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  1. Awesome, thanks for the update Pat!
  2. Hey Jason, What is the deadline for this round of recording? I'm in the middle of a move, but would be interested if time allows, and I get myself setup before your deadline.
  3. Thanks for the reply, and thank you for even considering the option. I hope you do figure it out.
  4. Great mission generator! Thanks for all of the hard work. May I make a request/suggestion? Currently you have a total of two flights for the team to spawn. Would it be possible to increase that number to four flights, or even better add a drop down menu so the player can pick how many separate flights are created (say 1 - 6 or 1 - 10)? This way a server could spawn a couple of different aircraft for players to choose from if they wanted, almost like a simplified version of the Aircraft menu for Dogfights. Again, great job on the generator, it is a great help!
  5. I'm really hoping that the B25 becomes flyable, one of my favorite twin engines!
  6. The Soviet Union received 1,606 A-20G's, nearly half of the 2,850 total A-20G's built during the war. The A-20H, is basically the G with an upgraded engine. I would like to suggest the addition of the A-20G variant, with modifications to include the engine upgrade of the H and a torpedo modification.
  7. Just got the same form letter today, already bought in, a little disappointed.
  8. I'm guessing that this second round of emails/discounts is our answer. I just wish we could use the 25% BoBp, it is the one I'm most interested after FC.
  9. Of the planes listed for FC1 the Albatross, Camel, and SEa5. However there are two planes that I would like to see more than any listed, the Pup and Newport 17. They are my two favorites and I truly am saddened they are not coming out in FC1, but I've got fingers crossed that they will be added shortly after release.
  10. Thanks for the replies, glad it's not just me. Guess I'll just have to wait for FC to go on sale.
  11. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone that contacted support either here or at the RoF site regarding the Promo Code has gotten any response at all. I have emailed support on both sites and still not a peep. Anyone else?
  12. Has anyone that is missing a promo code heard from support yet? I've contacted support here and on the RoF site, but no response, not even an aknowledgement that they received my request.
  13. Thanks, I sent an email on the RoF site, maybe I should send one here as well.
  14. My problem is that for some reason my original purchase date is not on my account. I picked up the Iron Cross Edition back in 2010, but I don't see it on my account. I've been registered since I bought it but not showing up.
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