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  1. Pacific work? Is the Pacific Theater being worked on? I have only read that this won’t happen because of a lack of FM details and other aircraft-specific information needed for development. Do you have new information?
  2. Cheers to your bloodstream!
  3. What does free external camera do, besides making aircraft disappear?
  4. Dutch: Nice overclocks on your GPU and CPU. Any issues with heat or stability? How do the FPS compare when you run the same scenarios without VR?
  5. Ehret : Just out of curiosity, what do you see as a good alternative to BoX? I always like having options and wonder what you recommend?
  6. I like it. I think the developers are checking to see if we are paying attention.
  7. Gameplay. Historical Accuracy. Mechanical Accuracy. Superior Graphics. Impact on Computer Performance. Theaters of War: No computer simulation that I know of can do it all at 100%, all of the time. There probably will always be some sort of limitation on how close to “real life” a computer simulation program can get. From someone who is new to both the forum and this sim, I believe the developers appear to be making an honest attempt to continue to make necessary upgrades and repairs in efforts to achieve superior results. However, their plan of attack is not necessarily the same as what our individual desires are. Reading many posts, it is interesting to see what different users see as important to add or fix. Some think it’s important to change the placement of a rivet on an aircraft for historical accuracy, others want engine timer system revised. Mods are loved by some, despised by others. There is a SP vs. MP mentality. Flight models aren’t realistic. Almost everyone wants something slightly different to make this their perfect game/sim. I will voice my concerns if I desire to have something added, fixed or improved. But I know my requests may not be at the top of the list, nor even relevant to the improvement of this product. I am not driving the business plan nor have ownership of the resources. But I will continue to play and financially support this ongoing effort because I think it is currently the best WWII flight sim available. And I see strong efforts being made to continue to make improvements, communicate and address user concerns on a regular basis. And if I’m wrong? No big deal. Even though I love to fly and blow up things, it’s just a game. It’s a great diversion from the real world, but that’s all it is. Happy flying to all. May all your wishes be granted. DD
  8. I’m not sure exactly what this does. Can someone supply some additional information? I’ve installed it but nothing seems to happen. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. I’ve done this several times and only Danger Dogs and The Flying Ass Clowns show as options. Not sure what I may be doing wrong.
  10. I’m new to multiplayer. How do I get on to your server?
  11. Team killing is shooting down members of your own side or team.
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