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  1. This maybe a current bug for the game and not Pat's mission generator. Thanks for all of the hard work, Pat!
  2. I made that same suggestion way back at the beginning of this thread. I think he had some issues with it.
  3. Sorry neither one of those worked for you. I'm also very surprised that changing the USB sleep setting had such an adverse result. Are you having these issues with other games as well? Have you run Windows Update since the original install? If not try it with your devices attached. Finally have to verified the Win 10 install to be sure there are no corrupt files? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026529/windows-10-using-system-file-checker And, have you looked for new drivers from the OEM website. After Win 10 launched most manufacturers posted new drivers for Win 10. I hope you get it all sorted soon.
  4. I had similar issues after 1st upgrading to Win 10. It has been awhile since that upgrade, but here are a few things I remember helping out. 1) It appears Win 10 have some issues with legacy (read older) hardware if they are plugged into USB 3 ports. Try plugging your legacy controllers into USB 2 ports. If you are limited in the number USB 2 ports try adding a hub and grouping them together. 2) Win 10 has a sleep setting for USB ports, and it is on by default. Try disabling USB sleep mode: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-prevent-windows-10-turning-usb-devices 3) If you find you get your controllers working, but still find yourself having to unplug/plug your hardware after each reboot, look into a switchable USB hub. That way you just toggle the hardware on/off easily. Just an example, not an endorsement 😉 https://www.amazon.com/USB-Hub-Charging-Individual-Switches/dp/B00VK9C24M/ref=asc_df_B00VK9C24M/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309818716690&hvpos=1o5&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6108654070419730705&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9003677&hvtargid=aud-799727667774:pla-571687196075&psc=1
  5. I would be more than happy to help test FC. I have some experience with both closed and open beta testing, including Ever Quest, America's Army, Mechwarrior: Living Legends, Mechwarrior Online, and Star Citizen. Hope I can help in some way, thanks for extending this opportunity to the community.
  6. Great job Pat, thanks for all of your hard work. Two quick questions/observations... First, I'm not seeing the patrol routes on the map during the mission since updating. The waypoints show on the map as you to them, but the black route lines are not on the map in game. Is anyone else seeing this? Is it a new setting I missed? Edit: looks like I'm still using 6.1.2. I'll download 6.1.3 and give it a try... Second, on the AAR summary screen (after the debrief), the first "kill" assignment is always incorrect. Most times it reverses the info, showing the pilot to have shot down his own plane or another allied aircraft. Last night it credited a kill to the one AI pilot that filled out the flight, except he was shot down before the we encountered the aircraft he was credited. I'll try to update this post with a screen shot later if I can...
  7. Great update, looking forward to trying everything in game. As far as collector planes; the B-25 is a safe bet because the Devs have already stated that the current AI version is being built with an eye towards making it player flyable after release. I would love to see a Mosquito and gunship versions of the B-25 and A-20, as well as the C-47, P-61, and B-26. I guess I just want more multi engine aircraft. Oh, and if we're all day dreaming, might as well throw the B-17G into the mix. Now, Jason didn't specifically say the collector planes were WW II aircraft, so I'll throw out hopes we see the Sopwith Pup and a Newport 17 as well. No matter what planes show up, I'm sure my wallet will suffer😉
  8. Awesome, thanks for the update Pat!
  9. Hey Jason, What is the deadline for this round of recording? I'm in the middle of a move, but would be interested if time allows, and I get myself setup before your deadline.
  10. Thanks for the reply, and thank you for even considering the option. I hope you do figure it out.
  11. Great mission generator! Thanks for all of the hard work. May I make a request/suggestion? Currently you have a total of two flights for the team to spawn. Would it be possible to increase that number to four flights, or even better add a drop down menu so the player can pick how many separate flights are created (say 1 - 6 or 1 - 10)? This way a server could spawn a couple of different aircraft for players to choose from if they wanted, almost like a simplified version of the Aircraft menu for Dogfights. Again, great job on the generator, it is a great help!
  12. I'm really hoping that the B25 becomes flyable, one of my favorite twin engines!
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