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  1. What a mislead haha, so much thanks JimTM, 😄
  2. Hey everyone, I´m having some problems/bugs on the map of Stalingrad, first at all, when I import the file Stalingrad ALL Airfields, every airfield icon has this: Pitomnik?? Gumrak??, but this is only a Gui map problem. Firstly, I started on the air, and there wasnt any pilot on the plane with the external view, and I could cross the ground, instakilling my "pilot" invisible. When i try to start the mission on the parking, my plane doesnt exist on the mission like I was destroyed and nothing still there. Terrain presset is set on Stalingrad, Gui map Stalingrad 1942, season winter. Any solution to this? I tried to make again a mission on stalingrad and i had the same problem.
  3. I did both; Only shooting A-20s. Other test only approaching them. And shoot and approach too in another one. It has been a headache, but finally works. Its really a incredible detail that gunners are afected by the visibility of the hour.
  4. Hey everyone, im making a mission on the editor and I have that problem, the A-20B rear gunners doesnt shoot when im near them. they have a second waypoint and a attack area command, everything works well except that, may could be because im testing it alone? (with more planes, gunners will be more active?)
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