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  1. Is it possible or is it even a thought to have in game comms like post scriptum? with tank crews and multi crew planes it would sooooooooooooo spectacular to be able to talk to other members of the axis or allied side whilst in game with out relying on an out side source like team speak, discord etc. it would really bring the community together if in game comms are provided. thoughts? IL2 devs, you guys are doing awesome work thx.
  2. Thx 325th_Bugsy, i have all your awesome skins. sometimes i think your the only reason i come to the site lol!
  3. i liked it. people take stuff a little to serious and i understand why, it was a nice film.
  4. So cool to see all these fellow Canadians, hi guys! lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta and now British Columbia. see you in the sky boys!
  5. Maddie Mae come out and play! plz....
  6. Any idea when this skin will be out or if its out? this is just so good... im freaking out! lol! (its a IIN8II skin.) A firm hand shake and a smile to you sir or madam.
  7. Amazing job on this skin! just so much awesomeness... When? Where? and pretty plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Wowzers! so good, great looking paint, cant wait to fly with this skin. thx in advance!
  9. Love this sim, like totes love this sim, my only question is, will there ever be clickable cockpits for start up and shut down?
  10. This is awesome! thx for the great paints. 👍
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