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  1. Just check the stats of players who claim that .50 cal is powerfull and easy to aim,cb or wol lmao
  2. Thank you very much indeed. Thank you for staying rational under this controversial topic,and thank you for watching my video,respecting my point of view,and gaving your thoughts to my tests' results. I believe your efforts will definitely make the discussion on the forum more rational and make the IL2 GB better and better. Cheers,:D
  3. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Kg4y167tr/I made some test,the P51's tail problem part is around 3:00 to 6:00 This video also includes the following sections:La5FN shoot G14 from low six;P51 shoot G14 from low six,G14 shoot G14 from low six(using mg151),simulate a sneak attack in real combat.I'd be honored if you'd like to watch it all xD。
  4. Well,if u serch my stats on wol and CB server page,u will notice that I really spend a lot of time in the game,and I'm really experienced at bailing out xD.I'm a little bit angry with being continuously misinterpreted as not understanding the mechanics of eject.As a rookie fly both blue and red,I've been shot down almost in every plane on MP servers.THAT'S WHY I SAY P51 get the unique treatment.At the first time,I was shot by a D9 above 14000ft,just 2 explosion on the tail,the plane goes violently in the negative G direction,my pilot was soon in a coma from a brain blood rushed,and never woke
  5. Thank you very much for your reply to my post. I am really honored. First, I believe that the elevator is the weak link of P51, but is the problem so serious that the pilot doesn't even get a chance to bail out?I'm sorry that I don't have a clear statistics, and one shell is indeed a bit of an exaggeration. But please believe that the cases I described in which the nose of the plane immediately depresses to help the pilot become unconscious and unable to eject are definitely the majority.Last month's in the combat box server, I was killed four times in P51, three times are all I have describ
  6. The tail of the bf109k4 is also covered in fabric.I also tested shooting the k4 tail with the mg151 and mk108, and I recommend you try it yourself. Meanwhile, the P51 and 109k4 aren't the only ones in the game that elevators are covered in fabric,and I think u know what I am going to say next. The P51 is the only plane I've ever tested in SP and flied in MP where the nose immediately depresses after a bullet in the tail, and the pilot doesn't even have a chance to bail out. I have to say that The P51D must be dismayed by the unique treatment.
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