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  1. Battle of Normandy is probably a couple of years away from being released. Yet people are already complaining about what they don’t like about it. If I had that type of psychic power I’d put it to better use.
  2. I just mapped the “/“ key to my joystick. It works!
  3. I just purchased the Spitfire Mk.VB for a campaign and I like the way it handles. I just can't get it to brake during taxi and takeoff. I am using the same key bind that works on all other aircraft I fly. I didn't notice a special key for this aircraft in the key mapping settings. Is it possible there were no brakes on this early model?
  4. Couldn't get this to work with JSGME, even though other mods work fine using it. I manually installed the Radio folder and now it works fine. I backed up the original Radio folder just in case. Thanks for the help and for a very nice mod.
  5. I recently installed it using JSGME. Is it supposed to change all radio chatter to English?
  6. Can you use simple start-up and automatic engine management on MP servers or do all engine functions have to be manually controlled?
  7. Does this still work or was it broken with the latest update? I tried it but didn’t work for me.
  8. Pacific work? Is the Pacific Theater being worked on? I have only read that this won’t happen because of a lack of FM details and other aircraft-specific information needed for development. Do you have new information?
  9. Cheers to your bloodstream!
  10. What does free external camera do, besides making aircraft disappear?
  11. Dutch: Nice overclocks on your GPU and CPU. Any issues with heat or stability? How do the FPS compare when you run the same scenarios without VR?
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