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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, but I'm away from the PC for a couple days now. I'll have a further play around and upload the files when I next get a chance. I've already spent a number of hours now reading up on the problem and trying different missions without success... except for the default coop mission. Very disappointing but hopefully I'll get to the bottom of it.
  2. Doesn't really help me mate.... The missions launch and play fine if I fly by myself as host. The problem with "file transfer error" occurs when he tries to join me. Am I saving the missions to the correct location? Do you have a link for a coop mission that will work? It's weird in that the default coop mission works fine.... but so far nothing else?
  3. G'day peeps, I finally managed to convince my brother to buy IL-2 along with the Moscow and Kuban map addons this Xmas. Everything appears to be running fine, and we can even connect and fly together in the default coop mission which is basically what we wanted. However, I've since downloaded a number of supposedly multiplayer capable missions, but none of them appear to work? I always get a "file transfer" error and it quits back to the main launch screen after trying to join? I've tried placing the same missions on the same location on his PC, but it doesn't appear to make a difference. I've tried looking through some of the forum posts in the history but haven't come across anything as yet to sort this issue out. A lot has been posted about port settings, but given that the default coop mission connects and launches fine, I'm fairly certain that this isn't the problem and that the issue is more likely to be with the missions themselves, and/or where I've placed them. I've attached a screen shot showing where I've currently got them saved. Can anyone give me some advice on hosting/joining custom coop missions and/or give some links to working examples? Many thanks in advance
  4. This pretty much sums up how I feel. I wish the devs all the best with this module, but I personally don't feel inclined to spend a full $80.00 on it, or be swayed into being guilt tripped into purchasing it just to support them. I did that previously with ROF, and have mistakenly done so again up until now with this series, with no sign of the content (or fixes) that I want, being implemented. While I appreciate that the developers can't make everyone happy, all of the time... they should not expect either for the consumer to blindly follow, and buy everything they release on the premise that the things that I'd personally like to see, may "one day" be implemented... if I continue to "support" them. While the Mossie and Hurricane are cool; I can wait another 12 - 18 months and get them on sale when they are more reasonably priced. The map and other content just doesn't interest me enough otherwise.
  5. I'm a bit disappointed that The Med/North Africa wasn't next, if only for an entirely different looking theatre... but I guess they had to keep the "bean counters" happy to continue to exist at all. For me the Mossie (and Hurricane) are probably the most interesting, but I'm undecided if I want to shell out a significant amount of $$$ for another pre-order right on bloody Xmas! I also wonder how much of an influence the lawyers had in delaying a Pacific theater, as I recall that became quite problematic with the original IL-2 years ago due to licensing/copywrite issues and naming rights etc. Still a Corsair and Hellcat along with carrier ops would be awesome... but not before the Mediterranean. I'm still a bit annoyed that FC doesn't have a proper campaign (and still no word yet if there ever will be one) and I lost interest in TC months ago, although the Panther did get my attention. Lots to consider over the next few days I guess. โ‰๏ธ
  6. Many thanks VBF-12_Stick-95 (and Spudkopf) for all your work and effort that's gone into these revised skins. I appreciate it very much. For me, looking at an Me-109 without a swastika is like looking at a Mustang without stars & bars, or a Spitfire without roundels etc. Just doesn't look right! When I first downloaded the latest skin pack (BoBP), and then activated it, I was thrown by the lack of thumbnails in the skin selection screen and mistakenly thought that I'd either cocked up the installation or that the download had been corrupted somehow. So I ended up downloading it a couple times and even deactivated/reactivated the other mods while trying to get to the bottom of it. As a last resort, I deleted everything and started over by downloading the assorted packs again and it was only then that I read that there wasn't any preview thumbnails! Hehe, I gotta admit that that had me scratching my head for a while! ๐Ÿ˜† Could I suggest that you add a bold note (on the post with the download links to the assorted packs) warning people of this? I appreciate that there would be a huge amount of work involved to add them, but hopefully this could be gradually addressed over time in the future. Also, with this latest pack does the "Optional" skin pack become redundant or does it contain skins not included in the others? Many thanks again ๐Ÿ‘ S!
  7. This is the sole reason why I won't purchase Revell WW2 Luftwaffe themed model aircraft kit sets. It's a pity, as I have an extensive collection of both Tamiya and Hasegawa kits that do include the swastika's on their decal sheets. I wouldn't mind betting that Revell looses quite a bit of money over it due to loss of sales internationally.
  8. 100% agree with the OP. Having to hunt for the key commands is a colossal pain in the backside, and having to create separate config files to get around this oversite is unacceptable as it only hillites what should have been obvious right from the start. Personally I'd like to see something similar to DCS's approach to assigning key commands, whereby keys can be assigned individually (to each aircraft) or globally to all aircraft via a drop-down list. This is especially useful when assigning the same controller functions to different vehicles for different purposes, such as fixed wing and helicopters for different commands. Eg the slider on the throttle might be used to increase/decrease the level of zoom on all my IL-2 aircraft, but might control something completely different within Tank Crew. But a separate tab for each sim (IL-2, FC and Tank Crew etc) is a must have even if only to list sim specific key commands/assignments to be able to quickly identify and adjust independently from one another. Hopefully this will get done and soon.
  9. Thanks, I was looking for something like this after purchasing yesterday. Exited after fluffing around for only 20 mins or so. I was pretty miffed at the lack of even basic instructions or key guides in the form of a readme etc. Although I have the flu at present and may have missed something and otherwise be in a somewhat pissy mood at present. ๐Ÿ˜’
  10. G'day mate, It looks like a bit of over-kill to be honest mate and something you'd use in the automotive industry etc. You need to be able to be more precise and to be able to adjust the air-flow/pressure + or - more precisely under 20 PSI or 2 bars etc. Air brushes are (or should be) very finely machined instruments. Tolerances for joins or gaps are... or should be miniscule/microscopic. If you get a cheaply machined airbrush and needle, the chances are that you will end up with something that doesn't perform well. Air escaping etc will negatively effect your ability to spray accurately for thin lines etc. This is THE major reason to avoid buying a cheap airbrush as 9 times out of 10 it won't perform well and overall will be a negative experience. Then your next choice is what paint to use. When I was a youngster in the 70's and early 80's, you didn't have much choice in the way of paint here in NZ. Predominantly the paint of choice back then was Humbrol enamels. It still is hardy stuff and applies well even with a "hairy stick" paint brushed and usually wont give you brush strokes when applying over a wide area. As how to thin Humbrol or any other enamels? I don't know mate as I have moved on to acrylics now. By far THE MOST available paint here in NZ is Tamiya acrylic's. (They also do enamels) The down side is that their acrylics don't brush well with a hairy stick without Tamiya acrylic paint retarder. The Up side is that they are cheap, don't smell, and very easy to clean up the airbrush afterwards. Basically get a bottle of Tamiya acrylic thinner (X20A) and top up the paint jar of acrylic paint. Stir/mix well and your good to go to air-brush. For further tips and advice, head over to the Kiwimodeller forum and ask away. What you have in your pictures will probably work.... but will be bloody awful Just down scale it...
  11. I came across this Compressor and Airbrush combo on Trademe. It has everything you need to get started for $167.00 with free shipping NZ wide and a 2 year warranty. The airbrush is probably not the greatest quality, but should be good enough to start out with and practice on.
  12. The compressor needs to be adjustable so that you can set the air pressure (PSI) entering the hose, so it has to have a PSI gauge accordingly. If I'm spraying a primer coat I usually spray using about 17 - 20 PSI depending on the paint. For general paint work though, I lower it down to around 10 - 15 PSI. A lot depends on the paint and how much you have thinned it etc. It's also important to have at least 1 water trap. Most compressors have one built in, but if it doesn't then you will need to get one that attaches to the airbrush itself. I use two, as my compressor has one built in, but I found I was still getting water spitting out which was a problem when airbrushing acrylics. A second $10 water trap from Mighty Ape attached to the airbrush solved all my water spitting issues. As Feathered has mentioned, a compressor with it's own air storage tank is ideal (I wish I had gone this route) but will inflate the cost. The benefit of having a compressor with its own air tank is that you don't have to have the compressor constantly running which can be fairly noisy and you also get the bonus of a constant air flow. I'm still using the same old cheap compressor I purchased 5 yrs ago which doesn't have an air tank, but still works ok for my needs. But, had I known more before hand, I definitely would have purchased one with it's own tank.
  13. Thanks mate and glad you like them. As for the airbrush your best bet is to get something mid range to learn on and practice with. I'd be very suspicious of the quality of that airbrush in your link, as you get what you pay for and may be better off sticking with paint brushes. Unfortunately, even reasonable quality airbrushes (and compressors) are not particularly cheap either. But if your seriously wanting to get back into modelling and painting, then airbrushing is the way to go. I'd suggest getting an airbrush with double action (allows you to control the airflow more precisely) and with a 0.3mm needle. A good place to start for airbrushes is BNA models in Australia. You will find their pricing (and service) to be much better than anything available in NZ. What ever brand or type that you choose, you need to be sure that spare parts like replacement needles are readily available for it. And inexpensive compressors can be got from Super Cheap Auto here in NZ. You just need to check to ensure that the hose will fit your airbrush or it may require an adapter. If you want more advice on airbrushes, compressors and modelling tips and general pointers etc, then stop by the Kiwimodeller forum and introduce yourself and ask away. All the guys there are very friendly and quick to offer good suggestions and advice etc. Lastly, I'm from West Auckland NZ Cheers and good luck! Well spotted mate. I had a problem with the correct Luftwaffe number plate decals and was forced to use the Wehrmacht plates instead. Awesome collection of builds Therion. Thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks Angus. Yes, it can get quite expensive... especially when looking for replacement aftermarket parts like metal barrels, tracks and photo-etched parts etc. But still, I find it quite relaxing and is a great way to learn about the particular vehicle as you assemble it.
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