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  1. Yeah, my plan is just to host this myself through the in-game method. Don't have a Dserver. So I guess I'll stick with the Complex Triggers for this. Again, I appreciate the guidance on this. DW
  2. No I did not, so I tried using a Translator Mission Begin linked to a Trigger Activate then linked to the Check Zone, but it still didn't work. I think perhaps the problem I have is I am testing it by hosting it myself in Multiplayer? According to the last post in this thread, check zones do not function properly when doing that. DW
  3. Hmm, we'll I'm certainly all for doing things in a simpler way, especially if it consumes less resources. My first attempt to use a Check Zone did not work though, the train would not move. I set the zone to 4000m like the radius I used on the complex triggers and set all the Plane Coalitions to True thinking that would mean any aircraft would trigger it. Then target linked the Check Zone to the Timer by the train. I must be doing something wrong. In regards to deactivating the Complex Trigger, is this what you mean SittingDuck? I added a second Timer set for 10 seconds. The Complex Trigger is OnObjectEntered linked to the 10 second Timer, which is Target linked to the Deactivate which is then object linked back to the Complex Trigger. That should acheive the deactivation? DW
  4. I know what you mean, especially the bare metal aircraft. They look so blah in the hangar but great in game. DW
  5. Ah ha, success. I did what you said, the Complex Trigger linked to a Timer, linked to the Waypoint with the Waypoint linked back the train. Now the train starts moving when I enter the Complex Trigger's radius. That method appears far simpler than what I had. This mission is just meant as a practice room, so everyone spawns in as russian and all aircraft are available. I wonder if there is a similarly simpler way to configure truck convoys, guess I won't worry about that now since they work as is. Thanks for the assist chaps, it is greatly appreciated. DW
  6. That was one of my first thoughts, I originally had a G8 loco, G8 tender and about 10 boxcars. I reconfigured it to match Prangter's tutorial, a G8+G8T+5 pass+1 passc with the same result. I just now tried reducing it to a G8 loco + 1 G8T and 1 pass and still it remains stationary. I suspect the issue is staring me in the face but I can't see it. DW
  7. Greetings, I've been working on a little dogfight mission, just a practice room for learning the game really. I was adding some ground targets around the airfield where you spawn using Prangster's quick start guide for making vehicles and trains. The truck convoys I added work fine, they stay stationary until you enter the radius of the complex trigger then they start moving. The train on the other hand I cannot for the life of me get rolling. It appears in the mission with all the carriages I assigned but will not start moving. I've gone over the steps repeatedly but can't find the problem, I tried deleting my first train attempt completely and started over and still no joy. Could one of you experienced fellows take a look and maybe spot the issue? The train is right above the airfield in 0711. DW DW_Test.zip
  8. Yeah it was the alpha channel. After messing around a bit extracting the official skins from the game files so I could compare their alpha layers I able to tweak the template one to mimic it. Got it very close, though the underside is still a little darker when viewed at an oblique angle, its in the ball park. DW
  9. Yeah I wondered if it had something to do with the Alpha channel. Does that have to be modified for each skin for a bare metal aircraft? I didn't mess with it for Spitfire IX skins, is that because the whole fuselage is a painted surface so its uniform anyways? DW
  10. I downloaded the public 2K P-47 template but am having some issues creating a skin that matches the Official skins with it. With the Spitfire IX it was easy, right out of the box the template could output a skin that looked just like the official default skin. With the P-47 I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or maybe its just a matter of manipulating the layers. To illustrate, the stock skin looks like this : But my attempt with the unaltered template look like this : Mine seems lighter in the hangar, but then darker in a mission. I'm wondering is this a modified version of the template or is it just a matter of my needing to set the opacity of the various layers correctly? Or maybe there is some extra step needed when making bare metal skins? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. DW
  11. Ah, so they are different colors too. I wasn't sure in the mission if I was seeing different colors. Twelve flares?! I haven't seen that many. DW
  12. Oops, I think I put this in the wrong section. DW
  13. I've been playing in career mode and I notice flares coming from different places. Is there some guide to what they mean? Or do they mean nothing and are just eye candy? For example the airfield tends to fire two flares when we take off and when I approach the field coming home, two more are fired. Are those just signals clearing me to takeoff and land? Or do the flares drift with the wind and they are trying to show me wind direction? One time I was flying home low and flew over a friendly artillery position and a single flare went up as I passed. Were they signalling they were friendly? I'm curious as what these various uses of flares mean. DW
  14. Ok, thanks for the info. I gave the TGA + Compressonator method a try but saw the same artifacts. I then gave the Snoopy artwork a closer look and yeah, there was some distortion in it. I cleaned it up a bit and it did improve noticeably. DW
  15. Greetings, I've done some skinning in IL-2 1946 and am just starting to mess around with it in BoX. This is the first time I've done anything with .dds files so I'm not sure what the best settings are. The plug-in I got working with Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 gives me a box with the following options : I've seen suggested in other threads to use DXT5. I'm wondering is that the setting that gives the best quality? I've noticed some artifacts on skins after I turn them into .dds files. For example on the right side in the image below, the edge of Snoopy's helmet has an odd blocky quality too it. I'm wondering can I eliminate that blockiness somehow with the available options when I save it? Or is that par for the course when saving an .dds? This is not a 4k skin, just the regular size. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. DW
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