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  1. I really enjoyed your earlier PG’s, looking forward to flying this one. Thanks for the fun you put into this series.
  2. I’ve never flown with you but want to apologize in advance for accidentally shooting you down. 🙃
  3. Yes, I’ll look for it, thanks. Now that we’ve seen the VKB Ultimate, do you think it is possible to marry this grip with the MSFFB base?
  4. I have had a single ButtKicker set up since SimShaker Wings was first announced here and wouldn’t fly without it. I had some very minor problems with the initial setup but all very good after that. I don’t use VM so offer no feedback here. Are you aware that you need one sound “path” for game audio and another for ButtKicker? I’ve seen people accommodate this in several different ways. Check out this and other sim forums to get some alternatives. My ButtKicker is connected to the sound output from my motherboard. Game sounds run through an external sound card. These are my t
  5. Kestrel 79: The Buttkicker website shows recommended settings for the amplifier. SimShaker Wings also has multiple volume settings for different feedback. Give them a try to dial-in the effects you want. Regarding “clicks”: Six clicks does it for me. If I go one more click I get the red clipping light, which I don’t want.
  6. I’ve been satisfied using MSFFB for many years. But it would sure be nice having some updated options to fly with.
  7. I recently went from a 27” flat screen to 34” ultrawide with a moderate curve (LG34GN850B). I have experienced no negative effects anywhere. Trakir works as well as on the 27”, no distortion anywhere on the screen. Regarding the experience: A much better upgrade than I expected. The action seems more up-close and dramatic. Spotting is a little easier. The level of immersion has been raised considerably. I’ll never go back to a flat screen or smaller monitor.
  8. F2, F3, F4, F5 give you various external views
  9. I recently went from a 27”, 1080p, 60 hz refresh rate to a 34”, 1440p, 144 hz refresh rate and the difference is amazing. My 2080 Super has no problem driving this at the highest settings.
  10. My father used to say: “Now you know why there are more horse’s asses than there are horses”.
  11. This series has to be one of the best return on investments ever. For a very reasonable purchase price* you get a quality product that is maintained, repaired and updated at no additional cost. The producers and developers take an active part in the forum in order to hear us out and respond to our concerns. They are motivated by excellence, not greed. I sometimes feel like I am a partner in the forward movement of this product that I spend so much time with. Thank you for offering me such a unique and full user experience. It is time and money well-spent. * When it’s on sa
  12. I have TrackIR and MSFFB2 working together without a problem. They have worked with no problems for more than a year. Sorry I don’t have any advice to help get yours to work. Perhaps this has nothing to do with the devs and is a settings issue.
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