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  1. Thanks to every developer, Jason, and each tester, for make this sim simply amazing!
  2. Im making a mission, and i want to hide 3 icons, and activate It when a plane is on a zone, with a check zone trigger. Im using the trigger activate and deactivate and doesnt works. Check zone (fuether) Who deactivate icon Check zone (Closer) Who active it
  3. Yes, i had the same problem as you, coop seems broken. Im talking about check zones in dogfight mode, because i couldnt test it on coop. Lets see if they fix it on the next update, or better, a hot fix.
  4. make the mission as deathmatch mode, place airfields respawns. To make AI works, put timers and attack area only, check zones doesnt works for me in this patch. I have a coop mission too in 8 hours too ahahahaha. I tested a mission on rheinland map, dogfight mode, without buildings import file, and the steps that i said up here, and the mission works fine, i hope dont have problems on the mission anymore. Good Luck!
  5. First, i have the problem with the integrity check with the import files (airfields, builds). So im making the mission without the builidings import file. The problem is that when Im on the plane selector (ingame), and i want to choose any plane, It loads everytime and doesnt select the plane. I tried with 3 planes, diferent allied factions. And It didnt work. On dogfight/ deathmatch Mode im able to run the mission but, im having issues with check zone trigger. Im making It as a Coop mission, but doesnt detect my plane. Check zone has an input mission begin, output has a timer, Who target a attack zone area, a subtitle who advice me that is activated( doesnt work because check zone doesnt detect me). Attack área has a object link to the enemy aircraft. EDIT: Check zone seems not works detecting Air planes, so the fix that i made was the Next. 1. Mission begin target to a timer. 2. Timer object link to a attack área, Air targets. 3. Object link the attack área to a plane. This works on deathmatch Mode.
  6. What a mislead haha, so much thanks JimTM, 😄
  7. Hey everyone, I´m having some problems/bugs on the map of Stalingrad, first at all, when I import the file Stalingrad ALL Airfields, every airfield icon has this: Pitomnik?? Gumrak??, but this is only a Gui map problem. Firstly, I started on the air, and there wasnt any pilot on the plane with the external view, and I could cross the ground, instakilling my "pilot" invisible. When i try to start the mission on the parking, my plane doesnt exist on the mission like I was destroyed and nothing still there. Terrain presset is set on Stalingrad, Gui map Stalingrad 1942, season winter. Any solution to this? I tried to make again a mission on stalingrad and i had the same problem.
  8. I did both; Only shooting A-20s. Other test only approaching them. And shoot and approach too in another one. It has been a headache, but finally works. Its really a incredible detail that gunners are afected by the visibility of the hour.
  9. Hey everyone, im making a mission on the editor and I have that problem, the A-20B rear gunners doesnt shoot when im near them. they have a second waypoint and a attack area command, everything works well except that, may could be because im testing it alone? (with more planes, gunners will be more active?)
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