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  1. SILK and 335th-GRSwaty, Wow...this is exactly what I was looking for. These files will be ultra helpful in programming the Cougar HOTAS. Thank you so much to both of you. You have just saved me hours of work . Best regards... Everest101..out!
  2. Is there a word or pdf document summarizing the IL-2 BOS default key assignments? Searching the game installation folder didn't reveal anything, It would just be simpler to configure HOTAS key bindings if such a document existed. Looking for a printable list that would be useful. THX for your time and help...
  3. Love your video!!! Don't have much flying time as I have been grounded all 2014 for medical reasons. But damn it, I'd like to get a grasp with this simulator... Willing to give it a shot if you wouldn't mind. Fighter position would be cool...as gunner on a bomber would also be a nice intro to get the taste of the cool air! Everest..Out! (greeting from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...in Eastern TZ)
  4. Many thanks for your good & hard work. Keep it going! Everest...Out!
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