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  1. The picture from DED rapidus seems to show White vapour coming out from the radiator in the belly.
  2. I have noticed that engine hits in P51 do not have any visible effect. No black smoke from oil or white smoke from glycol leakings,
  3. I have noticed that german 20mm cannon impcts in other planes display a very big explosion, very similar to 30mm cannon hits explosion. This does not happen when hits are done with 20 mm allied planes. I have also noticed the same big explosions when hits are achieved using the 13 mm MG of FW190D
  4. I have the same problem. My card is an NVIDIA 1070 and drivers are updated. It usually happens after about 1 h playing. Any suggestion?
  5. In my game, P39 is trimmable from stick a little fordwad to stick full fordward. I land whith trim full nose down and I still need to push the stick a little fordward. I also use Logitech G940 with force feedback. In the rest of the planes I have no trouble.
  6. They seem to be way above 3K AGL
  7. B29 night bombed Tokyo at night. Light Flak was not radar controlled. I am talking of bombing heights of 3K to 4,5 K AGL instead of 2K. This is rather logical as precisión lost is well balanced against inmunity to light Flak. In fact in the game bombers are hit by light Flak in every missión.
  8. Sorry, it is Han who has repplied. This is surprising to me, because William Green in his famous book "Warplanes of the Third Reich" states that MW50 was available for FW190 from A4 ownwards. It is very weird that máximum manifold pressure available at 2400 rpm is about 1.2 ata in the mentioned height band. Thus MW50 becomes useless .
  9. Thanks everybody. Hans has repplied and there is a very noticeable decrease in manifold pressure from 2k to 3k which is modelled in the game.
  10. Level Bombing height in WWII was almost never done at heights beloww 3.000 m agl. This was so because that was the maximin range of light Flak. In the career I fly, bombers keep flying at about 2.000 m and that is not very historically accurate. Thank you very much for listening and for a wonderful game.
  11. Acording to what I have read, fighters radio (and probably bombers too) had only one channel in WWII. They could only communicate with their own squadron and control tower. Changing the channel ment changing the cristal (physically) that vibrated at a certain frequency. Thus they could not communicate with other fighter or bombers which were not using the same frequency and for obvious reasons each unit used their own frequency.
  12. I have noticed with surprise that after diving from let´s say 3.000 m, the supercharger of both planes becomes faulty. Critical altitude of the engine falls to about 1.000 m. 1.3 ata becomes emrgency power.
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