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  1. Pre-ordered. Now my fingers are crossed for the Sopwith Pup making an appearance as a collectors plane or in Volume 3.
  2. Hello again. Does anybody have a list of description of what is each skin pack? Trying to decide if I want all 15 packs of just pick a few choice morsels.
  3. Figured as much. Thanks for helping jog my memory.
  4. Probably a dumb question, but in order to use the skins correctly in multiplayer, they need to be installed on each players PC. Is that correct?
  5. Picked it up today. I fly VR too, and can't wait for it to be added in, but the team and genre needs support. Don't be a VR snob 😉! If you are planning on playing this once VR support is out, pick it up now to help fund the team adding the feature. Until then I will enjoy playing on a curved monitor when it launches.
  6. @PatrickAWlson So it looks like the new Binary Missions are not allowing other players to join a server. Players trying to join are getting an unable to write to disk error. If you revert to the old way of mission generation the player can join again. It appears to be related to the 0kb .list file mentioned by @HR_Tofolo above. For others that are having this issue you can revert to the old way of mission generation under user configuration, as noted in the patch notes
  7. Is anyone else have a problem with friends get a failure to write to disc error when attempting to Jon a server? I suspect it maybe with the new way missions are being generated. I will disable the new option and test it out again later.
  8. This maybe a current bug for the game and not Pat's mission generator. Thanks for all of the hard work, Pat!
  9. I made that same suggestion way back at the beginning of this thread. I think he had some issues with it.
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