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  1. My flight sim dreams have WWII aircraft in them.
  2. When using ButtKicker with SimShaker Wings, you have two different sound outputs; one for bass shaking, the other for normal game sounds. I have seen posts that claim you can alter what is sent to the ButtKicker (bass shakers) by using Audacity or VoiceMeeter. If true, this would allow me to determine what sounds respond to bass shakers, and what goes to my headphones. I’m not sure if the changes would be meaningful but I wouldn’t mind attempting to alter what I now receive.
  3. I have just installed both of these audio editors and plan to use one to modify sound output for my ButtKicker. Not much time has been spent trying to figure these out yet but they look a bit complicated. My questions are: - What type of results are you getting - Is one editor better/ easier to use - Are there better options than the two editors I mention - Are you now getting more or different base shaker output than before using an editor I am very pleased with the SimShaker-Wings software and how it now drives the ButtKicker. I could just leave it as is. But my obsessive nature makes me want to tinker around to see what more can be achieved, what additional feedback can be created. Have you found ways of enhancing bass shaker output by using these or other tools?
  4. Are these settings best used for older gpu’s or will newer ones ( like a 2080) show benefits?
  5. You can also use the volume control on whatever the ButtKicker is plugged into. Mine is connected to my computer (onboard sound/motherboard). The volume for this can be adjusted by the desktop volume control. I can make the ButtKicker more or less intense by raising or lowering the volume. Obviously, you can also individually adjust your headphone/speaker volume the same way on whatever device you are using for the audio portion of the sound.
  6. It’s really easier than you think but you do need two separate sound outputs. This is how I have mine setup and it works perfectly. You don’t need to have the very best equipment to make this work. The setup I have uses headphones but also will work with speakers. My headphones are plugged into an external sound card. I use the Creative Sound Blaster X. It plugs into a USB port on your computer. Mine is plugged into a dedicated USB hub and works fine. Opinion: If you have extra money to spend, do it here for the sound card. For me, game sound quality is important. Some sound cards offer software with customizable sound and game modes that (to me) add much to gaming. I use the onboard sound supplied by my motherboard. It is enabled in bios. The ButtKicker is plugged into the headphone port (the green one) on the back of my computer. My EVGA Z390 motherboard has good sound quality but the low bass frequencies used by the ButtKicker don’t demand high-quality sound output. If you have onboard sound (included in your motherboard), it should work well. After this, you need to experiment with the SimShaker software. It is also easy to use and set to your taste. I started by putting all available sliders to 100%, did some test flights, then adjusted the sliders to my liking. I began with low volume until I heard how the effects sounded on my system. I adjusted the volume up until it felt slightly too loud but wasn’t causing any damage to any of the components mentioned above or my ears. I like to fly a little loud and love when the rumbling effects scare the hell out of me. There are other ways to set up your bass shakers and other brands and options you can use. A dedicated internal sound card will also work. The key is having two separate outputs to keep bass shaker sound apart from headphones/speakers sound. This is what works for me based on my system. I hope you can setup yours to your liking because it’s a lot of fun. Happy flying and rumble on!
  7. I don’t think what you’re looking for is currently available. If you haven’t done so already, try the free demo. You may find you are not throwing away money. The developer also provides updates when he comes up with a fix or new option. What you desire now may be available in the future.
  8. Options are good! Your little mission generator has come a long way.
  9. Hi Andre Thanks for this really excellent upgrade. I did a demo on the SimShaker Wings software and after about five minutes of flying with it purchased a key. For my simple system and tastes, SimShaker Wings adds another dimension to bass shaking and immersion that I previously had never felt. I’ve used Buttkicker for two years and have really enjoyed it and think it’s a good product. But I never felt as many individual sensations from it ( hits, flaps, gear, engine failures, explosions... until I starting using your product. It opens up a wider range and depth to the bass to give you a feeling of dimension and space. Add to this a MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick and I get a sensation of being closer to the action, not just sitting at a computer but of being in battle, in a plane. Getting shot down, as I frequently do, has taken on a whole new meaning. I look forward to upgrades you implement. For me, the more levels of customization available to me, the more fun I can have. Thanks for adding more fun for this pilot.
  10. I have been thinking of trying the software from Andre with my Buttkicker. Has anyone tried these together? What was your experience?
  11. Thanks. I’ve done this but they do not show. Do I need to have a server to use this type of mission? Is there a way to modify this so it can be played as SP?
  12. Marvel: perhaps your next project could be a forcefeedback joystick.
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