TrackIr4 and the first thing I got to experience is this stutter that makes the game unplayable...However, more disappointing than my first experience was the realization that this bug was reported on February 6th and it is still here in November??? Big respect for Kalthios for the work and dedication in this matter.
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