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  1. Thank you for your excellent mod which brings an additional immersion but being also a fan of Tank crew would it be possible to have the same thing for the tanks?
  2. Very nice video with an excellent editing and a very immersive soundtrack, thanks for sharing. But I wouldn't like to be in a tank at that time.
  3. Always well done and original. Thank you for sharing this good, short but intense moment.
  4. They are so good that I am starting all my videos from scratch with your skins ^^:
  5. Hello again, I've done a little testing and here are two screenshots with Maillon21's skins the Panzer III DAK and the British Sherman.
  6. Thanks guys, Nice work, thanks to you three I'll be able to resume my videos with the North African Mod Kuban scenery from "Off_Winters", the Panzers III from "Maillon21" and the DAK crews from "Tomi_099". I call this a great team effort, you should get together to include all this in one pack. Not forgetting all the other contributors on this forum who share their creative talents for skins, mods and missions for IL2 in general and TC in particular. Some test screenshots of scenes from my video ( WIP ^^ ), but I'll take my time as I'm new to using t
  7. Indeed it is necessary not to put the file "trees" so that they are not displayed, whereas it is 15 days that I record video shots by avoiding all the trees to have a desert aspect. Thanks again for your quick answers. I still need to know how to replace the default M4A2 skin on the Mod to be able to use it:
  8. Good evening guys, I find this world excellent and I thank greatly all the creators who participated in this beautiful work. I have just two questions, the first being that I still have the normal trees of the Kuban Autumn map despite the use of JSGME and the Beta 3 and 3.1 version as well as the patch "trees" I do not understand why when comparing with this video: The second question is that it is impossible for me to change the livery of the M4A2, it is always the basic one of the mod that appears
  9. Thanks guys for all this information. For my part I live very close to the zone of parachuting ( operation "RUGBY" ) of the invasion in Provence ( France ), operation "Anvil Dragoon".
  10. Do you know from which year these British Sherman were in North Africa? In any case thank you for your work I am happy to have armor in the colors of the fighters in North Africa it will go very well with the Mod Kuban North Africa. I only hope that one day there will be British and American tankers modeled.
  11. Very nice video and excellent editing well synchronized with the music it was a pleasure to discover your work, beautiful work.
  12. I don't think there were panzers V in the DAK in 1943 ?
  13. Superbes skins d'une division blindée chère à nos cœurs, symbolisant parfaitement le renouveau de l'arme blindée française, le serment de Koufra a été tenu. Superb skins of an armoured division dear to our hearts, perfectly symbolizing the revival of the French armoured weapon, the oath of Koufra has been kept.
  14. Great, thank you very much because I have the same need to make a video on the AK in panzer III during the Tunisian campaign in 1943.
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