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  1. The plastic nose flap is where the problem is. It's where it sits on the bridge of my nose. There's no padding in that area. I'm OK with how it fits, OK with blocking light etc. but it's a bit too heavy on my nose without some kind of a nose pad. I can cut a piece of regular foam and stick it in the nose area, but I was hoping to find something specifically designed for this type of HMD.
  2. I have a big nose, and I'm trying to find a place to buy a soft nose pad. The nose portion of the Pimax comfort kit is way too hard and plasticky. I was going to cut a piece of regular foam, but I want something designed for VR headsets. Anyone here know where I can buy a nose mod or something similar? Thanks for the help....take care...
  3. Thanks guys. It would appear, I really have no need for PE. For me, that's a good thing. I'll do it the way suggested. I never did like the PE software from the get go. Too damn confusing. Thanks again all take care...
  4. Hi all...I need help with starting Steam VR games using Pitool, and or Pimax VR Experience. I've read that all I need running is Pimax VR Experience Do I have to open Steam VR first? Can I avoid opening steam and do it all with P Experience? I start Pitool, open Pimax VR Experience, and then what exactly do I do from there? I read that P VR Experience lets you start steam games, adjust graphics, backlighting, resolution etc etc., but I don't know what, if any, other software should be running. Do I exit Pitool after opening P VR Experience? I just need some guidance to make loading ga
  5. It wasn't you ICDP, it was me. I thought that if I use only ONE base unit, the logical position for it would be in front, and above my seating area. I didn't tell you, or Pimax support where I had my base station positioned. I didn't think it was relevant in any way. Had I mentioned the base position when I first looked for help, I'm sure you would have spotted my mistake. All is well my friend. Thanks again...take care..
  6. I finally found my problem with using 1 base station. I had it placed directly in front of me. Turns out I should have placed the base diagonally. I moved the base station to my left, and in a position that would be diagonal to where I would place a second base. Worked perfectly. To make sure, I exited Pitool etc, started it up again and the base was recognized immediately. I can't beleive it was that simple to fix. I thought my Vive version 1.0 was faulty, so I ordered a new Steam version 2.0. Meantime, I had it the back of my mind, that the Vive may NOT be faulty because it did work a
  7. No way am I going to touch this firmware. I.ve had enough problems with it in past. My 8KX is working fine, so, "If it ain't broke", ..Know what I mean?
  8. Are any of us Pimax owners using the steam beta? Any tips? Thanks all..
  9. Anyone@ ICDP? I know most would say, use the latest version of Pimax, but for the 8KX, maybe a different version is what I need? The latest version of anything isn't always the best. I just want that damn base to recognize and communicate with my HMD. Thanks all...take care...Eddie.
  10. I put this in the wrong place. I meant this to go to SGG_Fenris_Wolf. What version do you find as most stable? Thanks again...
  11. I might have been lucky with the HMD, but I'm not so lucky with the Pitool. I have 2 versions in my download file. Version and Which one have you found to be most stable> I'm using V2.0, but I'm still having issues with my base station not being recognized consistantly. I can get it going, fly IL 2 for a bit, get out of the game etc. etc. When I start up IL 2 again, there's no signal from the base. It's best described as intermittent. Maybe the older version of Pitool is better? I don't want to load it and run into even more issues. Know
  12. There is no doubt that SCG_Fensis_Wolf has a lot of experience with Pimax headsets. I take everything he says seriously. Maybe I too am one of the lucky ones. So far, the only problem I've been having, is the Vive base station not being recognized by the Pitool. Once again, I emailed Kevin Henderson last night for support. I got, with an email from Kevin this morning. Turns out, I haven't been placing the base unit correctly and securely. The base needed to be on a sturdy stand or the vibrations on the base increase and screw things up.I'm happy with the Picture quality etc. etc., and
  13. I have no idea who PimaxQuarra is, and I don't care. There is no need to be adversarial in your response. My comments were honest opinions of the support I enjoyed from ICDP and Kevin Henderson. Obviously, you have had had no recent need for Pimax support. Pimax themselves reckognized their lack of support. That was in the early releases of Pimax heasets. I too, was a non believer after reading all the negatives relating to Pimax poor support. That's why I asked ICDP for help. Given the fact that I screwed up installing firmware files etc.,I had no choice, but to go to the Pimax suppor
  14. First thing I want to do here, is thenk ICDP for all the install assistance he took the time to provide me. I had read so many negative comments regarding Pimax support, I decided to seek support here, and ICDP responded and got me going. Sort of. I somehow screwed up installing the proper files, and they were so screwed up, I decided to give Pimax support a shot at fixing the issues. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I emailed Kevin Henderson at Pimax,and to my surprise, Kevin responded within an hour. Kevin was able to identify the file issues I screwed up, and got my Pimax up and runn
  15. OK guys...I just ordered the HTC Vive. I sure hope this is the right one. My Pimax should be delivered by Jan 8th, and the HTC shows expected delivery on the 8th as well. That's why I bought it. I want to get everything set up together at the same time. Did I do the right thing? Is that the base that works with the Pimax? Thanks all...much appreciated...take care..
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